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Lancer Zero Hecarim is an incredibly rare skin in League of Legends. He saw the light in the summer of 2017 and became one of the rarest skins in the history of LoL and the entire gaming industry as a whole.
Hecarim in this guise looks like a knight in white and gold armor, Lancer stands out against the background of absolutely every other skin and can win any competition “pound for pound“. This skin gives the impression that Hecarim is a positive character, a knight in shining armor.

How to get Lancer Zero Hecarim in 2022?

Ooops, this is incredibly complicated. Perhaps the game does not have and never existed a skin that would be more difficult to obtain. It costs 10 precious stones, which means that by its rarity it is only comparable to skins like Soulstealer Vayne and Hextech Annie, which are also available in our store!
Hecarim got shining armor in silver-gold armor (somewhat reminiscent of the Victorious series, but we know that it is something much rarer and more expensive), a huge spear in his hands became his weapon, and his hair acquired a blue Colour. Riot Games have also added new gold particles, they are well suited to the overall style and create a bunch of sparks every time Hecarim enters the fray.

Lancer Zero Hecarim is the protector of his old city built on the ashes of previous civilizations and he has sworn to help defend the honor of the city by any means necessary. He faces truly extraordinary opponents every day and has managed to scare them off to this day. He is worried all the time because of no help and having to guard the city on his own, he fears that one day the enemies will be able to find a path to come through and burn the city to the ground but he continues to honor his duties with might and mettle.
In addition to the appearance and particles, Lancer Zero Hecarim has new sound effects, they are added to literally all actions, including abilities, and each attack has its own unique sound, just think how much effort Riot Games made to release this skin! Perhaps it was precisely because of this that they made it so inaccessible.
And that’s not all, Riot worked so well that the Lancer Zero even has its own animation of memories (Hecarim flies around the area and then strikes the ground with a spear and then kneels, after which it rises into the air and teleports back to the base).
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Here the final discussion is about the features of the skin of Lancer Zero Hecarim which is important for the professional gamer because the character should be supportive to win a battle in the battleground. We start with the first ability, which is Rampage which damages the surrounding enemies with one hit and it creates a devastating effect on the enemy. A devastating charge is used when we want to hit the target with the maximum power because it gains momentum and then hits the target physically and the spirit of death kills the enemies by magical damage. Lastly, we use warpath to find the hidden enemy in different areas. In all these, we need to consider our skills to get a winning position in the championship.

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