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Haunted Zyra is an epic skin in the most popular MOBA game League of Legends, released on October 29, 2013, and it will be discussed in our article today.

What’s New? Riot Games did their best and changed a lot in the look of Zyra, so Haunted Zyra got a new texture, new model, new Splash Art, new visual effects, animations and even new sounds with voice processing! Impressive, right? Haunted Zyra has a pale cadaverous skin color, green eyes, and she uses green curved knives as a weapon with which she cuts her rivals in battle.

Bio: Events take you and me to an old abandoned cemetery, it is from there that the Haunted Zyra path begins, among ghosts, tombs and abandoned crypts, it deeply took root, they are just everywhere, which creates a truly frightening sight, because you definitely would not want to stay forever there and make a sad company for other lost souls who were “lucky” to find their last refuge there …

How to Get Haunted Zyra in 2020?

This skin belongs to the Epic Skins category, which means that you can buy it in the official Riot Games store for 1350 Riot Points, but there is another option – our store sells high-quality accounts that already have this and many other skins , including those that have long been impossible to buy in the game (for example, PAX Jax, Black Alistar and many others), therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment. After all, it often happens that Riot suddenly stop selling a particular skin, after which its cost soars to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on Ebay and in stores like ours, so we advise you to immediately buy all the skins you like so that miss the opportunity and then do not regret it!

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