League of Legends Coven Skins in 2024

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Coven Skins in 2024 – All You Want To Know

League of Legends has hundreds of unique skins. One of them is standalone, while others are part of skin line – alternative league universes.

We’re going to cover the Coven skins – perhaps one of the most gloomy skin lineups in the game. If you want to experience the darker side of League of Legends, then you’ll need all the information about the Coven skin line. In this article, you can find out the price of Coven skins, their features, and possibly choose your favorite one.

What are Coven Skins and When Were They Released

Coven skins in League of Legends give champions a grim look, turning them into stylish witch queens. Drawing inspiration from works like The Witch, Game of Thrones, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, these skins were first introduced in 2018. 

Coven Inspiration from Darkness and Mystery

The name “Coven” itself evokes a sense of mystery, referring to a group or meeting of witches. The skinline draws inspiration from fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Disney villainesses, and even Snow White and the Huntsman. The designs weave together mythologies, folklore, and the mystique surrounding covens in witchcraft.

Coven Lore

Within the shadows, these witches share whispered hopes, speaking of ancient rites and the looming presence of the bloated corpses of the Old Gods. Their desacralized lips carry prophecies of a return to “order”, or, as some dreadfully call it, “suffering.” Brace yourself as mankind’s end hurtles towards an inevitable fate.

The Coven lore intertwines with the realms of Elderwood and Death Blossom skins, along with Eclipse Leona and Emerald Taric, within an alternate universe facing its twilight. As the last days of glory unfold, the Old Gods, ancient primordial entities, yearn for resurrection from beyond the grave. The Coven, patrons of these Old Gods, wield old magic to usher in their return, while the Elderwood, an ethereal forest sanctuary, and its fey-like inhabitants vehemently oppose their endeavors.

In a time shrouded in myth, Kayle, sister to Morgana, betrayed the Coven, extinguishing the sun’s power and bestowing it upon an order of monastic knights. The Order of the Emerald Chapel, sworn to protect the Elderwood, joined forces with the Eclipse knights, tearing down the Old Gods and the Coven. Thus began the age of man, a golden era that now stands as a distant memory.

Yet, as all ages crumble, tensions between man and fey resurface, the Emerald Chapel dwindles, and from the shadows, the Coven, led by Queen Morgana, resurfaces. Amidst the impending darkness, Ser Leona of the Eclipse Knights stands vigilant, possibly the last barrier between the Old Gods and the Coven, embodying the delicate balance between order and chaos.

How Much Are Coven Skins

Since 2018, Coven skins in LoL have become hugely popular among the League of Legends community. That’s why many players are interested to knowing how much these skins cost. Most skins in the skin line are priced at 1350 RP, except for the legendary skins Coven Morgana, Coven Nami, and Coven Evelynn, which are available for 1820 RP each.

LoL All Coven Skins

At the moment, there are 15 skins in this lineup:

  • Coven Ahri
  • Coven Akali
  • Coven Ashe
  • Coven Camille
  • Coven Cassiopeia
  • Coven Elise
  • Coven Evelynn
  • Coven Janna
  • Coven LeBlanc
  • Coven Lissandra
  • Coven Morgana
  • Coven Nami
  • Coven Nilah
  • Coven Syndra
  • Coven Zyra

Coven Cosplays and Events

coven event
Coven 2021

The Coven skins have sparked a huge community of cosplayers, with players showcasing their creativity by bringing these enchanting characters to life. Splash art serves as the basis for costumes, and various events see players dressing up as their favorite Coven champions, adding an extra layer of magic to the gaming experience. So, you can explore Coven cosplay posts on the offical LoL subreddit and witness the creativity inspired by this enchanting skinline.

Riot Games even hosted a Coven event in 2021, where players could earn tokens until the event’s culmination. The event featured a special token store with exclusive rewards, including the coveted Coven LeBlanc Prestige Edition skin.

