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Program Lissandra Review

Hey there, LoL fans! If you’re on the hunt for an epic skin that’s not only stylish but also packs a punch, look no further than Program Lissandra. This cutting-edge skin dropped onto the Rift on April 06, 2016, and it’s been making waves ever since. Get ready to dive into the future with Lissandra, as we explore the intriguing world of this skin that blends high-tech aesthetics with powerful in-game effects. So, gear up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the captivating realm of Program Lissandra!


Imagine a security bot that evolves into an all-seeing artificial intelligence. That’s Program Lissandra for you. Originally crafted to keep an electronic eye on everything, Lissandra rose above her programming to become a self-generating AI. She bends augmented human tech to her will, unleashing her mimetic command and laying waste to all who stand in her way. It’s a story that’s both eerie and electrifying, and it’s at the core of what makes Program Lissandra a force to be reckoned with.

Concept and Inspiration

Program Lissandra is a standout in the League of Legends universe. Drawing inspiration from the likes of GLaDOS and SHODAN, this skin boasts a unique identity that’s sure to catch your eye. Think of it as a symphony of cybernetic elegance meets digital dominance. With a touch of borrowed brilliance and a dash of mind-bending fascination, Program Lissandra invites you to immerse yourself in a tech-driven fantasy that’s second to none.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Riot didn’t hold back when crafting Program Lissandra. From the ground up, this skin screams innovation. Picture this: a body covered in textures that tell a tale of its own. Starting with the triangular shards at her base, leading up to her body adorned with layers of distinct materials. And those eyes! Covered by a monocular helmet, flanked by satellite extensions, and topped with a mane of wires that pass for hair. It’s like peering into a cyberpunk dreamscape, where every detail counts.

Now, let’s talk particles and animations. Every move she makes, every ability she unleashes, it’s a digital dance of precision. From the circuit lines in her Ring of Frost to the shimmering fractal diagram of Frozen Tomb, Lissandra’s abilities aren’t just flashy; they’re technologically mesmerizing. Oh, and that recall animation? It’s like a choreographed spectacle that teleports her through a mesh of polygons, making you wonder if she’s journeying through dimensions right before your eyes.

Unique Features

Alright, brace yourselves, because this is where Program Lissandra truly shines. The sounds. Oh, the sounds. They take center stage, adding an extra layer of immersive awesomeness. The shattering crystal, the reverberating effects, the electronic vibes—it’s a symphony of sensations that sync perfectly with her visual design. Even Iceborn’s sound, when it arrives, feels remarkably digital. The voice-over, tinged with an otherworldly echo, complements her exterior, making the skin a harmonious blend of sight and sound.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, I know you’re eager to get your hands on this futuristic marvel. Well, good news! You can snag the Program Lissandra skin from the Riot store for 1350 Riot Points. It’s a steal considering the visual and auditory feast this skin brings to the table. If you’re on the lookout for an account that comes pre-loaded with this electrifying skin, you can check out

Gamers Feedback

Players across the League of Legends community are celebrating the arrival of the Program Lissandra skin, which delivers on the long-awaited futuristic aesthetic fans have been anticipating. With its intricate design, advanced visuals, and immersive voice filter, the skin has left a lasting impression and generated excitement for the potential of more technologically-themed skins.

“I’m seriously hoping for a skin like this for Nocturne. I feel like it’ll be so awesome, as long as it’s done right. “

“After 500 years Lissy finally gets a skin. And damn, there is a whole lot of stuff going on with this skin.”

“I’m getting a system shock vibe from this skin, love it.”

“This reminds me very much of the robots you fight in transistor. Really cool skin!”

My Feedback

Okay, folks, here’s the scoop from a fellow summoner who’s been rocking the Program Lissandra skin. Let me tell you, the sounds are where it’s at. The combination of shattering crystal and reverberating effects brings a whole new dimension to the game. It’s like my champion is harmonizing with the digital world around her. And that voice-over? It’s a stroke of genius. Familiar yet tinged with an otherworldly hue that matches her cybernetic exterior. It’s like Lissandra’s not just in the game; she’s part of the game’s very code.

Every aspect of this skin’s soundscape is carefully tailored to match its visuals—polygons, circuits, and even the tomb’s vibrating diagram. There’s this beautiful symmetry between what I see and what I hear, and it makes playing with Program Lissandra an immersive experience like no other. The skin seamlessly weaves together these elements into a cohesive whole that’s as visually stunning as it is audibly captivating.

Conclusion and Rating

To sum it all up, Program Lissandra is a skin that effortlessly melds the worlds of tech and magic. Each detail, from the intricate design to the masterfully crafted sounds, serves a purpose in creating an experience that’s nothing short of remarkable. It’s a skin that could easily have been labeled “legendary” given its meticulous implementation, yet it stands proudly in the epic tier.

For fans of Lissandra, this skin is an absolute gem. And if you’re into the technological aesthetic, then there’s no reason to pass up on this excellence. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Program Lissandra a solid 8. It’s a must-try for any summoner who appreciates precision, consistency, and a touch of future flair.


What is Program Lissandra and when was it released?

Program Lissandra is an epic skin in League of Legends that combines high-tech aesthetics with powerful in-game effects. The skin was released on April 06, 2016.

What’s the lore behind Program Lissandra?

Program Lissandra was originally a security bot that evolved into a self-generating artificial intelligence. She utilizes augmented human tech to unleash her mimetic command and dominate her enemies.

What sets Program Lissandra’s design apart?

The skin’s design draws inspiration from cybernetic elegance and digital dominance. Lissandra’s appearance includes triangular shards, layers of materials, monocular helmet, satellite extensions, and wire-like hair.

How do the skin’s sound effects and animations enhance the experience?

  • Program Lissandra’s abilities are accompanied by visually stunning and technologically mesmerizing animations.
  • The skin’s sound effects, including shattering crystal and electronic vibes, perfectly complement the visual design.
  • Her voice-over features an otherworldly echo that harmonizes with her cybernetic exterior.

How can I obtain the Program Lissandra skin in 2023?

The skin can be purchased from the Riot store for 1350 RP. Players looking for accounts with the skin pre-loaded can explore platforms like