As the antisocial head of the Frostguard, many accept Lissandra is a living holy person whose supporters carry mending and intelligence to the clans of the Freljord. The fact of the matter is maybe viler, as she utilizes her essential sorcery to curve the force of True Ice into something dull and horrendous, burying or piercing any who might uncover her most profound privileged insights. Without a doubt, the tradition of her past may yet be the start of the end for Runeterra.

Lissandra is one of only a handful of exceptional living unique “Iceborns” and has been around for over 10,000 years. As the head of the renowned Frostguard, many accept Lissandra is a living holy person who carries recuperating and insight to the Freljord clans.

Her enchanted turns the force of ice into something hazier, accomplishing more than freezing her enemies she pierces and squashes them. She’s broadly known as “The Ice Witch.” Be that as it may, Lissandra is the “valid” corruptor of nature, continually plotting to release an ice age on the remainder of the world.



In this hazardous and flighty age, Lissandra, close by her sisters, looked to bridle the powers at war. Nonetheless, Lissandra was the one in particular who made due, remaining against the human world’s sorcery out of the three. She is the isolated head of the Frostguard. Be that as it may, her longing for power carried the start of the finish to all of Runeterra. Lissandra wrongly made an agreement with the Watchers.

Lissandra did her absolute best to change history, eliminating all records of what had occurred with her sisters and the Watchers. Yet, even as she withdrew into the shadows, bits of hearsay continued. Presently, she utilizes her powers to contort the component of True Ice into something hazier, burying or piercing any who’d uncover her reality. Be that as it may, she was always unable to control the legends about her sisters and power.

Her inability to eliminate their inheritance has made two strong Iceborn, driving numerous clans inside the Freljord. Lissandra notices them, looking for any opportunity to set them in opposition to one another while as yet attempting to lock away the privileged insights she had covered far below her fortification.



ICEBORN SUBJUGATION– At the point when a foe champion kicks the bucket close to Lissandra they become a Frozen Thrall. Frozen Thralls slow close by foes and afterward, after a deferral, break from the extraordinary cold, managing enchantment harm to local targets.

ICE SHARD– Tosses a lance of ice that breaks when it hits an adversary, managing enchantment harm and easing back Move Speed. Shards go through the objective, managing similar harm to different adversaries hit.

RING OF FROST– Freezes close by foes in ice, managing enchantment harm and establishing them.

GLACIAL PATH– Lissandra makes an ice paw that bargains wizardry harm. Reactivating this capacity transports Lissandra to the paw’s present area.

FROZEN TOMB– Assuming cast on a foe champion, the objective is frozen strong, staggering it. Assuming cast on Lissandra, she encases herself in dim ice, mending herself while becoming untargetable and insusceptible. Dull ice then exudes from the objective managing enchantment harm to foes and easing back Move Speed.



  • Lissandra, The Ice Witch Lissandra, The Ice Witch
    • Lissandra is among the absolute last living unique Iceborn.
    • In light of the timetable in Realms of Runeterra, Lissandra is between around 9000 and 10000 years of age.
  • Lissandra used to recount the narrative of the Howling Abyss on the off chance that one holds up 30 seconds in the wake of dominating a match there. It was subsequently eliminated because of having a few subtleties conflicting with the present group.
    • “Prior to enchantment broke the wrecked pinnacles” may be referring to Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol releasing an infant star infant star into a mountain to seal a Void break or the obliteration made by the Rune Wars.
    • “Before the desert gulped Shurima” suggests she is as or considerably more established than Azir.
    • Both of the past assertions are affirmed genuine in light of the authority timetable.
  • Of the Three Sisters, Lissandra is perhaps the most adored because of the Cult of the Three Sisters which she multiplied. The Ice Witch; notwithstanding, is one of the most dreaded and loathed figures in Freljord.
  • Specifically, Lissandra lost her sight, Serylda lost her voice and Avarosa lost her hearing as Lissandra could see what should have been done, however, was heedless to the expense, Avarosa could no really obvious reasons, and Serylda’s voice regarding this situation has been lost to time.
  • She controls the account of what ended up making it more straightforward to twist it to her will as well as to conceal the disappointment of her family.
  • Lissandra could believe she’s more perceptive than she really is because of hearing the murmurs of the Watchers over millenia.
  • Not every one of the first devotees of the Three Sisters were people, which makes sense of the presence of non-human Iceborn in the Freljord.
  • Lissandra’s eyes were destroyed by Volibear himself before she became Iceborn. After she became one, she figured out how to conquer her visual deficiency through ice manipulation.
    • Lissandra could utilize echolocation to direct herself (taking into account how she yells subsequent to utilizing any of her capacities).
    • Her unique eyes were precious stone blue in variety.
  • She has clairvoyant capacities which permit her to mind-head out during her fantasies to see things past her sight, enter others’ fantasies and speak with the Watchers.
    • Lissandra utilizes this capacity to take care of the Watchers with those fantasies.
    • Lissandra looks for the people who are Iceborn since they could demonstrate helpful or perilous later on.
    • Lissandra utilizes dream control to shut down those looking to annihilate her and The Frostguard Citadel.
    • Each time Lissandra kicks the bucket in another person’s fantasy or attempts to return a Watcher to its rest, she loses part of her soul.

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