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Sir Kled Review

Hey there, fellow gamers and League of Legends enthusiasts! Have you ever imagined Kled, the half-mad yordle, stepping out of his usual chaotic self and donning the armor of a chivalrous knight? Well, hold onto your gaming seats, because Riot’s got something special for us – the legendary Sir Kled skin! Released on August 09, 2016, this Regular skin takes our beloved cantankerous cavalier and plunges him into a medieval theme like no other. At a price of 975 RP, this transformation is more than skin-deep. So, saddle up, and let’s dive into the wild world of Sir Kled!


Meet Sir Prince Chevalier Archduke Lord Double-Earl Kled, or simply put, Sir Kled. His lore is amazing! Hailing from the whimsically named Kingdom of Kled, this wild yordle knight has a unique duo: himself and his not-so-brave bird buddy, Skarl. Together, they embark on a countryside rampage to “reclaim” Kled’s supposed land, which, as it turns out, is basically all the land out there. It’s like he’s on a never-ending quest to conquer the world, one hilarious mishap at a time.

Concept and Inspiration

Imagine Kled as a medieval armored knight and his trusty mount, Skaarl, as a bird of a different feather. The moment you lay eyes on Sir Kled, you might feel like you’ve stumbled into a Final Fantasy realm, with Kled resembling an Onion Knight riding a chocobo. Riot might just be giving a nod to this iconic franchise with the skin’s design, as it’s hard to miss the striking resemblance. But don’t be fooled – this is Kled’s own brand of epic madness, and he’s ready to show it off!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Riot has gone all out with Sir Kled’s design, creating a completely new model and base outfit that truly brings out the medieval knight vibe. From the new helmet and halberd to the red beard and plume, every detail has been tailored to fit this outrageous identity mash-up. Skaarl, Kled’s avian companion, rocks yellow feathers, armor, and a beak that give it a unique twist while keeping some reptilian charm intact.

New particles, animations, and sounds accompany this transformation. Kled’s abilities have received a fresh coat of visual effects, like the Beartrap on a Rope and Pocket Pistol, both of which have gotten a thematic overhaul. Just walking around leaves a trail of feathers, a clever touch that adds to the skin’s identity. While the recalls are a mixed bag – one showcasing Kled and Skaarl’s personalities and the other highlighting Kled’s impatience – they’re a delightful addition to the package.

Unique Features

Continuing the visual feast, Sir Kled stands out with its detailed model and thematic animations. The reimagined Skaarl, reminiscent of a chocobo from Final Fantasy fame, is an eye-catcher that adds a layer of charm to the skin. The particles, though few, hit the mark, especially the treble hook in Beartrap on a Rope and the feathered flair in Jousting. These subtle changes amplify the experience without overwhelming it.

Obtainability in 2023

Ready to dive into the Medieval mayhem with Sir Kled? You can easily grab this skin from the Riot store for 975 Riot Points. If you’re looking for an account with this skin, has your back. Get ready to ride into battle with Kled’s knightly alter ego and experience the whimsical chaos like never before.

Gamers Feedback

The Sir Kled skin has elicited mixed reactions from members of LoL community. While some appreciate the creative fusion of a chivalrous knight theme with Kled’s character, others express concerns about its departure from his core identity. The unique concept and design of Skaarl have been well-received, though the skin’s visual execution and thematic fit remain points of contention.

“The only thing I love about this skin is the way Skaarl looks.”

“Kled needs a new skin, seriously. For Example, Dinosaur Rider Kled, Dragon Trainer Kled, Battlecast Kled, PROJECT: KLED, Blood Moon Kled, Headhunter Kled, Warring Kingdom Kled, Beast Hunter Kled, Void Kled and MORE!”

“Still better than Count Kledula.”

“Damn that bow got shotgun sound effect lol”

My Feedback

As a passionate gamer, I can’t help but appreciate the intriguing blend of Kled’s persona with that of a gallant knight in Sir Kled skin. It’s like merging the fierce energy of Kled with the honor-bound spirit of a chivalrous hero. The result? An unexpected concoction that adds a refreshing layer of depth to Kled’s character, much like how Don Quixote shook up classic literature.

One aspect that truly catches my eye is Skaarl’s design. The chocobo-inspired appearance strikes a chord with gamers who are familiar with iconic creatures like those in Final Fantasy. This nod to the fantasy realm feels right at home within the League of Legends universe.

However, I do get where some players are coming from when they mention that Sir Kled might stray a tad too far from the core Kled essence. The knightly demeanor and the absence of the lizard twist can feel a bit off, as they are part and parcel of what makes Kled, well, Kled. It’s like trying to replace your favorite gaming snack with something new – it might taste good, but it just isn’t quite the same.

Conclusion and Rating

In the realm of League of Legends skins, Sir Kled shines as a knightly gem with a touch of whimsy. While it’s not a complete reinvention of Kled’s character, it offers a fascinating fusion that’s bound to tickle the fancy of any adventurer. The homage to Final Fantasy’s chocobo-riding Onion Knight adds an extra layer of charm.

On a critical note, a few design aspects could use a bit of fine-tuning. Certain elements like the size of Kled’s red feather seem a bit out of place, and the skin might benefit from a touch more ambition in terms of creativity. The Final Fantasy reference is strong, but it could use a bit more of its own unique flair.

In the grand tapestry of skins, Sir Kled snags a solid 7 out of 10. It’s an enjoyable ride with a few bumps along the way. Fans of Final Fantasy will find it to be a worthy tribute, while enthusiasts of the cantankerous cavalier will welcome it as a decent addition to their skin collection. So, if you’ve got a soft spot for Kled or a penchant for medieval mayhem, consider adding Sir Kled to your lineup. It’s a gaming journey that’s equal parts hilarious and heroic.


What is the concept behind Sir Kled skin?

The Sir Kled skin is a legendary skin for the champion Kled in League of Legends. It transforms Kled into a medieval armored knight and his mount, Skaarl, into a chocobo-inspired bird. The skin blends Kled’s chaotic personality with a chivalrous knight theme.

When was the Sir Kled skin released and how much does it cost?

The Sir Kled skin was released on August 9, 2016. It is priced at 975 Riot Points (RP) in the in-game store.

What are the unique features of the Sir Kled skin?

  • The skin features a completely new model and outfit for Kled, giving him a medieval knight appearance.
  • Skaarl, Kled’s mount, is reimagined as a bird with chocobo-like features.
  • The skin comes with new particles, animations, and sounds for Kled’s abilities.

How has the Sir Kled skin been received by players?

Player opinions on the skin are mixed. Some appreciate the creative fusion of Kled’s character with the knight theme. There are concerns about the skin straying from Kled’s core identity and unique visual traits. Skaarl’s design has been well-received, drawing comparisons to creatures from Final Fantasy.

What is the overall rating and conclusion of the Sir Kled skin?

The Sir Kled skin is rated as a solid 7 out of 10. The skin is praised for its unique blend of Kled’s personality with the knightly theme. While the Final Fantasy reference is appreciated, there’s room for more unique creative elements to be added.