High Noon Ashe – Buy League of Legends Skin | SmurfMania.com

High Noon Ashe - Buy League of Legends Skin | SmurfMania.com

High Noon Ashe – skin released on October 10, 2019. He shares his line with skins such as:
Freljord Ashe
-Sherwood Forest Ashe
-Woad Ashe
-Queen Ashe
-Amethyst Ashe
-Marauder Ashe
-Heartseeker Ashe
-Cosmic Queen Ashe

The angel of death, High Noon Ashe tasted the blood of the gods and went on an adventure, destroying various creatures along the way. It protects the world of people from misfortunes, because the gods and Paradise are destroyed and humanity has lost protection. On splash art, High Noon Ashe is depicted riding a horse surrounded by enemies. Around the darkness and the ruined world, and the clawed hands of terrifying monsters are trying to grab hold of it. But Ashe is not so simple, it is armed with deadly weapons, its arrows cut through the darkness, hitting enemies. In the game, she is dressed in a black and gold costume, reminiscent of the outfit of Hunter, the protagonist of the Bloodborne video game. On it you can observe a stylish pointed hat and a white cloak. And in her hands she holds an impressive golden bow, with pieces of black color. Unimaginable, but her steel plate looks absolutely the same as on splash art. A developer rarely succeeds in achieving such similarities, and this makes the skin stand out from the rest. The radiance emanating from Ashe also seems incredible. It resembles sun glare and is very different from similar effects in other skins. Also, High Noon Ashe is able to take on a different form, as if taking on her daytime form. In an instant, she transforms into a kind of angel, with glorious white and slightly pinkish wings. Her clothes are completely changed into lovely robes, and her hair also changes. Thus, Ashe becomes like an elf!

Riot also added new particles and animations for High Noon Ashe. So, the recall animation now consists of a couple of interesting points. First black hands emerge from the earth, reaching for Ashe. She shoots them from her bow, and then jumps on a black horse, which materializes from the floor. Particles for auto-attack now is a golden burst, remotely similar to fireworks. Ashe also performs a beautiful dance, using his hat during it. Her bow makes a mechanical sound like a jingle!

How to get High Noon Ashe in 2021?
High Noon Ashe is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. You can buy it for 1820 RP and get a great skin with incredible visual style. It will be a great addition to any, so hurry!
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