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Jailbreak Graves Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends to explore the awesomeness that is the Jailbreak Graves skin. If you’re a fan of futuristic soldiers and jaw-dropping visuals, you’re in for a treat! This Legacy skin hit the scene on October 18, 2011, and has been captivating players ever since. So, grab your popcorn, and let’s embark on this epic adventure together!


Picture this: Graves, the daring gunslinger, finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for and ends up spending some time behind bars. But being locked up wasn’t going to keep him down! In a daring escape, he breaks free, and that’s where the tale of Jailbreak Graves begins.

With his hair now sporting a striking gray hue and his eyes glowing a golden brilliance, Graves has transformed into a futuristic force to be reckoned with. Armed with a high-tech blaster, he’s ready to unleash a whole new level of awesome on the battlefield. It’s time to show off his rebellious side and bring some futuristic flair to the game!

Concept and Inspiration

Jailbreak Graves is like a fashion statement on steroids! His outfit boasts an intricate mix of trousers, shorts, and boots, all adorned with detailed armor strapped across his body. The attention to detail is mind-blowing, making him a visual spectacle every time you step into the fray.

The deep crimson cloak he wears features a skull emblem on the back – the very same one he had hung in his jail cell. It seems our daring gunslinger wanted to bring a touch of home with him on his adventures. But that’s not all, the standout piece is undoubtedly the futuristic gun he carries, which is guaranteed to turn heads with its stunning design.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

When it comes to the in-game experience, Jailbreak Graves is all about looks! Although he doesn’t boast any new animations for his movements or abilities, his presence alone is enough to command attention. His basic attacks and abilities remain unchanged, but the sheer splendor of his appearance makes him a sight to behold on the battlefield.

The striking visuals of Jailbreak Graves extend to his splash art as well. The golden eyes, gray skin, spiky hair, and laser blaster in hand scream futuristic coolness. The fact that he bursts through walls, leaving no debris behind, suggests that this ain’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill weaponry. It’s all about lasers and high-power weapons here, folks!

Unique Features

Let’s dive into what makes this skin a standout in the League of Legends universe:

  • Futuristic Flair: Jailbreak Graves is the epitome of futuristic coolness. From his eye-catching outfit, featuring a blend of trousers, shorts, and boots, to the meticulously detailed armor that wraps around his body, this skin screams “high-tech rebel.”
  • Blinding Splendor: Whoever designed this skin deserves a spot in the fashion hall of fame! Jailbreak Graves will leave your enemies blinded by his splendor, even if his abilities and basic attacks remain unchanged. The visual impact alone is enough to give you an edge on the battlefield.
  • The Iconic Lantern: Perched on Graves’ shoulder is a small yet striking lantern. Not only does it add to his futuristic look, but it also serves a practical purpose, lighting his path as he hunts down his foes. Because even in the future, you still need some illumination!
  • Skull Emblem: Ever noticed the skull emblem on the back of his crimson cloak? Well, that’s the exact same one that used to hang in Jailbreak Graves’ jail cell. It’s like a piece of his past he brought along for the ride, reminding him of his rebellious spirit.
  • Laser Blaster Realness: The splash art gives us a glimpse of Jailbreak Graves breaking free, laser blaster in hand, through a vaporized wall. That’s right – we’re talking futuristic weaponry, not your run-of-the-mill bullets or shells. It’s like unleashing sci-fi awesomeness on the Rift!

How to Get It in 2023

If you’re itching to get your hands on the epic Jailbreak Graves skin, I’ve got the insider info for you. Head over to Smurfmania.com and prepare to be blown away by its futuristic awesomeness! You can’t purchase this skin in the LoL in-game store, because it’s locked now in Legacy Vault.

Gamers Feedback

Can we add laser animations? Or something futurey about this skin?

Mecha Jax , Program Soraka and Fullmetal Panth gave me this … tnx Riot)

He looks like Cable from Marvel.

My Feedback

Let me spill the beans on Jailbreak Graves – it’s seriously one of the coolest skins out there! I mean, who doesn’t want to wield a futuristic laser blaster while looking like a total badass? But, you know what? It’s even more than that.

When I first laid eyes on Jailbreak Graves, I knew it was a skin worth having in my inventory. The attention to detail in the outfit, the skull emblem that ties back to his past, and that lantern lighting his way – it’s all so brilliantly designed. It’s like having a piece of the story right on your screen.

Now, I must admit, I wish this skin had some crackling electricity or futuristic particles to add that extra oomph. But even without those, Jailbreak Graves still brings a level of awe and splendor that’s hard to match.

The only downside? It’s locked away in the vault at times, and I can’t have it on my main account right now. Riot, please, free this skin from the vault and let the world bask in its brilliance!

Conclusion and Rating

To wrap it all up, Jailbreak Graves is the visual spectacle you’ve been waiting for if you’re a fan of Graves. It may lack new animations or particles, but the level of intricate design and futuristic charm it brings more than makes up for it.

If you’re a gamer who loves complex looks and futuristic flair, Jailbreak Graves is a must-have addition to your collection. I’d easily rate it 8 out of 10 for its mesmerizing visuals and overall cool factor.


When was the Jailbreak Graves skin released?

The Jailbreak Graves skin was released on October 18, 2011.

What is the lore behind Jailbreak Graves?

Jailbreak Graves depicts the daring gunslinger breaking free from imprisonment, sporting gray hair and glowing golden eyes. He wields a high-tech blaster and showcases a rebellious, futuristic flair on the battlefield.

Are there any unique features of the Jailbreak Graves skin?

Yes, the skin offers several unique features, including its futuristic design, attention to detail in the outfit and armor, the iconic lantern lighting Graves’ path, and the skull emblem on his cloak representing his rebellious past.

Does Jailbreak Graves have new animations or sound effects?

While Jailbreak Graves does not have new animations or sound effects for his movements or abilities, his visually striking appearance commands attention on the battlefield.

How can I obtain the Jailbreak Graves skin in 2023?

The Jailbreak Graves skin is available as Legacy skin, which means it is not regularly available in the in-game store. However, it may be obtainable during special events or through skin sales.