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Hextech Malzahar Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! If you’re diving into the League of Legends universe, you’re probably aware of the allure that comes with collecting skins. These cosmetic upgrades not only enhance your champion’s aesthetics but also let you flex your style in-game. One such intriguing skin is Hextech Malzahar, released on October 18, 2018, and today, we’re going to dive deep into what makes this skin tick.


The mystical roots of Hextech lead us to Shurima, Malzahar’s homeland. It’s a place steeped in history and magic. When Malzahar learned that the heart of Hextech lay within the very sands of his birthplace, he embarked on a solitary journey into the unforgiving Shuriman wastelands. There, a profound revelation changed him forever. He emerged as the herald of a new Hextech era, proclaiming visions of a second Hextech renaissance. This lore adds a captivating layer to Hextech Malzahar, infusing the skin with a rich backstory.

Concept and Inspiration

Hextech isn’t just a skin line; it’s an alternate universe within the League of Legends cosmos. Imagine a world where Piltover and Zaun have a different fate. In this parallel dimension, champions are either Hextech users or part of the Hextech machinery. It’s a mind-boggling concept that injects a dose of uniqueness into every Hextech-themed skin.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Now, let’s talk about what you’re really here for – the visuals and effects! Hextech Malzahar doesn’t disappoint. The splash art sets the stage in a mysterious lab, where the ambiance suggests a blend of technology and arcane magic. Malzahar, the Prophet, is shrouded in shadows, making him appear both alluring and enigmatic.

His artificial self is intriguingly designed, with blue and gold plates protecting his synthetic body. The turbines on his back add a touch of steampunk flair, and while the middle opening’s purpose remains a puzzle, it adds to the skin’s mystique. The cube in his hand emits captivating energy that distorts his fingers, showcasing his immense power.

When it comes to particles, Hextech Malzahar boasts a mesmerizing blue palette. Each skill and auto-attack comes alive with diamond patterns, giving every action a distinct and cohesive look. Notably, “Call of the Void” and “Nether Grasp” steal the show with their wide-ranging effects, adding depth to Malzahar’s spellcasting.

Sound-wise, the skin introduces glass-like tones with deep echoes. While the abilities sound distinct, they maintain a consistent vibe throughout. “Nether Grasp” is an exception, with its prevailing sound as Malzahar channels his power, adding an extra layer of immersion.

And speaking of immersion, the recall animation is a nice touch. It gives more significance to the Voidlings, even though their role as accessory turbines might seem a tad random.

Unique Features

  • Mystical Model: Hextech Malzahar’s model is a clear reflection of his synthetic nature, with striking blue and gold plates that make a statement on the Rift.
  • Steampunk Turbines: Those turbines on his back aren’t just for show; they add an extra layer of character and hint at the power within.
  • Dazzling Particles: The blue-themed skill particles and animations give each move a distinct feel, making every ability pop with style.
  • Eerie Soundscape: The unique glass-like tones and echoes in the sound effects enhance the skin’s otherworldly aura.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – how do you get your hands on this masterpiece? Well, you can unlock Hextech Malzahar through the Hextech crafting system for 10 precious gemstones. That’s right, this skin is the real deal and worth every gemstone you invest.

And if you’re itching to jump into the action with Hextech Malzahar without the grind, you can even purchase an account with this exclusive skin on Smurfmania.com. It’s the ultimate shortcut to unleashing the power of Hextech Malzahar on the Rift.

Gamers Feedback

Overall, Hextech Malzahar has sparked a mixed response among members of LoL community. While some appreciate its stunning visual effects and voice lines, others find its value questionable, with concerns about animations and comparisons to other skins. The absence of a recall animation also disappointed some fans.

“I just realized, the E visual effect now makes it very hard to see if a minion is being infected with Space Aids. This causes your lane enemy to unknowingly walk in the spreading range of E and get hit. I don’t know if this was intentional on Riot’s part but this just raises this skin’s value up for me.”

“Malzahar really needs a visual update. This looks like a really cool skin but it just doesn’t look good on such an outdated champion.”

“A lot of people didn’t realize it but THIS is actually Malzahar’s BEST SKIN for one reason: The Janky animation WORKS in that skin since Hextech Malzahar is basically a ROBOT skin.”

“Riot Games honestly thinks those skins are worth 10 GemStones? They could’ve made a whole HEXTECH EVENT with that many skins! I have 31 gems and can’t buy what I want. GG Riot. Kalkulate dat cashflow!”

My Feedback

As a dedicated Malzahar player, I was beyond excited to try out Hextech Malzahar. The first thing that struck me was the captivating visual effects and immersive voice lines. It truly made me feel like a prophet of Hextech, casting spells with an otherworldly flair.

However, there were a few areas where the skin left me wanting more. The price tag of 10 Gemstones gave me pause and made me question whether the investment was truly worth it. Some animations felt a bit incomplete, and when compared to other Malzahar skins, Hextech Malzahar fell slightly short in the animation department.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect was the absence of a recall animation, which felt like a missed opportunity to add that extra layer of personality to the skin.

Ultimately, Hextech Malzahar is a skin that’s worth considering if you’re a die-hard Malzahar fan and can spare the Gemstones. It offers a unique experience, but its merits are somewhat balanced by its drawbacks.

Conclusion and Rating

In the realm of League of Legends, Hextech Malzahar has emerged as a skin of intriguing contrasts. Admired for its captivating visual effects and immersive voice lines, it provides an appealing twist for dedicated Malzahar enthusiasts. However, the steep price tag of 10 Gemstones makes it a questionable investment for those looking for exceptional value.

The skin’s animations could benefit from refinement, and its comparative standing against other Malzahar skins raises doubts. The absence of a recall animation further diminishes its overall allure.

In summary, Hextech Malzahar offers a unique experience, but its merits are balanced by its drawbacks. As such, it earns a score of 6 out of 10, making it a consideration primarily for fervent Malzahar aficionados. So, summoners, weigh your options carefully before diving into the world of Hextech Malzahar!


How can I obtain the Hextech Malzahar skin in League of Legends?

The Hextech Malzahar skin can be obtained by using the Hextech crafting system for 10 gemstones.

What sets Hextech Malzahar apart from other skins for Malzahar?

Hextech Malzahar distinguishes itself with a synthetic, futuristic design, blue and gold plated model, and unique steampunk-inspired turbines.

What are the standout features of the Hextech Malzahar skin in terms of visuals and effects?

The skin features captivating blue-themed skill particles, immersive animations, and an enticing recall animation, providing an otherworldly feel to the champion.

Is Hextech Malzahar worth the investment in terms of visual appeal and gameplay experience?

While visually impressive and a must-have for dedicated Malzahar fans, the high cost of 10 gemstones might deter players seeking exceptional value.

Where can I find Hextech Malzahar skin if I don’t want to use the Hextech crafting system?

If you’re looking to skip the grind, you can purchase an account with the Hextech Malzahar skin on Smurfmania.com for quick access to this exclusive skin.