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Iron Inquisitor Kayle is a rather unusual skin on Kayle released in 2016. It shares its series with such skins:

-Cursed Revenant Nocturne

-Black Scourge Singed

-Undertaker Yorick

Iron Inquisitor Kayle is the head of all inquisitors, she should be a ray of light and tension amid impenetrable darkness. The Order decided to elect her to lead the sisters. But darkness is everywhere and penetrates the souls of even the best and most pious people. And when the city is on the verge of death, even the most loyal of its defenders will take the side of evil … Absolutely one of the darkest skins, the visual style of which creates an incredibly ominous aura. Iron Inquisitor Kayle is dressed in a gorgeous black outfit with gold accents for a great contrast. This outfit is more ceremonial, Kayle looks like a dark angel. The developers have achieved a unique look due to the well-developed design. The champion also wears a hood, with a neat crown over it. Her face is hidden behind a white mask, with bloody trails of tears. Perhaps this eerie mask hides an even more terrifying face, disfigured by the plague. The sword is forged as if completely of gold, and has a huge scarlet stone in the center of the handle. Also, on the belt of Kayle there is a lamp – one of the medieval attributs, which also glows. With the increase in the level of the character, the appearance also changes! Her shoulders take on a golden color, armor becomes more powerful, and her wings turn red and become simply incredibly huge.

How to get Iron Inquisitor Kayle in 2022?
The cost of this wonderful skin was 750 RP, but at the moment, the skin is in Legacy Vault. Riot Games opens access to it for a limited period of time in honor of an event. But now the skin is not available for purchase in the in-game store and the only way to get the skin now is to buy an account with Iron Inquisitor Kayle already activated on it in our store.

Before we get into Iron Inquisitor Kayle’s story, we need to talk about her splash image, which is unlike anything we’ve seen before; the background is old parchment, with a sketch of Kayle’s outstretched wings transitioning into the more modern art style in which Kayle is rendered. Black Scourge singed and Cursed Revenant Nocturne flank her on either side, but it was her mask that caught our attention the most. When it comes to the mask, there’s an interesting in-game easter egg attached to it. Kayle removes her hat as she ascends with her other skins, but this is not the case with Iron Inquisitor Kayle. Her identity is kept a secret. Unfortunately, we can only speculate.

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