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Ice Drake Shyvana Review

Hey there, fellow gamers and League of Legends enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to dive into the frosty world of Ice Drake Shyvana. This epic skin, released on April 29, 2013, falls into the regular category and is priced at 975 RP. If you’re a fan of Shyvana and want to see her in a whole new icy light, this skin is definitely worth checking out. We’ll explore everything from the chilling concept to the sizzling animations. So, let’s embark on this freezing adventure together!


Imagine a vast, desolate expanse in the North, where a slumbering drake rests in silence. But when Shyvana sets foot in this icy realm, the dormant behemoth awakens and grants her the power of the frozen wastes. From that moment on, she becomes the formidable “Ice Drake Shyvana,” stalking the tundra, searching for any brave enough—or foolish enough—to cross her path. The power she wields from this ancient creature makes her an icy force to be reckoned with. Are you ready to face the chilling might of the Ice Drake?

Concept and Inspiration

Welcome to the presence of the ice queen herself, “Ice Drake Shyvana!” This skin transforms Shyvana into a frosty and fearsome ice-wyvern battlemage. Her human form radiates an enchanting ice sorceress vibe, donning a revealing outfit that speaks of agility and hidden powers. Though it might lack heavy armor, it gives her an air of elegance that complements her supernatural abilities perfectly.

But the real spectacle lies in her dragon form. Behold, the menacing ice dragon, adorned with alluring icy particles! While it may not resemble your typical reptile, the intricate gold headdress, and regal touches make it a sight to behold. Just wait until you witness the frosty flare of the new ice particles and sounds—it’s pure satisfaction!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

In her human form, “Ice Drake Shyvana” exudes a mix of elegance and power. The design of her headdress and gauntlets highlights her agility, while her revealing outfit hints at the immense powers she commands. It’s an enchanting combination that sets her apart from the ordinary warriors you encounter.

Now, let’s talk about the dragon form—a true marvel. As an ice wyvern, it’s a fusion of dragon style and icy shards. Admittedly, at first glance, it might not seem overwhelmingly impressive, but the gold decorations and regal mane add an air of majesty. The ice element may seem more like decoration, but fear not, the new ice particles and sounds elevate it to a whole new level!

The skin also boasts exciting recall animations and sounds for both forms. The dragon form’s feedback animation, in particular, is awe-inspiring as Shyvana clings to the ground, releasing a spine-chilling roar. Get ready to unleash this icy terror on the battlefield!

Unique Features

To summarize the fantastic aspects of “Ice Drake Shyvana,” we have:

  • Shyvana’s alluring human form embodies an ice sorceress vibe with elegant headdresses and gauntlets.
  • The mesmerizing dragon form—a majestic ice wyvern with captivating gold decorations and a regal mane.
  • The new ice particles for abilities, turning her actions into a frosty spectacle.
  • Recall animations and sounds for both forms, with the dragon form’s feedback animation being particularly impressive.

How to Get It in 2023

Now that you’re undoubtedly intrigued by the chilling allure of “Ice Drake Shyvana,” you must be wondering how to add this skin to your collection. Well, fear not, because you can easily get your hands on this frosty beauty. Head over to LoL in-game shop, where you can purchase the skin for 975 Riot Points. Also, on with just a few clicks, you’ll have “Ice Drake Shyvana” ready to unleash her icy fury on the Summoner’s Rift.

Gamers Feedback

I got her in reroll and im SOO happy <3

The Dragon(Wyvern) Form looks like the Nargacuga from Monster Hunter!

The freaking dragon looks more like an advanced werewolf.

I hate RIOTs obsession with the purple color. Now they changed light blue skin tone to purple

My Feedback

Alright, fellow gamers, let me share my personal experience with “Ice Drake Shyvana.” Lucky me, I managed to get my hands on this skin through a reroll, and was I excited! As someone who already had all the other Shyvana skins, this one was a welcomed addition to my collection.

Upon testing it out in-game, I must admit that the ice dragon form reminded me of the fierce Barioth from Monster Hunter—a definite plus for me as a fan of both games. While some might say the dragon form looks more like a lizard, I find its unique design to be captivating. It’s not your typical dragon, but that’s what sets it apart and adds charm to the skin.

The human form’s appearance didn’t disappoint either, giving off an enchanting ice sorceress vibe with a touch of delicacy. Though not clad in heavy armor, Shyvana still looks powerful and agile, fitting for a fearsome ice-wyvern battlemage.

Sure, “Ice Drake Shyvana” might not strike you as the most original ice warrior skin out there, but its captivating theme makes it an attractive choice for those who appreciate icy aesthetics. The new ice particles and animations undoubtedly add to the allure, making every ability cast a frosty spectacle.

Conclusion and Rating

To wrap things up, “Ice Drake Shyvana” brings a fresh and chilling twist to our beloved champion. The concept of an ice-wyvern battlemage is simply epic, and the execution is undeniably appealing. While the dragon form might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the icy particles, and new animations more than make up for it.

For those who love Shyvana and appreciate a captivating theme, this skin is a must-have addition to your collection. It might lack the typical fierceness of an ice warrior, but it manages to charm players with its unique design and frosty allure.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give “Ice Drake Shyvana” a solid 7. It earns major points for its new particles and animations, but it could have gone even further with a more original dragon form. Nonetheless, it’s still a fantastic skin that will have you freezing your opponents in style!


What is the lore behind Ice Drake Shyvana?

Ice Drake Shyvana is a skin that imagines Shyvana as a powerful ice-wyvern battlemage who gains her abilities from a slumbering drake in the icy North. When she sets foot in this realm, the ancient creature grants her the power of the frozen wastes, turning her into a formidable icy force.

What does the skin look like in both human and dragon forms?

In her human form, Ice Drake Shyvana exudes an enchanting ice sorceress vibe with an elegant headdress and gauntlets. Her dragon form is a majestic ice wyvern adorned with captivating gold decorations and a regal mane, emitting icy particles and sounds that add to the skin’s allure.

How much does the Ice Drake Shyvana skin cost and where can I get it in 2023?

The Ice Drake Shyvana skin is priced at 975 RP and can be purchased from the in-game shop in League of Legends or from third-party platforms like

What are the unique features of Ice Drake Shyvana?

The skin offers an alluring human form with an ice sorceress vibe, a mesmerizing dragon form with captivating gold decorations, and new icy particles for abilities. It also includes recall animations and sounds for both forms, making it a visually and audibly satisfying experience.

What’s the overall verdict and rating for Ice Drake Shyvana?

Ice Drake Shyvana receives a solid 7 out of 10 rating. While some may find the dragon form to be less traditional, the captivating theme, new animations, and frosty allure make it a must-have addition for Shyvana enthusiasts and those who appreciate icy aesthetics.