After we’ve talked about this series of skins in general, I’d like to go into more detail about the specific skins. I have compiled a list of the best skins in this series, those that, in my opinion, are definitely worth your attention.

The Best Coven Skins

Coven Lissandra

coven lissandra in game model
Coven Lissandra in-game model

Release date: November 27, 2018

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Prestige Edition: No

Coven Lissandra transforms into a witch with an elegant headdress. The tendrils at her feet convey a menacing look. Her blonde hair and pale skin retain her human essence while still embracing the supernatural.

Her recall animation summons red flowers, transforming into a pack of crows. Abilities have dark and mysterious purple tones with a misty effect. The ultimate ability transforms her into a satanic-looking statue, which adds to her deadly attractiveness.

Coven Lissandra Lore

coven lissandra splash art
Coven Lissandra Splash Art

In the forest of Runeterra, a hauntingly beautiful creature emerged: Coven Lissandra. Born of ancient magic and dark power, she embraced her destiny as a witch, awaiting the resurrection of malevolent deities.

Coven Lissandra Splash Art

The splash art paints a picture of a forest with dark branches forming a throne fit for a queen. Glowing-eyed crows survey the scene, adding to the eerie ambiance. Lissandra reclines on the throne, creating an atmospheric setting.

Coven Lissandra Chromas

coven lissandra chromas
All Coven Lissandra Chromas

This LoL skin has chroma options like Aquamarine, Dark Ritual, Meteorite, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, and Tanzanite.

Coven Lissandra Chroma Guide:

  • Pricing: Available for 290 RP individually or as part of a discounted Chroma Pack bundle.
  • Sales: Keep an eye out for sales during the Essence Emporium, where certain chromas may be available for 2000 BE or 195 RP each.

Prestige Coven Lissandra: As of now, there’s no new prestige version. However, the League of Legends community showcases fanart and fan game models for hypothetical skins on platforms like Reddit.

Coven Lissandra in Legends of Runeterra

But what about Coven Lissandra beyond the League of Legends battlefield? In Legends of Runeterra, this epic skin unfolds with:

  • Coven Lissandra Cards: Featuring new artworks.
  • Level-Up Animation: A captivating addition to elevate your gaming experience.
  • Price: Yours for 1290 coins.

My Thoughts on Coven Lissandra

Personally, I find the Coven Lissandra skin visually great. Carefully crafted details in the ornate crown and ultimate ability animations enhance the character’s depth. However, there are mixed feelings, especially about the weak visual effect of the E ability on enemy champions. On the other hand, this skin has amazing chromas. For the League of Legends community and for me, the standout Coven Lissandra chroma is Obsidian.

I bought this skin at the very start of sales, and it hooked me with its quality of model and particles. So I haven’t regretted buying it for a second, and I use it occasionally in games.

Coven LeBlanc

coven leblanc in game model
Coven Leblanc in-game model

Release date: April 16, 2020

Price: 1350 RP

Prestige Edition: Yes

Coven LeBlanc’s skin combines deep purples and blacks with regal golden armor. The voice filter gives LeBlanc’s voice a deeper, more commanding tone, enhancing her mystic allure. Ability animations include striking black and gold particles, feathers, and sinister black birds accompanying her every move.

Coven LeBlanc Lore

coven leblanc splash art
Coven Leblanc Splash Art

Imagine the eerie tunes of the Black Crane resonating in the ancient Elderwood. LeBlanc is lured by these haunting melodies, embarking on a dangerous journey to acquire a titanic heart imprisoned in the depths. This forms the backdrop for the mystical Coven LeBlanc skin, unveiling a tale that weaves together magic, mystery, and the quest for power.

Coven LeBlanc Chromas

coven leblanc chromas
All Coven Leblanc Chromas

Explore a range of chromas for Coven LeBlanc, including Amethyst, Aquamarine, Dark Ritual, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, and Sapphire.

