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Mecha Aurelion Sol – skin released on September 15, 2014. He shares his line with skin like Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol. The series is very small, so you can easily assemble it all.
A huge mech created for the war with kaiju. Mecha Aurelion Sol is called ASOL-13 and is a huge warbler. It can carry hundreds of pieces of equipment and thousands of people. With his huge limbs, he can destroy enemy equipment and aircraft, destroy hundreds of enemies. The sheer size and combat power make ASOL-13 a worthy defender in the war against kaiju. Splash art shows us Aurelion Sol, located in the center of the battle. Dozens of enemy fighters fly around him, but their weapons do not harm him. Moreover, they collide about his armor and explode. Incredible power! Mecha Aurelion Sol raises its steel fist to deliver a crushing blow. In Mecha Aurelion Sol, it looks like a futuristic robot that hovers above the ground. Yes, now he has no hind limbs left, but the developers added a couple of technological orange wings to him. Also, ASOL-13 has a huge rocket engine in its chest. By the way, the jaegers from the Pacific Rim movie had a similar engine. In general, his visual style reminds me of anime furs, which is really cool.

It is also worth talking about all the new particle and animation skills. For example, during a recall, Aurelion Sol transforms into a huge rocket, after which it flies up. Futuristic developers also added yellow and blue particles to attack it. Also, the standard energy clots that circle around Mecha Aurelion Sol have changed. Now they are, small rockets, somewhat similar to space ships. They are surrounded by an orange force field and inflict huge damage on opponents. Voice of Light creates a huge explosion, a green sphere appears from the blast wave. And inside it a ring of fire appears and it seems that this weapon is similar to a nuclear one. Starsurge, in turn, is a swirling stream of particles with a bright star in the center. It seems as if this is a miniature model of a star system. The developers have added a lot of vibration to the updated sounds, as well as various metal noises. Voice of Light perfectly demonstrates this attempt at creating a futuristic sound, and it’s worth saying it works great.

How to get Mecha Aurelion Sol in 2022?

It is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. Its cost is 1350 RP, and this is a really good offer. The skin will appeal to all fans of mecha and the technology theme.

As with other Mecha skins, the recall is the only time there’s any sense of a metamorphosis. Aurelion Sol transforms into a space ship with a slim design and a Giger-esque alien touch in this scenario. It’s a shame, therefore, that Comet of Legend utterly ignores it. It’s an ideal fit for a metamorphosis, and it’s difficult to see why this option was overlooked. Overall, Mecha Aurelion Sol is attractive, although it is not always a successful interpretation of the topic. The technical component isn’t always obvious, and while the skin is attractive, it only catches the hi-tech notion in a few areas. It’s excellent enough to be a choice, but it’s not without flaws.

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