Ivern, referred to numerous as Bramblefoot or the Old Woodsman, is an unconventional half-man, half-tree who meanders the wilds of Runeterra, developing life wherever he goes. He knows every one of the mysteries of the normal world, and holds profound companionships with things that develop, fly, and abandon. He advances the timberlands confer weird insight to any human he meets, and at times depends on free-lipped butterflies with his insider facts.



Ivern, broadly known as Bramblefoot, the Green Father, or the Old Woodsman, is a half-breed between a man and tree-meandering the wild territories of Runeterra. He can develop late wherever he goes. Notwithstanding, he wasn’t a noble hero 100% of the time. As a matter of fact, he was viewed as a prestigious furious hero, acquiring him the moniker “Ivern the Cruel.”

He meandered a long way from his movements, across Ionia and past where the peculiar enchantment of Omikayalan that he found while in fight continued afterward. In the wake of acquiring new powers, Ivern grew close family relationships with animals incredible and little, noticing their imperfections while savoring the experience of their little propensities and offering some assistance.

He knows the insider facts of the regular world, holding profound companionships to those living, committing himself to develop humankind by improving timberlands, and offering bizarre insight to humans. As he bore God-Willow’s inheritance and powers, he chose to assist humans with watching, tuning in, and developing.



  1. FRIEND OF THE FOREST– Ivern can’t assault or be gone after by non-epic beasts. He can make otherworldly forests on wilderness camps which develop after some time. Whenever the woods is completely developed, Ivern might free the beasts to get gold and experience. After level 5 Ivern can share wilderness buffs with partners.
  2. ROOTCALLER– Ivern invokes a plant, managing harm and establishing adversary targets hit. Ivern’s partners can run to the established objective.
  3. BRUSHMAKER– In the brush, Ivern’s assaults bargain reward sorcery harm. Ivern can actuate this capacity to make a fix of the brush.
  4. TRIGGERSEED– Ivern puts a safeguard on a partner which detonates after a brief length easing back and harming foes.
  5. DAISY!– Ivern brings his Sentinel companion Daisy to battle with him. Daisy will convey a shockwave assuming she goes after a similar top dog multiple times in succession.



  1. He sees practically every one of the animals of the woods as companions (not such a lot of Dragon) yet he observes the Rift Herald Rift Herald unnerving.
  2. As Ivern the Cruel, Ivern once drove defiance to the Frozen Watchers and the Iceborn.
  3. He was an admirer of the most warlike demi-divine beings, including Volibear.
  4. He came to Ionia to look for the power that could overcome the Iceborn drove by the Three Sisters, which incorporate Lissandra.
  5. Ivern has been all over Runeterra, yet he still can’t seem to visit the Blessed/Shadow Isles, and is consequently uninformed about’s Maokai’s presence.
  6. Troubadour Bard, Kindred, and Ivern are largely acquainted with one another in some capacity.


  1. He was brought into the world sooner or later previously or during the rule of the Three Sisters.
  2. Ivern is aware of an occasion he calls ‘the Kumungu Affair’.
  3. He goes with a squirrel called Mikkus, voiced by a Riot worker called ‘Ampson’.
  4. Mikkus was planned to kick the bucket in incredibly early forms of Ivern’s origin story. The advancement group was all extremely annoyed with Matthew ‘FauxSchizzle’ Dunn as a result of it.
  5. He was among the principal Freljordians, and subsequently, the main outcast, to go to Ionia after its exceptionally old detachment from the remainder of the world.
  6. Ivern’s labor of love is to succeed the God-Willow he struck down back when he was human. He is ‘close’ (a generally lengthy time span according to a human point of view) to finish this objective.
  7. He is basically eternal (yet not powerful).

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