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Ironside Malphite Review

Welcome, fellow Summoners, to our delightful exploration of the one and only Ironside Malphite skin! Released on October 7, 2015, this unique creation falls under the category of Regular skins and is priced at 975 RP. Brace yourselves for an extraordinary journey as we dive into the lore, concept, design, and captivating features of this imposing skin that brings Malphite to life as a fearsome ironclad behemoth!


In the vast realm of the League of Legends, mercenaries come in all shapes and sizes. However, one particular behemoth stands head and shoulders above the rest. Meet Ironside Malphite, a colossal golem standing twenty feet tall, forged from the remains of a legendary gunship. He is not your average run-of-the-mill sellsword, but a near-indestructible force to be reckoned with. Choose wisely when summoning this unyielding juggernaut to the Rift, for he brings the might of the iron sea crashing down upon his foes.

Concept and Inspiration

The very essence of Ironside Malphite is an enigmatic fusion of wood and metal, reminiscent of a majestic ship, yet not quite steampunk nor dieselpunk. Picture a unique blend of old-school charm and raw power as this behemoth strides into battle. It’s a peculiar mix, bringing together elements that might not seem to fit at first glance. But therein lies the allure, as Malphite emerges as a formidable, old-fashioned robot with a twist—a concept that genuinely excites the imagination.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Prepare to be awestruck by the dramatic transformation that Ironside Malphite undergoes with this skin. Gone is the rocky exterior, replaced by the impressive visage of a walking ship adorned with sails, cannons, and even a ship’s wheel. This formidable makeover renders Malphite nearly unrecognizable but no less imposing.

The designers haven’t held back, and it shows in every detail. The new model and textures give him an air of nautical prowess that’s hard to ignore. Moreover, the skin introduces captivating particles, with his Seismic Shard now taking the form of a ship’s wheel, adding a unique touch to his abilities.

As if that weren’t enough, the skin features a mesmerizing recall animation. Witness Malphite unleashing his cannons akin to Gangplank’s Cannon Barrage before he completes the recall. His ultimate ability animation has also been revamped, with Malphite firing his cannons as he charges headlong into enemies, sending them airborne.

But the makeover doesn’t stop there. Brace yourself for an auditory treat as the skin comes with brand-new sound effects for abilities and recall animation. Gone is the sound of stone; instead, Malphite now resonates with the echoes of wood, truly embodying the fusion of ship and golem.

Unique Features

  • New models and textures, transformed Malphite into an imposing ironclad behemoth.
  • Captivating new particles, with Seismic Shard now resembling a ship’s wheel.
  • Spellbinding animations, from the fiery Brutal Strikes to the awe-inspiring ultimate charge.
  • An unforgettable recall animation, showcasing Malphite’s mighty cannon barrage.

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re itching to acquire the might of Ironside Malphite for your champion roster, fret not! This incredible skin can be yours for 975 Riot Points if you go to LoL in-game store. Also, you can head over to, your one-stop destination for all your League of Legends needs. Browse through their vast selection of skins, including the formidable Ironside Malphite, and make your purchase to wield the power of this iron behemoth on the Rift.

Gamers Feedback

This is kind of strange. They reused the Q and W animation on Mecha Malphite for this skin, kept the old E animation, and gave him an entirely new ult animation. This skin is a melting pot of animations.

I feel like this skin is kinda a tribute to the ‘Ursa’ of Warcraft. A lot of the attack/ability animations reminded me of that.

It’s a pretty cool skin if you ignore the fact that it look like Maokai.

My Feedback

Alright, let’s get real here. As a seasoned Summoner and avid Malphite fan, I did have the chance to get my hands on the Ironside Malphite skin, courtesy of a generous gift chest from a dear friend. Now, I’ll be honest with you—I wouldn’t personally shell out my RP for this one. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good execution of a somewhat mediocre idea. The transformation of Malphite into an ironclad ship-golem is intriguing, no doubt, but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

Sure, the new effects and animations are noticeable, but they didn’t leave me in awe. Among all of Malphite’s skins, I still find myself drawn to the Glacial Malphite skin the most. The cool, icy theme just resonates with me.

Nonetheless, I don’t want to discourage fellow Malphite enthusiasts from giving Ironside Malphite a shot. If you’re all about exploring fresh stuff and reveling in the uniqueness of skins, then by all means, go for it! We each have our preferences, and while this skin didn’t quite steal my heart, it might just become your new favorite.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Ironside Malphite brings a peculiar charm to the League of Legends universe. Its fusion of wood and metal, despite being a bit perplexing at first, creates an intriguing visual experience. The new particles and animations do add a refreshing touch, even if they don’t blow you away entirely.

If you’re a devoted fan of Malphite aficionado seeking something out of the ordinary, then give this skin a whirl. It garners a respectable rating of 6 out of 10 from me for the new particles and animations. While not mind-blowing, it’s an enticing choice for those who appreciate the unique and the unorthodox.


When was the Ironside Malphite skin released?

The Ironside Malphite skin was released on October 7, 2015.

What is the lore and concept behind the Ironside Malphite skin?

Ironside Malphite is depicted as a colossal golem standing twenty feet tall, forged from the remains of a legendary gunship. He is portrayed as an unyielding mercenary and a near-indestructible force in the League of Legends universe.

What are the unique features of the Ironside Malphite skin?

The skin features a dramatic transformation of Malphite into an imposing ironclad behemoth with new model and textures. The abilities have captivating new particles, such as the Seismic Shard resembling a ship’s wheel. The skin also comes with spellbinding animations, including a recall animation with a mighty cannon barrage.

How can I obtain the Ironside Malphite skin in 2023?

You can purchase the Ironside Malphite skin from the in-game store for 975 RP. Additionally, you may find it available on third-party websites like, which offers a selection of League of Legends skins for purchase.

What is the overall rating and feedback for the Ironside Malphite skin?

The skin received a rating of 6 out of 10 from a seasoned Summoner and Malphite enthusiast. While the fusion of wood and metal is intriguing, some players may find the execution somewhat mediocre. However, for those seeking unique and unorthodox skin, Ironside Malphite could be an enticing choice.