Prestige Coven LeBlanc Edition

coven leblanc prestige skin
Prestige Coven LeBlanc in-game model

Resurrected by the Black Crane, LeBlanc returns with renewed purpose, becoming the vessel through which her own dead god will return. The prestige edition adds a layer of power to her character. To obtain Prestige Coven LeBlanc, you can purchase it in the in Mythic Shop for a Mythical Essence when it rotates back in the shop. The last price for this prestige edition is 2000 Prestige Tokens.

My Thoughts on Coven LeBlanc

Coven LeBlanc is, in my opinion, one of the best LeBlanc skins in the game. I really like its visuals inspired by dark witchery, with its ominous bird motifs. LeBlanc’s spin animation in her new idle pose adds depth to her character, making her feel more dynamic. Also, this skin has amazing chromas. Among chromas, the Ruby chroma stands out, offering the best synergy with the dark red and yellow ability colors, allowing you to personalize your Coven LeBlanc to your liking.

As for me, I love the design of this skin, especially when using Ruby chroma. Other players sometimes ask me if this is a custom skin, as it looks very unusual and cool.

Coven Ahri

coven ahri lol in game
Coven Ahri in-game model

Release date: August 12, 2021

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Prestige Edition: No

Riot Games gave Ahri a villainous overhaul, transforming her into a Coven witch. They changed her appearance, including her model, textures, animations, and sounds. Her usual white and red robes are now dark blacks and purples, and she sports a black and blonde hairstyle, enhancing her wicked style to match her dark purple tails.

This skin enhances Ahri’s abilities. Her orb of deception now has a skull at its core, and her ultimate ability leaves mythical beasts behind when she dashes. The magical orb is now likened to a disco ball. Her Q creates a satanic circle, black mist swarms around her, and her ultimate ability summons up bats. For more details and fan art, you can visit Reddit.

Coven Ahri Lore

coven ahri wallpaper
Coven Ahri Splash Art

In the shadows of the League of Legends universe, the tale of Coven Ahri unfolds. The Half-Light Jackal’s laughter echoes as Ahri, a vicious predator and powerful witch, lures unsuspecting souls close to siphon their lives towards her lord within the gloom. This sinister lore adds an extra layer of mystique to our foxy enchantress, making her a captivating character in the game.

Coven Ahri Chromas

coven ahri chromas
All Coven Ahri Chromas

The available chromas include Ahri-versary, Catseye, Dark Ritual, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Tanzanite. 

Coven Ahri in Other Riot Games Projects

In Legends of Runeterra, players can explore Coven Ahri cards, featuring three new artworks and a captivating level-up animation. This epic skin can be acquired for 1290 coins.

My thoughts on Coven Ahri

I never cared about this skin, but I got it on my chest, and it’s actually pretty good. I’m happy that Riot Games opted for the animal skull motif instead of a wilted flower.

The contrast with standard skins is evident, and I believe that Coven Ahri deserves a legendary status due to her great animations. For example, her ultimate ability with bats is amazing. Sadly, the skin is let down by Ahri’s charm animation. Riot left Ahri’s pink animation elements; it’s far from the badass vibe the rest of the skin gives off.

Also, Coven Ahri has a lot of cool chromas. The League of Legends community often praises the Dark Ritual chroma as the best among them.

Coven Camille

coven camille in game model
Coven Camille in-game model

Release date: November 27, 2018

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Prestige Edition: No

The new design includes a captivating black and dark purple outfit with VFX spells showcasing mysterious runes. The Hextech Ultimatum ability includes rune strikes and curved lines that represent the essence of dark magic. A recall animation demonstrates summoning circles accompanied by the creepy howl of magical ravens.

Coven Camille Splash Art

coven camille splash art
Coven Camille Splash Art

The splash art of Coven Camille transports you to a dark forest, where ancient tombs whisper and dark magic prevails. Dressed in a black and purple outfit, Camille’s new legs resemble dark magical metal, and swirling horns on her head signify her connection to the dark essence.

