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Iron Solari Leona Review

Hey there, fellow gamers and League of Legends enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the mesmerizing world of Iron Solari Leona, a skin that’s been making waves since February 10, 2012. Strap in as we explore the intricate details, epic visuals, and captivating elements of this remarkable skin. So, whether you’re a Leona main or just a lover of fantastic in-game aesthetics, this article is about to take you on an adventure.


“She who bears the Iron Solari into battle bears the weight of history as iron gives way to steel, and steel to eternity.” This powerful quote resonates with the essence of Iron Solari Leona. As a proud member of the Iron Solari, Leona dons avian-themed armor that not only symbolizes her dedication to the sun but also carries the legacy of the past. The skin embodies a sense of history and strength, making each game feel like an epic journey through time and valor.

Concept and Inspiration

Leona’s transformation into the Iron Solari warrior is a testament to the dedication Riot Games poured into this skin. The avian-themed armor she wears breathes life into her character, showcasing a level of detail that’s truly commendable. This skin stands out as one of Leona’s best, capturing the essence of her personality while adding an extra layer of grandeur. A fusion of artistry and imagination, Iron Solari Leona takes the familiar and elevates it to an extraordinary level.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Riot didn’t hold back when crafting the design of Iron Solari Leona. Her classic model gets a fresh update with new armor, a splendid sword, and an eye-catching shield. The avian motif is evident in every aspect, from her feathered sword to her bird-emblem shield. This thematic consistency extends to her abilities, with new orange and yellow particles enhancing her Eclipse, Zenith Blade, and Solar Flare skills. When you wield these powers, you truly become the embodiment of the Iron Solari’s might.

Unique Features

One of the standout features of Iron Solari Leona is the incredible attention to detail. As you unleash her ultimate ability, a Solari icon graces the ground, leaving an awe-inspiring mark that only adds to the skin’s epic aura. Pay close attention to Leona’s W ability, and you’ll notice her shield elegantly covering up, adding a layer of finesse to her moves. Subtle yet impactful, these touches contribute to an immersive gaming experience that’s hard to forget.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, the big question: How can you get your hands on this masterpiece? Fear not, as Iron Solari Leona is available in the Riot store for a reasonable 975 RP. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Leona or looking to add a touch of elegance to your champion roster, this skin is well within your grasp. You can also snag an account featuring this skin on, making it even more accessible to eager players.

Gamers Feedback

The Iron Solari Leona skin has garnered widespread praise for its intricate details, captivating animations, and epic ultimate ability. LoL community highlight the Solari icon on the ground during her ult, the eagle at the end of her lance, and the elegant charm the skin exudes. Many consider it one of the best skins in the game, even surprising those who were initially skeptical about its appearance.

“This skin has so many details… When you notice the solari icon shows in the floor when she ults, the eagle at the end of the lance and many more. GG Riot.”

“This is by far the best skin for her. Really smexy.”

“I just love that the shield bubble is an eclipse and it explodes when the sun goes behind the moon.”

“Is there a recall animation for this skin?”

My Feedback

Now, let’s talk about my personal experience with Iron Solari Leona. There’s something absolutely captivating about the skin’s ultimate ability. The sheer epicness of its appearance never fails to give me chills during intense battles. But what truly makes this skin special is the meticulous attention to detail. From the Solari icon on the ground during her ultimate to the graceful eagle at the tip of her lance, every element contributes to a rich and immersive experience. And that elegant charm? It’s like Leona is dancing gracefully through the chaos of the Rift.

Conclusion and Rating

In a nutshell, Iron Solari Leona isn’t just a skin; it’s an embodiment of history, valor, and elegance. Riot’s dedication to capturing Leona’s essence while infusing it with avian splendor is truly commendable. If you’re a Leona enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates artistry in gaming, this skin is a must-own. For me, it stands tall as one of the best skins not just for the champion, but for the entire game. With that said, I’m giving Iron Solari Leona a well-deserved rating of 7 out of 10.

So, go ahead and light up the battlefield with the radiant power of the Iron Solari Leona skin. Unleash your inner champion, and remember, the sun always shines on those who dare to stand in its glorious light! 


What is the concept behind Iron Solari Leona skin?

Iron Solari Leona embodies history and strength as a member of the Iron Solari, showcasing avian-themed armor that symbolizes dedication to the sun and carries a legacy of the past.

What sets Iron Solari Leona skin apart in terms of design and effects?

The skin features intricate avian-themed armor, a feathered sword, and a bird-emblem shield, with thematic consistency extending to her abilities’ particles.

Are there unique features or animations in this skin?

Yes, Iron Solari Leona has attention-grabbing details, such as a Solari icon appearing on the ground during her ultimate and elegant animations, including her shield covering up during certain moves.

How can players obtain Iron Solari Leona skin?

The skin is available in the Riot store for 975 RP, making it accessible to Leona fans and those seeking an elegant addition to their champion roster. It can also be found on accounts.

What do players and the author think about Iron Solari Leona skin?

Players praise the skin’s intricate details, animations, and thematic consistency, highlighting elements like the Solari icon and eagle. The author rates it 7 out of 10, describing it as an embodiment of history, valor, and elegance.