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Guerilla Tristana Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends to explore the fierce and fabulous Guerilla Tristana skin. This Legacy skin, released on August 09, 2010, is all about bringing out Tristana’s inner guerrilla fighter spirit. Get ready to witness a Yordle with a cannon that packs a punch like no other!


Guerilla warfare is all about striking from the shadows, catching your foes off guard, and making them wonder what just hit them. Now, imagine a two-foot-tall Yordle armed with a massive cannon, stealthily maneuvering through the battlefield like a master tactician. That’s the beauty of Guerilla Tristana – an unexpected force to be reckoned with, tearing through enemy lines and turning the tide of battle in her favor.

Concept and Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the Guardian of the Sands skin, Guerilla Tristana takes the battlefield with a flair that’s both fantastic and fearsome. Donned in commando clothes and a fiery red headband, she’s ready to make Rambo proud with her courage and determination. The modern aesthetic complements her cartoonish charm, blending the best of both worlds to create a visually appealing and unique skin for our beloved Gunner.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

In Guerilla Tristana, the character model undergoes major changes, giving her an entirely new look that radiates warrior vibes. Her trusty cannon Boomer is also revamped, looking bold and imposing, ready to blast enemies into oblivion. While there are no new particles or animations, the overall design and sound effects make this skin a standout choice for Tristana mains.

Unique Features

  • Commando Couture: Tristana’s guerrilla outfit is on point, adding a touch of modern flair to her classic cartoon appearance. She’s armed to the teeth with style!
  • Stealthy Swagger: Embody the spirit of guerrilla warfare as you navigate the battlefield with finesse and cunning. Surprise your enemies, and they won’t know what hit ’em!
  • Visual Appeal: The skin’s visuals are a major highlight, making you feel like a true badass as you unleash your cannon’s firepower on your foes.
  • Authentic Sound: While there are no new sounds, the existing ones still fit perfectly with the skin’s theme, adding to the overall immersive experience.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, the best part – how to get your hands on this epic skin! You can purchase the Guerilla Tristana skin in the League of Legends in-game shop for a reasonable price of 975 Riot Points. Or, if you prefer to skip the grind and jump straight into the action, you can snag an account with this awesome skin already unlocked at

Gamers Feedback

The LoL community has left mixed reviews of this skin. it is praised for its updated design and criticized for the lack of new particles and animations.

I’m only getting it because vasquez from Ridley Scott’s Aliens.

Was thinking about buying this skin because its on sale. But now seeing the spotlight. I feel like this skin could have been 520 or 750rp aswell. As it does nothing new or special.

I really enjoyed her white skin tone before, they’ve just made it boring now making it blue like the others.

My Feedback

Based on my personal opinion of the Guerilla Tristana skin, there seems to be a mixed reaction. I appreciate the new splash art, describing it as “badass” and visually appealing. However, I feel disappointment as I would have preferred a different style, such as a commando theme.

I also feel that the skin lacks unique features, and it doesn’t offer anything particularly special or innovative in my eyes. I question the pricing of the skin, suggesting that it could have been priced lower considering its perceived lack of novelty.

As for Tristana’s voice, I have mixed feelings. While I find it fitting and enjoyable, I believe that recent changes by Riot have been made without proper player feedback, citing the example of the new Fiora.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Guerilla Tristana is a visually appealing skin that captures the essence of guerrilla warfare. If you’re a die-hard Tristana fan and love the concept of this feisty Yordle going all Rambo on the battlefield, this skin might be a perfect match for you. However, it’s important to consider the mixed feedback from players and whether the features it offers align with your preferences.

Overall, the Guerilla Tristana skin deserves a solid 7 out of 10. While it has its unique charm, there’s room for improvement to make it an even more extraordinary addition to your collection. Happy gaming, everyone!


When was the Guerilla Tristana skin released, and how can I obtain it in 2023?

The Guerilla Tristana skin was released on August 09, 2010. You can purchase it in the League of Legends in-game shop for 975 Riot Points.

What is the concept and inspiration behind the Guerilla Tristana skin?

The skin draws inspiration from guerrilla warfare, presenting Tristana as a two-foot-tall Yordle with a massive cannon, stealthily maneuvering through the battlefield like a master tactician. She is donned in commando clothes and a fiery red headband, blending modern aesthetics with her cartoonish charm.

What are the unique features of the Guerilla Tristana skin?

The skin offers a visually appealing design, a new splash art, and a revamped cannon for Tristana. It embodies the spirit of guerrilla warfare, allowing players to navigate the battlefield with finesse and cunning, catching enemies off guard.

What is the player feedback on the Guerilla Tristana skin?

Player feedback is mixed. Some appreciate the new splash art and theme, finding it visually appealing and badass. However, others express disappointment, desiring a different style like a full commando theme. Some players also feel the skin lacks unique features and question its pricing.

What rating does the Guerilla Tristana skin receive?

The skin receives a rating of 7 out of 10. While it has its unique charm and captures the essence of guerrilla warfare, there is room for improvement to make it even more extraordinary and address some player concerns.