Coven Camille Lore

According to the official lore, Camille was awakened by whispers of the nameless entities emerging from long-forgotten sepulchers. Armed with ancient magics, she cuts down the vestiges of the new world, seeding the earth with the witchery of her grinning masters.

Coven Camille Chromas

coven camille chromas
All Coven Camille Chromas

The chromas for Coven Camille come in Aquamarine, Dark Ritual, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite, and Turquoise.

My Thoughts on Coven Camille

For me, this skin is the best Camille skin. The new legs and headpiece contribute to the unique aesthetic, solidifying Coven Camille’s position as one of the best Camille skins in the League of Legends universe. Unfortunately, Coven Camille has no prestige skin. But I believe that Prestige Coven Camille will be announced for next year. Also, the skin presents a rich selection of chromas. Each chroma adds a unique touch to the skin, but the white one stands out with captivating strips on her back. The light blue chroma is equally impressive, contributing to the overall visual appeal of one of the best-designed skins in League of Legends.

Personally, I bought and happily use this skin because of the voiceover. I just love the Dark Souls and Bloodborne sound effects.

Coven Evelynn

coven evelynn lol
Coven Evelynn in-game model

Release date: November 27, 2018

Price: 1820 Riot Points

Prestige Edition: No

With a color palette featuring black, grey, dark purple, and white, the skin captures the essence of dark and mystical themes. 

Each ability, from the bursts of dark magic in Hate Spike to the deadly lash of Whiplash, exudes a sinister aura. The ultimate ability, Last Caress, unleashes a burst of dark magic and natural energy, making it a visual spectacle. Her voice lines further contribute to the mystique, portraying her as a powerful and enigmatic dark witch.

How to Get Coven Evelynn

You can obtain Coven Evelynn skin through a Hextech chest or a Mystery gift. However, keep in mind that the odds of getting this specific skin from a chest are low unless you already own a significant portion of the game’s skins.

Coven Evelynn Lore

coven evelynn splash art
Coven Evelynn Splash Art

Coven Evelynn stands as a formidable figure. Embracing her dark powers with no hesitation, she commands the forces of nature and dark magic within the Coven skin line. As Tristana fearlessly fights fire, Evelynn strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies with her mystical and menacing form.

Coven Evelynn Chromas

coven evelynn chromas
All Coven Evelynn Chromas

Dark Ritual, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire – these chromas offer a variety of choices to match Evelynn’s empowered E’s red glow.

Coven Evelynn in Wild Rift

For those venturing into Riot Games’ Wild Rift, Coven Evelynn made her bewitching debut on December 15, 2023, as part of the V4.4c Patch. To acquire this dark delight, it’ll cost you 1325 Wild Cores.

My Thoughts on Coven Evelynn

Is Coven Evelynn the best skin? Perhaps. Unique touches like red borders in shadow mode and the charm indicator on the enemy target enhance the gameplay experience. To top it all off, her R also feels extremely impactful. For me, her chromas look amazing. The deep hues of Dark Ritual or the elegance of Rose Quartz – each chroma looks perfect.

Since I’m Evelynn main, I have this skin in my inventory. So, while playing, I just wish there were more sound effects for her R. She seems too quiet, and I’m missing her screaming.

Coven Zyra

coven zyra lol
Coven Zyra in-game model

Release date: April 16, 2020

Price: 1350 Riot Points.

Prestige Edition: Yes

Zyra transforms the battlefield with glowing green vines and animated plants that attack enemies. Both the Q and E plants have very cool designs, with E being my favorite since you get pecked to death by a stork. She wears a witchy outfit with dark feathers and gold armor. Her plants turn into demonic bird familiars, and she wields magical whips coiled around her arms.

Coven Zyra Lore

coven zyra splash art
Coven Zyra Splash Art

The lore of Coven Zyra adds depth to her character, unraveling a tale of roots, rocks, and the Night Dove. Tied to the whispers beneath the loam, she becomes a force ripping away humanity’s works, paving the way for a world returned to nature. This hauntingly poetic backstory sets the stage for an intriguing gameplay experience.

