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Junkyard Trundle Review

Welcome to the world of League of Legends, where champions rise and battles are fought in epic fashion. In this article, we’ll be exploring one of the coolest skins in the game – the Junkyard Trundle skin. Unleashing the spirit of a post-apocalyptic wasteland mutant, this skin brings a whole new vibe to our favorite troll champion. From concept to execution, we’ll dive into the junkyard depths of Trundle’s new look, sounds, and animations. If you’re a Trundle fan or just a lover of awesome skins, you’re in for a treat!


In the Wasteland’s unforgiving, irradiated junk heaps, a self-proclaimed king roams – Trundle. Leading his gang of devoted thugs, he rules this desolate kingdom with a mixture of theatrical grandeur and brute force. Any unsuspecting travelers who wander into his domain are met with elaborate displays of power, followed by merciless beatings and, ultimately, a grim fate. The Junkyard Trundle skin embodies the essence of this wasteland tyrant, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate post-apocalyptic aesthetics.

Concept and Inspiration

The Junkyard Trundle skin might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it undeniably suits the troll’s rugged persona perfectly. Dressed in filth and waste, Trundle becomes the epitome of a scavenging survivor in a desolate world. The skin’s execution is top-notch, capturing the essence of a post-apocalyptic wasteland mutant with impressive attention to detail. However, it’s essential to be sure you love this look before donning it in battle – unless you’re convinced of your affection for trash-chic, it might be best to give Trundle a well-deserved shower.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Unlike the original idea, Junkyard Trundle presents our favorite troll as a battle-hardened mutant, armed with makeshift gear and weapons to survive in the harsh wasteland. The unique mohawk hairstyle and eye-patch add to the convincing aesthetic, truly transforming Trundle into a formidable warrior. While the choice of ice magic might seem odd, the Pillar of Ice’s adaptation suits the theme perfectly. Overall, the skin boasts an attractive appearance, though some may need to overlook its classic legacy. Unfortunatly, this skin has no new particles, sounds or animation.

Unique Features

  • Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Look: Junkyard Trundle embodies the spirit of survival in a desolate world, making him stand out among Trundle’s other skins.
  • Impressive Model Changes: The skin offers major model changes, transforming Trundle into a fearsome mutant with unique gear and weapons.
  • Trashy Pillar of Ice: The Pillar of Ice gets a revamp, turning it into a towering column of trash, showcasing Trundle’s dominance over his wasteland kingdom.
  • Convincing Aesthetic: From the mohawk hairstyle to the eye-patch, the attention to detail in Junkyard Trundle’s design is commendable, adding depth to his character.

Obtainability in 2023

In 2023, acquiring the Junkyard Trundle skin is as easy as raiding a junkyard (well, almost!). You can head to the in-game store and purchase it for 750 Riot Points. If you’re looking for an account that already has this epic skin, you can check out Smurfmania.com for some great deals.

Gamers Feedback

LoL community overwhelmingly praised the visual update of the Junkyard Trundle skin, hailing its last-minute adjustments, fast upload, and improved appearance. The community expressed excitement over the Mad Max-inspired transformation and admired the attention to detail, particularly the pillar showcasing items from the old junkyard Trundle.

“I love this skin! The attention to detail with the pillar and old junkyard Trundle items is impressive. Definitely a must-buy!”

“One of the best, if not the best, skins in the game. The transformation is amazing, and I instantly bought it. Riot did a great job with this update.”

“The Junkyard Trundle skin needs Sho Minamimoto on top of the pillar. It looks fantastic already, but that addition would make it even cooler!”

“The old skin looked sweet, but this updated skin looks strong and awesome. The new design fits Trundle’s lore perfectly.”

My Feedback

The recent visual update to the Junkyard Trundle skin left me utterly impressed! The last-minute adjustments to the pillars were spot on, enhancing the skin’s overall appearance significantly. Honestly, I regret not getting my hands on this skin earlier, as it’s now a masterpiece reminiscent of Mad Max. The attention to detail, like the items from the old junkyard on the pillar, is a stroke of genius and has motivated me to explore more Trundle skins. It’s downright badass and amazing!

Conclusion and Rating

To sum it up, the Junkyard Trundle skin is a must-have for any Trundle enthusiast or anyone who loves a taste of the post-apocalyptic in League of Legends. The redesign breathes new life into this once-overlooked skin, making it one of the best choices when playing as Trundle. Despite the lack of new splash art for Trundle’s skins, the overall improvements in appearance and design are undeniably satisfying. The art team’s efforts deserve appreciation, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for other Trundle skins in the future. I’d rate it a solid 7 out of 10 for perfect realization.  So, if you dig the wasteland vibe and the concept of a badass mutant troll, go ahead and grab the Junkyard Trundle skin for your collection!


What is the concept behind the Junkyard Trundle skin?

The Junkyard Trundle skin embodies the persona of a post-apocalyptic wasteland mutant ruling with grandeur and brute force, dressed in filth and waste, armed with makeshift gear and weapons to survive.

What are the unique features of the Junkyard Trundle skin?

  • Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Look: Trundle stands out with a survivalist appearance in a desolate world.
  • Impressive Model Changes: The skin offers a complete transformation with unique gear and weapons.
  • Trashy Pillar of Ice: The Pillar of Ice becomes a towering column of trash, fitting the wasteland theme.
  • Convincing Aesthetic: Attention to detail, including a mohawk hairstyle and an eye-patch, adds depth to the skin’s design.

How do I obtain the Junkyard Trundle skin in 2023?

You can purchase the skin from the in-game store for 750 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can explore Smurfmania.com for pre-existing accounts with the epic skin.

What do gamers think about the Junkyard Trundle skin?

Players have overwhelmingly praised the visual update, design, and attention to detail of the skin, making it one of the best choices for Trundle enthusiasts.

What is the overall rating of the Junkyard Trundle skin?

The Junkyard Trundle skin receives a solid 7 out of 10 for its perfect realization of the post-apocalyptic wasteland theme and appealing design. It is a must-have for any Trundle fan or those who appreciate such aesthetics.