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Hextech Kog’Maw Review

Are you ready to dive into the world of League of Legends with one of the cutest and most sought-after skins out there? Look no further than the Hextech Kog’Maw skin. Released on December 12, 2017, this article will take you on a journey through its lore, concept, design, sound effects, animations, and unique features, giving you all the information you need to decide if it’s the right choice for your collection.


In the League of Legends universe, Hextech innovations have taken Piltover and Zaun by storm. Among these creations are the charming Kog’Maw constructs, which have become status symbols for the wealthy elite in Piltover. These intricate and magical beings have a friendly demeanor and are regarded as pets, delighting those who can afford their companionship. However, beneath their playful exterior lies a complex design fueled by Hextech technology. These pets symbolize the marriage of magic and machinery, making them both fascinating and endearing to their fortunate owners.

Concept and Inspiration

The Hextech Kog’Maw skin is part of the Hextech series in League of Legends, set in an alternate Piltover and Zaun where champions either wield Hextech power or become Hextech machinery themselves. Kog’Maw, in this skin, embodies the concept of a Hextech creature. The design draws inspiration from a futuristic world where magic and technology coexist seamlessly, resulting in a visually stunning and unique appearance.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Design: The Hextech Kog’Maw skin features a dazzling royal blue and purple alloy model with a mesmerizing spinning sky blue gem. The synthetic Kog’Maw is a sight to behold, combining intricate design elements with a hint of mystical charm. While it may draw comparisons to the Battlecast line, this skin offers a lighter and more playful take on the Hextech aesthetic. However, it’s worth noting that the design, while appealing, doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking or unique features.

Sound Effects: The sound effects of Hextech Kog’Maw are intriguing. Instead of the usual liquid gurgles associated with Kog’Maw’s attacks, the skin transforms them into crystalline vibrations, reminiscent of shards hitting and rubbing against each other. While this adds a unique touch, it maintains the classic sound design, missing an opportunity to provide something truly distinctive.

Animations: Hextech Kog’Maw’s recall animation is a playful reference to a claw crane, with Kog’Maw himself as the prize. While it’s a fun nod to the skin’s theme, it might remind you more of Classic Kog’Maw than a Hextech marvel. It’s an entertaining touch but doesn’t quite align with the skin’s overall concept.

Unique Features

The Hextech Kog’Maw skin is known for its captivating splash art, which depicts the synthetic creature as a sought-after prize in the world of Hextech crafting. Children gleefully gaze upon the mechanical wonder, highlighting its desirability. However, the portrayal of Kog’Maw in the splash art doesn’t provide a detailed look at his Hextech-based appearance. The skin’s model features multiple overlapping blue plates with hints of dim bronze and mystical gems that break the monotony. While it’s distinct, it lacks innovative design choices that would truly set it apart. The use of light and color also varies, creating some inconsistencies in the portrayal. Despite these issues, the skin manages to capture the charm of Hextech crafting.

Obtainability in 2023

If you’re itching to add the Hextech Kog’Maw skin to your collection in 2023, you’re in luck. You can acquire this sought-after skin through the Hextech crafting system for 10 gemstones. For those looking for a quicker route, you can also purchase an account with this skin on Smurfmania, ensuring you can enjoy this unique appearance in the League of Legends world.

Gamers Feedback

Hextech Kog’Maw charms LoL community with its adorable aesthetics and captivating splash art. However, it’s marred by a relatively high price, the absence of a unique voiceover, and concerns about the skin’s impact on gameplay due to a more noticeable ultimate ability.

“Hextech Kog’Maw is undeniably cute, but its price tag doesn’t quite match its value compared to ultimate skins.”

“The skin’s lack of a unique voiceover was a letdown, considering its exclusivity and gemstone cost.”

“Despite its charm, Hextech Kog’Maw’s ultimate ability stands out too much, potentially impacting gameplay.”

“This skin has its appeal, but I expected more animations and value for its gemstone price.”

My Feedback

Having recently tried out the Hextech Kog’Maw skin, I found it undeniably cute, particularly its impressive splash art. Nevertheless, the skin’s high cost, especially in comparison to ultimate skins, gave me pause, as its value didn’t quite align with the price point. Additionally, the absence of a unique voiceover was disappointing, and some have noted that the skin’s ultimate ability is more noticeable during gameplay, potentially affecting in-game performance. In summary, Hextech Kog’Maw’s undeniable charm is tempered by its relatively high cost and the absence of certain expected features, making it a decision that hinges on personal preference and tolerance for these factors.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the Hextech Kog’Maw skin offers undeniable charm, particularly through its captivating splash art and cute aesthetics. However, it falls short in terms of its price-to-value ratio, as it may not provide the same level of content as some may expect, especially when compared to the offerings of ultimate skins. The absence of a unique voiceover and the skin’s potential impact on gameplay due to the noticeable ultimate ability further temper its appeal. Taking all factors into consideration, Hextech Kog’Maw can be an appealing choice for those who adore its cuteness and are willing to overlook its drawbacks, earning it a score of 7 out of 10.


What is the Hextech Kog’Maw skin and how much does it cost?

The Hextech Kog’Maw skin is a cosmetic option in League of Legends, priced at 10 gemstones. It’s known for its cute and Hextech-themed design.

What is the lore behind the Hextech Kog’Maw skin?

In the League of Legends universe, Hextech Kog’Maw constructs are prized as pets among the wealthy elite of Piltover. These intricate beings represent a fusion of magic and machinery.

What makes the Hextech Kog’Maw skin unique in terms of design and effects?

The skin features a royal blue and purple alloy model with a spinning sky blue gem. It also boasts brilliant glowing mana-infused effects, unique recall animations, and distinctive sound effects.

Is the Hextech Kog’Maw skin easily obtainable in 2023?

Yes, you can obtain the skin through the Hextech crafting system by spending 10 gemstones. Alternatively, you can purchase an account with this skin on Smurfmania for quicker access.

What are the pros and cons of the Hextech Kog’Maw skin, according to player feedback?

Players find the skin undeniably cute and admire its captivating splash art. However, some have raised concerns about its relatively high cost, absence of a unique voiceover, and the skin’s impact on gameplay due to its noticeable ultimate ability. Ultimately, its appeal depends on personal preference and tolerance for these factors.