Coven Zyra Chromas

coven zyra chromas
All Coven Zyra Chromas

Catseye, Dark Ritual, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite – the chromas of Coven Zyra paint a vivid picture.

Prestige Coven Zyra

prestige coven zyra lol
Prestige Coven Zyra Prestige in-game model

The Prestige Edition transforms Zyra from a warrior witch into a goddess. With golden birds, feathered wings, and a sparkling aura, this edition is a visual upgrade that stands out.

Any idea when Prestige Coven Zyra will be back?

Removed from the Mythic shop, players eagerly await its return. The mythic shop rotates two prestige skins monthly, offering hope for the next rotation.

Coven Zyra in Wild Rift

For Wild Rift enthusiasts, Coven Zyra made her debut on December 15, 2023, as part of the V4.4c patch. Priced at 990 Wild Cores, the skin offers a new perspective on Zyra’s enchanting persona.

My Thoughts on Coven Zyra

I don’t really like this skin. Yes, something about those sharp yellow eyes in the splash is really nice, but I don’t really like the in-game model at all.

This skin has a cool plant design as well as the whips, but it also has its problems. Sadly, she doesn’t actually auto-attack with the whips – a missed opportunity. Also, I personally don’t like the Prestige edition all that much because I feel like the skin is supposed to be dark and gritty. On the other hand, however, we can praise chromas. LoL communities have their favorites, with Obsidian, blue, and the event chroma (a mix of green and dark pink) leading the way.

Coven Cassiopeia

coven cassiopeia
Coven Cassiopeia in-game model

Release date: August 12, 2021

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Prestige Edition: No

The updated model, textures, and animations make Cassiopeia a captivating enchantress. She wears a dark green dress with bone-white accents and silver antler-like adornments on her shoulders, complementing her bright blonde hair.

Cassiopeia’s skill particles and animations have been updated with dark ash-colored magic and swirling purple flowers. The recall animation is impressive, featuring Cassiopeia on a couch surrounded by flowers with her three serpents slithering around her, showcasing her Coven power.

Coven Cassiopeia Lore

coven cassiopeia splash art
Coven Cassiopeia Splash Art

Behind the stunning visuals lies a haunting lore. Coven Cassiopeia emerges from shadowy depths, a silver cobra slithering through fog, rising from countless ancient graves. Her eerie sculpture garden serves as a chilling testament to those who dared venture beyond the castle walls. Victims’ faces frozen in eternal terror create a never-ending nightmare. The lore adds a layer of mystique, intertwining seamlessly with the dark and enigmatic Coven universe.

Coven Cassiopeia Chromas

coven cassiopeia chromas
All Coven Cassiopeia Chromas

Catseye, Dark Ritual, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite—these chromas offer a variety of shades to customize your Coven Cassiopeia. 

My Thoughts on Coven Cassiopeia

Is Coven Cassiopeia good skin? Yes, this skin is good; however it has both pros and cons. Her outfit is gorgeous, and even her tail has been given a sleek makeover, adorned with silver ornamental armor. Also, among skin’s beautiful chromas, the Purple Chroma stands out, with many players drawn to its green accents. But, while this is by far one of Cass’s best skins, I’m a little disappointed in the animations. I would have liked a little more creativity, especially for her Q ability, which is basically just a purple recolor.

I got this skin back in 2021 during the Coven Event and couldn’t get enough of how well Riot realized the witch concept. They also matched the background animation colors to the chromas, and I found it pleasantly surprising.

Coven Ashe

coven ashe in game model
Coven Ashe in-game model

Release date: August 12, 2021

Price: 1350 Riot Points.

Prestige Edition: No

Coven Ashe is a skin for Ashe that transforms her into a battle-hardened witch. The skin includes detailed features like a crown of thorns, a mystical cape, and a demonic bow emitting dark energy with each attack. The black particle effects and cool animations make the skin visually impressive.

