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God Fist Lee Sin

Category: Legendary skin
Price: 1820 RP
Abilities: Upgraded VFX make the abilities and power ascend as well when you use the skin.
Animations: Access to exclusive animations with Lee Sin ascended to God’s level.

Sounds: Upgraded Voice Overs and SFX to match the powerful animations coming with the skin.
God Fist is much more than a costume change for Lee Sin. It is a total character upgrade that ascends Lee Sin to God Level. It does include upgraded animations, whole new and immersive sound effects that sync perfectly with visuals. It also upgrades character abilities and adds a whole new touch to your gaming experience.
Introduction: Lee Sin started as a mortal boy, defeating the masters of all martial arts schools, blindfolded gradually ascending to the God Fist. God Fist enables the immortal sight and the ability to wield the powers coming along with it.

You are not going to believe the training he has had, he was just a mortal boy but then got tasked with defeating the masters of each and every martial arts school while being blindfolded. He developed a special attribute via excessive training and that was the ability to call the iron fist and smash his enemies with it. What is the final damage? No one knows but it is certainly pretty aggressive.

Pros: “I don’t need weapons, I am the weapon” is the slogan and the skin makes it possible for Lee Sin to eliminate the enemies and conquer their souls by using not any weapon but mostly his fits against all the enemies that come in his way. The movement of character gets more speed and you can feel the power emerging from the skin. Ward Jump is the ability unlocked with this skin and allows you to jump from one place to another within a blink of eye.
The animations are pretty impressive and you can feel a powerful aura with this skin wielded by Lee Sin. The skin not only promises some great animations but also upgrades the character abilities and strength that can not easily be matched by anything and are second to none.

Cons: The only Con this skin has is that it is a Legendary skin and your level must be Legend to purchase this skin In-game. You can purchase the skin for 1820 RP from the in-game store and start enjoying the premium mand most powerful level in League Of Legends.
If you are hesitant in buying it, you can try out the skin on PBE (Public Beta Environment) and test this skin in action. PBE makes it free for you to access and test skins in the game.

How to Get God Fist Lee Sin in 2022?

You can buy this great skin, like many others, in our store at a great price, with a lifetime warranty and instant delivery!

It is important to know about skin before buying this skin. God Fist Lee Sin is the skin of Lee Sin. Its abilities are mentioned below:
The first ability of God Fist Lee Sin is a Sonic wave or resonating strike in which it damages the first enemy with the sound waves and locates the position of other enemies at the same time.
Safeguard and iron will deal with the physical damage to protect itself and its companion and attack as well.
Lastly, Flurry helps to increase the speed of all the attacks as well as provide protection of this skin.

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