An expert of Ionia’s antiquated combative techniques, Lee Sin is a principled contender who channels the embodiment of the mythical serpent soul to confront any test. However he lost his sight quite a long time back, the champion priest has committed his life to safeguard his country against any who might dare upset its hallowed equilibrium. Foes who underrate his thoughtful disposition will persevere through his legendary consuming clenched hands and bursting roundhouse kicks.

Professional killers, otherwise called Slayers, are delicate yet profoundly harmed-centered skirmish advocates that expect to bring down targets quickly, and Lee Sin is truly outstanding in League of Legends. He is an expert on Ionia’s antiquated military craftsmanship and spends significant time penetrating adversary lines with his remarkable portability to dispatch high-need targets rapidly.

He’s a principled contender who can channel the mythical beast soul’s quintessence to help him in his battles. Adversaries misjudging Lee Sin’s reflective attitude will get through his consuming clenched hands and blazing roundhouse kicks. He might have lost his sight a long time back, yet that didn’t prevent him from battling evil, dedicating his life to safeguarding his country against anybody who’d disturb its holy equilibrium.



Lee Sin is an expert on Ionia’s old combative techniques who initially joined a religious community that saw his ability and uncovered potential-where he, at last, made Ionia his home.

Whenever the Noxus realm had attacked and involved Ionia, He summoned the mythical serpent soul, which assisted him with carrying the Ionian individuals to win. Be that as it may, this is likewise when Lee Sin left the cloister in ruins and found his vision could stay away forever. Crushed and struggled, He attempted to stun away down the mountain ways however the enduring seniors in the religious community halted him and persuaded the “shamed student” was at long last prepared to start over again.

Lee Sin then, at that point, kept on remaining with the excess priests to modify their cloister. Be that as it may, in the wake of getting done with retouching what got annihilated by Noxus, He got back to the Freljord, where he dedicated himself totally to the quest for edification. He has kept on mulling over his job in Ionia years after the Noxus attacked Ionia, committing himself to safeguard his country close to the mythical serpent soul inside.



FLURRY– After Lee Sin utilizes a capacity, his next 2 essential assaults gain Attack Speed and bring Energy back.

SONIC WAVE / RESONATING STRIKE– Sonic Wave: Lee Sin extends a conflicting rush of sound to find his adversaries, managing actual harm to the main foe it experiences. Assuming that Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can project Resonating Strike for the following 3 seconds. Reverberating Strike: He runs to the foe hit by Sonic Wave, managing actual harm in view of the objective’s missing Health.

SAFEGUARD / IRON WILL– Defend: He hurries to target partner, safeguarding himself from harm. In the event that the partner is a hero, they are likewise safeguarded. Subsequent to utilizing Safeguard, he can project Iron Will for the following 3 seconds. Iron Will: Lee Sin’s extreme preparation permits him to flourish in fight. For 4 seconds, Lee Sin acquires Life Steal and Spell Vamp.

TEMPEST / CRIPPLE– Storm: Lee Sin crushes the ground, conveying a shockwave that bargains sorcery harm and uncovers foe units hit. In the event that Tempest hits a foe, He can project cripple for the following 3 seconds. Cripple: Lee Sin injures close by adversaries harmed by Tempest, lessening their Move Speed for 4 seconds. Move Speed recuperates bit by bit over the term.

DRAGON’S RAGE– Lee Sin plays out a strong roundhouse kick sending off his objective back, managing actual harm to the objective and any foes they slam into. Adversaries the objective slams into are thumped high up for a brief span. This procedure was educated to him by Jesse Perring, albeit He doesn’t dismiss players from the guide.



  1. Lee Sin is a companion of Udyr who he met in the Freljord. With his assistance Lee Sin had the option to repulse Noxian intruders from his country, while Udyr had the option to discover a true sense of reconciliation and smoothness with the assistance of the priests.
  2. While he has relations with all of the Shojin Order Dragon followers, he has a few more profound relations with LoR Ying Yue.
  3. He has battled individuals from the Shadow Order, probably in light of the fact that they challenge the consecrated equilibrium of Ionia.