The crow-themed E ability adds a thematic distinctiveness, while the recall animation is mesmerizing, depicting Ashe’s allegiance to a demon with corrupted energy spreading throughout her. Created by West Studio, the skin’s brilliance is evident, though the clunky base model of Ashe does present a slight hindrance to its potential.

Coven Ashe Lore

coven ashe splash art
Coven Ashe Splash Art

The frost of the Jet-Black Ibex entombs the world in ice, and as Ashe descends from the mountain, a harrowing winter follows. But that’s not all – the mountain itself rumbles with mysterious energy, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Coven Ashe Chromas

coven ashe chromas
All Coven Ashe Chromas

The Coven Ashe skin offers a palette of chromas, each bringing a unique flair to the character. This skin has Aquamarine, Catseye, Dark Ritual, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby and Tanzanite chromas.

Coven Ashe in Other Riot Games Projects

Coven Ashe is presented in the world of Legends of Runeterra. The skin features four new artworks for its cards, making it a limited edition available through the Coven Event Pass 2023.

Coven Ashe Level 1 Card

“The proud shall be humbled. The unbelievers shall be shown no mercy. I am the instrument of the Jet-Black Ibex. I herald the return of the Old Gods.”

My Thoughts on Coven Ashe

This Ashe’s skin is unbelievably cool. The splash art is absolutely gorgeous due to its atmosphere. The deep purples and gold accents of Coven Ashe are also breathtaking. Also, this skin has the chromas including options like Dark Ritual, which stands out as particularly amazing. Unfortunately, Ashe’s clunky base model does hinder this skin’s potential. 

I’ve played hundreds of games with this skin, and I don’t see a replacement for it. This skin is so great; I like that she appears to summon arrows with her Q ability, among many other things. I only wish her W ability also had some sigils.

Coven Morgana

coven morgana in game model
Coven Morgana in-game model

Release date: April 16, 2020

Price: 1820 Riot Points

Prestige Edition: No

Coven Morgana has a great design that relies on creepy animations and particles. The dark aesthetic is improved with blood-red wings, creating a striking vampiric appearance. However, the true magic is in the animations and effects.

Coven Morgana’s landing abilities are a celestial experience. Her neverending stun from Q is satisfying, with immersive particle effects like withering roses, black mist, and sigils. The sacrificial circle animation of W adds mystique, while E and R showcase enhanced power. The redesigned Q is easier to spot, making gameplay engaging and visually stunning.

How to get Coven Morgana in 2024

Curious about how to get your hands on Coven Morgana? Just go to the Riot store and buy it for 1820 Riot Points.

Coven Morgana’s Lore

coven morgana splash art
Coven Morgana Splash Art

Become acquainted with the Queen of the Coven and the patron known as the Ashen Owl. Morgana’s allegiance to the Old Gods and her quest for vengeance against her sister unfold in a dark tale. The narrative weaves through betrayal, murder, and the desire to restore the world’s true lords to their rightful thrones.

Coven Morgana Chromas

coven morgana chromas
All Coven Morgana Chromas

The choices are dark and intriguing: Dark Ritual, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Tanzanite.

Legends of Runeterra: Coven Ashe Cards

The skin introduces four new artworks and is available for purchase for 1290 coins. Explore the Level 1 card featuring Morgana’s commanding presence and influence over the Coven.

My Thoughts on Coven Morgana

If you want my opinion, definitely yes. This amazing skin turns Morgana into a sinister vampire queen, featuring creepy smoke, ominous skulls, and an ultimate ability shaped like a bat. 

Is Coven Morgana worth the price? The particle effects alone make it worth the price, and if you want to flaunt your wickedness in style, Coven Morgana is your go-to choice. Also, the chromes are just great. Among them, Tanzanite is the best Coven Morgana chroma. It stands out with gold accents against shades of blue and purple.