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Frosted Ezreal Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! If you’re diving deep into the League of Legends universe like me, you’ve probably come across the epic Frosted Ezreal skin. Released on July 18, 2010, in the Regular skin category, this icy cosmetic has been a frosty addition to the champion’s wardrobe for a while now. Let’s gear up and explore everything there is to know about this cool outfit that brings a whole new level of chill to our favorite explorer.


Picture this: Ezreal, the daring explorer we all know and love, finds himself in the chilly embrace of the Freljord. Why, you ask? He’s on a quest for a legendary artifact that’ll make your head spin. But there’s a twist – he’s not strutting around as his usual self. Nope, he’s got a secret identity going on, blending into the frosty surroundings like a master of disguise. Brave, ain’t he? Dealing with sub-zero temps, frosty beasts, and feisty Freljordians – now that’s what I call a frosty challenge!

Concept and Inspiration

So, here’s the scoop: the original concept for Frosted Ezreal might’ve been all about embracing the icy vibes, with our favorite explorer decked out in frosty attire. But as things turned out, we got a gothic-meets-emo twist that’s seriously eye-catching. The skin rocks a cartoony style, and Ezreal’s a whole new vibe with his dark and moody look. That bluish hair and the touch of edgy dark eye shadow? Trust me, it’s a unique take that’s pretty unforgettable.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

When it comes to style, Frosted Ezreal nails it. Leather, denim – his clothes are on point. And that dark metal glove? It’s got sleek written all over it. Now, while the fashion choices are A+, some folks reckon the bluish hair and heavy eyeliner might be pushing it a tad too far. But hey, this skin doesn’t hold back in making a statement. The splash art? Oh boy, it’s like a snapshot from a fantasy world. Snow, dilapidated buildings, and a sense of mystery in the air. It’s like Ezreal’s right where he belongs – smack dab in the middle of an adventure.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about what makes Frosted Ezreal truly stand out. Sure, the regular animations and sounds haven’t gotten a frosty makeover, but that’s not stopping this skin from being a head-turner. The intricate details on his clothes, that sense of mystery in the background – it’s like a glimpse into Ezreal’s frosty escapade. You might say it’s like an alternate version of our explorer, ready to take on a whole new set of challenges.

Obtainability in 2023

Alright, here’s the scoop on how to get your hands on this frosty masterpiece. You can snag the Frosted Ezreal skin in the Riot store for a mere 520 Riot Points – that’s right, not breaking the bank for this icy adventure. Looking to step up your Ezreal game? Well, guess what? You can actually purchase an account with this skin right over at

Gamers Feedback

The Frosted Ezreal skin elicits a mixture of sentiments from the LoL community. While players are drawn to its unique appearance, disappointment lingers due to the lack of frosty and icy effects in Ezreal’s abilities. Some acknowledge the disguise element, but many gamers yearn for more consistent visual cohesion that aligns with the frosty theme, perhaps through color adjustments or additional particle effects.

So they didn’t make the skills frosty. Disappointment.

Every other rework got particle changes, but ezreal got nothing? I know isn’t hard to just change some colors.

“I prefer the previous Frosted Ezreal look… =/

“It’s baffling why Riot didn’t infuse the skin with blue particles. “

My Feedback

So, here’s the deal – the Frosted Ezreal skin’s caused a bit of a stir among us players. And honestly, I’m right there in the middle. I’m totally vibing with the overall look – that dark, edgy style is seriously cool, and it’s like Ezreal’s got a new attitude. But, and here’s the but, I’m left wanting more frosty goodness in his abilities. When you’ve got a name like “Frosted,” you kinda expect a bit more icy flair, you know? It’s like a missed opportunity to really dive into the theme.

Conclusion and Rating

Summing it all up, Frosted Ezreal has its moments, no doubt about it. The concept and appearance are on point, making our explorer look like he’s ready for a frosty adventure. But, and this is a big “but,” I can’t help but wish for a bit more consistency – a little extra frosty magic in those abilities. So, if you’re a die-hard Ezreal fan, this skin might just be your jam. But for now, I’m giving it a solid 6 out of 10 – potential aplenty, but a few frosty flakes short of perfection. Until next time on the Fields of Justice, keep exploring and keep gaming, summoners!


What is the Frosted Ezreal skin and its concept?

The Frosted Ezreal skin is a cosmetic outfit released on July 18, 2010, in League of Legends. It depicts Ezreal as a daring explorer in the frosty Freljord, on a quest for a legendary artifact. He embraces a dark and edgy appearance, blending into the icy surroundings.

How does Frosted Ezreal stand out in terms of design and theme?

The skin features a unique cartoony style with dark, gothic vibes. Ezreal’s attire includes leather, denim, and a sleek metal glove, while his appearance is accentuated with bluish hair and dark eye shadow. The splash art captures a sense of mystery and adventure, with dilapidated buildings and a snowy backdrop.

What are the distinctive features of Frosted Ezreal?

  • The skin stands out for its intricate clothing details and the atmospheric background, giving insight into Ezreal’s frosty escapade.
  • While the regular animations and sounds remain unchanged, the skin offers an alternate take on Ezreal’s character.

How can players obtain the Frosted Ezreal skin in 2023?

  • The Frosted Ezreal skin is available for purchase at a cost of 520 RP in the League of Legends store.
  • Additionally, players can find accounts with the skin for sale on platforms like

What has been the player feedback and overall reception of the Frosted Ezreal skin?

Players have expressed mixed sentiments regarding the skin’s appearance and thematic consistency. While many appreciate the unique design, some players are disappointed by the lack of frosty and icy effects in Ezreal’s abilities.

Feedback suggests that incorporating blue particles or color adjustments could enhance the skin’s thematic cohesion. The skin’s overall rating is around 6 out of 10, with recognition of its potential but a desire for more alignment with the frosty theme.