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Kled Review

Welcome to the world of League of Legends! If you’re looking for a champ who’s equal parts brave and barmy, look no further than Kled. Released in 2016 and belonging to the Skirmisher class, this Noxian yordle is a force to be reckoned with in the top and jungle positions. But why am I here to give you the lowdown on this champ? Simple, because Kled is just plain cool.


Kled’s legend is as wild as he is. Rumor has it that he’s fought in every campaign Noxus has ever waged, earned every military title, and never backed down from a fight. But what stays consistent is that Kled charges into battle on his trusty steed, Skaarl. He’s here to protect what’s his, and if he can grab a little extra while he’s at it, all the better.

Champion Abilities

Kled’s kit is as unique as he is. He rides Skaarl, who soaks up damage for him. When Skaarl’s health runs low, Kled gets dismounted, changing his abilities and dealing less damage. But don’t worry, you can get Skaarl’s courage back by taking on enemies.

  • Q – Bear Trap on a Rope: Kled tosses a bear trap that damages and hooks an enemy champ. If you reel ’em in for a bit, they’ll take extra damage and get yanked closer. When he’s dismounted, he switches to Pocket Pistol, a ranged blast that knocks back and helps recharge Skaarl.
  • W – Violent Tendencies: Kled goes full berserk, gaining massive attack speed for four hits. The fourth hit packs a punch.
  • E – Jousting: Kled dashes, dealing damage and gaining some speed. You can even dash back through your target, repeating the damage.
  • R – Chaaaaaaaarge!!!: Kled and Skaarl take off, leaving a speed trail behind. They also get a shield. Skaarl locks onto the first enemy champ they bump into.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion


  • Kled deals big damage and is tanky thanks to his dismount mechanic.
  • You can win almost any lane with him.
  • Not many people know how to play against him because he’s not super popular.
  • He’s versatile – you can go tanky or assassin, depending on your build.
  • Kled’s great at engaging and following up.
  • Everyone loves to hate playing against Kled.


  • At the start, he’s tricky to pick up.
  • You’ve got to play aggressively in lane.
  • Timing Kled’s ult right can be a challenge, and messing it up can cost you the game (more on that later).
  • Making a comeback when you’re behind is super tough.

Best Items for Kled


Now, let’s talk about gearing up our unrelenting yordle.

 Ravenous Hydra: This item is a must for Kled. It gives him the base stats he craves, boosts his wave clear, and provides some much-needed sustain.

 Black Cleaver: Essential for Kled, it offers health, attack damage, and ability haste. The armor penetration is crucial since Kled lacks it in his kit.

 Serylda’s Grudge: A solid choice when facing squishy teams or lots of tanks. It packs a slow effect when you use abilities.

 Gargoyle Stoneplate: This is a fantastic defensive item for Kled. It offers a ton of resistances and scales well with bonus health.

 Sterak’s Gage: This item provides Kled with a decent shield when he’s low on health, along with some healing over time. It’s excellent for close duels and turning the tide in team fights.

 Titanic Hydra: Consider this when you’re up against tanky teams. It deals maximum health damage with each auto-attack and provides good base stats.

Kled’s items keep him strong and allow him to dominate the battlefield.

Best Lanes and Roles for Kled

Kled thrives in the top lane and is one heck of a diver. Compared to other champions, Kled has a unique playstyle that involves fighting to the death and coming out on top. If you like to get up close and personal with your opponents, the top lane is where you want to be.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Kled’s matchups. Kled’s a tough cookie to crack in the top lane, especially against champions like Darius and Yasuo. These guys should think twice before tangling with our yordle warrior. On the flip side, Vayne and Fiora can make Kled’s life miserable. So, be careful when facing them, or you might find yourself on the wrong end of a beatdown.

Price of this Champion in 2023

Now, I know you’re wondering how much it costs to have this battle-hardened yordle on your team. In 2023, Kled comes with a price tag of 6300 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points.

My Feedback

Kled is hands-down one of the most entertaining champs in League of Legends. His outlandish voice lines and his well-crafted kit make him a blast to play. Playing around the remount mechanic is one of the most satisfying aspects of using Kled, catching your enemies off guard when they think you’re vulnerable.

However, he’s not as popular as some other champs, and there’s a reason for it. If you fall behind with Kled, you might as well be using a wet noodle as a weapon. While he’s not as useless as a pure damage assassin when behind, he’s still quite feast-or-famine. Plus, if you want to play a right-click champion, there are easier options out there.

Best Guide for Kled in 2023

Looking for a guide to master the art of Kled? Check out this awesome guide I stumbled upon for all things Kled in 2023. It’s got everything you need to crush your opponents:The Ultimate Kled Guide.

Best Skins for Kled

Now, let’s talk fashion. Kled has some pretty nifty skins that not only change his look but also add a bit of flavor to his gameplay.

  • Sir Kled: This 975 RP skin gives Kled a human touch and a hilarious recall animation. It’s a more budget-friendly choice for Kled enthusiasts.
  • Count Kledula (Legacy): If you want to give Kled a Halloween makeover, the Count Kledula skin is your go-to. It’s a 1350 RP legacy skin, but remember, it’s only available during specific times.
  • Marauder Kled: Released in 2021, this 1350 RP skin gives Kled a darker and more imposing appearance. It even features distinct sound effects for his ultimate ability, making it an exciting option for Kled fans.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Here are some cool tricks and fun facts about Kled:

  • Kled and Skaarl have the first two-health-bar system in the game, with the highest base health when combined.
  • Kled’s health can’t be improved except through level growth.
  • Dismounted Kled has the slowest base movement speed in the game.
  • Kled’s Wild Ride is likely a nod to Disneyland’s Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.
  • Kled and Skaarl resemble Mr. Toad and Cyril the Horse from the same story.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Kled. Whether you’re looking for a ferocious fighter, a yordle with a fearless spirit, or just a good time on the Rift, Kled is your man. So saddle up, charge into the battlefield, and show ’em what a true Noxian yordle can do.


Who is Kled in League of Legends?

Kled is a Noxian yordle champion known for his fearlessness and unique kit. He rides his trusty steed, Skaarl, and excels in the top and jungle positions.

What are Kled’s main abilities and roles?

Kled has a unique dismount mechanic and abilities, including Bear Trap on a Rope (Q), Violent Tendencies (W), Jousting (E), and Chaaaaaaaarge!!! (R). He primarily thrives in the top lane and can be built as a tank or assassin.

What are the pros and cons of playing Kled?

Pros of playing Kled include dealing significant damage, versatility, and strong engagement. Cons include a learning curve, the need for aggressive playstyle, and difficulties when behind in the game.

What are the recommended items for Kled in 2023?

Key items for Kled include Ravenous Hydra, Black Cleaver, Serylda’s Grudge, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Sterak’s Gage, and Titanic Hydra to enhance his damage and survivability.

How much does Kled cost in 2023, and what are the best skins for him?

In 2023, Kled can be purchased for 6300 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points. Recommended skins for Kled include Sir Kled, Count Kledula (Legacy), and Marauder Kled, each with unique aesthetics and effects.