Sir Kled 

Sir Kled gives out the first impression of a great knight riding an exotic bird. The skin has more than a passing similarity to an Onion Knight perched on a chocobo, therefore it may be a Final Fantasy homage. The skin, on the other hand, doesn’t go much beyond the model alterations. The red beard, plume, and huge ears encircling a human face juxtapose the traditional, animalistic character, while the new helmet with halberd are most recognizable accoutrements. 

Skaarl is well known for his yellow feathers, armor, and beak, however his overall contour and bottom of a body aren’t dissimilar to those of a reptile. Due to the more conventional, human knight aspect and the bird’s reptilian features, the model is intriguing but less imaginative than the previous form.

The few new particles are very identical to their older counterparts. The namesake bear trap is replaced with a treble hook in Bear Trap on a Rope, the pistol and bullets are replaced with a crossbow and bolts in Pocket Pistol and Jousting simply uses the feathers previously inserted while walking in Jousting. Speaking of that which, the feathers left behind while walking are a nice touch for enhancing the skin’s unique personality, but it’s the only aspect that matters enough just to make a difference. It’s worth noting that, despite its dramatically changed appearance, Pocket Pistol still sound like a weapon. It seems to be careless to leave a visible and distorting discrepancy on the skin. They could at the very least use the noises from Vayne’s or Quinn’s crossbows.

The latest recalls are likewise a bit of a mixed bag. The one that depicts both Kled & Skaarl is an excellent representation of their personalities: one postures with dignity, while the other is more worried with his empty stomach, which is quickly rectified by sacrificing a feather. When Kled returns on his own, he patrols for a while before losing patience. Waiting on Skaarl to emerge in principle, but fulfilling his job in actuality, so the wait isn’t seamless.

Sir Kled’s skin is clearly uneven when all factors are considered. Most of the time, it’s a re-model with a few additional touches to make it seem unique, but they’re seldom important enough to complement the new theme. Because the skin doesn’t seem to have much ambition to begin with, the Final Fantasy allusion may wind up being more essential than the adaption. Sir Kled is an undeveloped tribute to Final Fantasy, while aficionados of the Cantankerous Cavalier may find it to be a decent skin at most, but inevitably defective.

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