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Pyke Review

Welcome, fellow summoners, to our deep dive into the world of Pyke, the enigmatic champion from the high seas. But before we plunge into the dark waters of Pyke’s lore and abilities, let me tell you why I’m excited to review this champion. Pyke, released on May 31, 2018, is a unique character, and I can’t wait to share why he’s a must-try if you’re into cunning assassins and enjoy a thrilling gameplay experience.


Picture this: Bilgewater, a place where fortunes are made, and more often, lives are lost. Pyke, once a renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks, should have met his end in the belly of a colossal jaull-fish. But fate had other plans. Now, he’s back, lurking in the shadowy corners of his former stomping grounds, seeking vengeance against those who exploit the weak.

Pyke’s appearance is nothing short of haunting – a skeletal figure, with bright blue-green lights that serve as eyes in his skull-like face. This former harpooner is a chilling addition to the League of Legends roster.

Champion Abilities

  • Passive – Gift of the Drowned Ones: Pyke regenerates damage taken from champions when he’s out of sight. He can’t gain extra health but converts it into Bonus AD.
  • Q – Bone Skewer: Pyke either stabs an enemy or pulls them towards him with this ability.
  • W – Ghostwater Dive: Pyke goes into camouflage and gains movement speed that decreases over time.
  • E – Phantom Undertow: Pyke dashes, leaving a phantom in his path that stuns enemy champions.
  • R – Death From Below: Pyke blinks to and executes low-health enemies, granting additional gold to an ally who assists.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pyke


  • Excellent Roaming: Pyke’s mobility and stealth make him a roaming powerhouse.
  • Ultimate Provides More Gold: His ultimate, Death From Below, rewards him and his team with additional gold.
  • Easy Lane Ganks After Roaming: His roaming capabilities allow for swift ganks.
  • Execute Potential with Ultimate: Pyke’s ultimate guarantees eliminations, turning the tide of battles.
  • High Mobility: He’s one of the most mobile champions, second only to Talon.
  • Snowballing as an Assassin: Early kills can quickly turn the game in your favor.
  • Utility of Phantom Undertow: Great for setting up early kills and helping your ADC.
  • Pyke is a Playmaker: In the hands of a skilled player, Pyke can make game-changing plays.


  • Fragile Champion: He’s easily taken down, especially by mages and assassins.
  • Challenging Botlane Matchups: Some matchups can be tough for Pyke.
  • Roaming Setbacks: If you roam too much and miss out on experience, it can hurt your mid to late game.
  • Susceptible to Ranged Poke: Champions with long-range abilities can be problematic.
  • Late Game Reliance on Ultimate: Pyke becomes more reliant on his ultimate in late game teamfights.
  • Snowballing and Team Coordination: Pyke’s effectiveness is highly dependent on early success and teamwork.
  • Vulnerability to Hard Crowd Control (CC): Crowd control can interrupt his combo and render him ineffective.

Best Items for Pyke

 Mercury’s Treads: Crucial against multiple mages and crowd control. Tenacity is a lifesaver.

 Prowler’s Claw: Great for precision assassinations, especially against squishy targets.

 Edge of Night: Protects against single-target abilities and effects.

 Umbral Glaive: A utility item, great for dealing with enemy Control Wards.

 Wit’s End: A fantastic last item choice for Pyke. The increased one-hit damage and added attack speed make it deadly.

 Randuin’s Omen: If you’re up against heavy AD threats like Talon or Graves, this armor item is a must.

Best Lanes and Roles for Pyke

Pyke is a versatile champion, primarily designed as a support, but he can shine in the mid and top lanes too. His mid lane build and mechanics can be applied to the top lane, making him a flexible pick for different positions.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Here’s the scoop on Pyke’s matchups: He excels against champions like Vel’Koz and Lux, dominating his lane. However, watch out for Twitch and LeBlanc; they can give Pyke a tough time. So, it’s wise to steer clear of these matchups.

Price of Pyke in 2023

In 2023, Pyke’s price is set at 3150 BE or 790 RP, making him an accessible choice for those looking to add this assassin-support hybrid to their champion roster.

My Feedback

If you’re into a sly, aggressive playstyle, Pyke is your champion. His kit allows you to outplay your opponents and catch late-game enemies off-guard with your potent roaming ability. He’s like a second jungler with the power to multiply your gold earnings on each kill or assist, giving your team a considerable advantage.

But every coin has two sides. Pyke, being an assassin, is vulnerable to mages and other assassins, and his passive converts health items into attack damage. Team coordination is key, and falling behind early can be frustrating. Hard crowd control can disrupt your plays, so choose your battles wisely.

Best Guide for Pyke in 2023

For those looking for in-depth guidance on mastering Pyke in 2023, I recommend checking out this comprehensive guide:Ultimate Pyke Guide.

Best Skins for Pyke

Now, let’s talk style. Pyke has a range of skins to choose from, each with its unique flavor. Here are a few worth considering:

  • PROJECT: Pyke: A legendary skin with a high-tech vibe, though some may find it underwhelming.
  • Sand Wraith Pyke: This skin features a sand bandit theme, with a cool hooded character model.
  • Blood Moon Pyke: Offering a beautifully cursed aesthetic, this skin has unique themes and distinct sound effects.
  • Sentinel Pyke: A newer skin with a noble vigilante vibe, delivering clean and crisp ability particles.
  • PsyOps Pyke: A well-rounded choice with a futuristic and edge-lord vibe.
  • Ashen Knight Pyke: This Mythic Essence skin boasts a final boss vibe, angelic wings, and choir sound effects, making it a standout choice.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

  • Pyke’s name is a clever pun on a pole weapon and the predatory fish, emphasizing his deadly nature.
  • Pyke’s lore is rooted in the city of Pyke in the Iron Islands in Westeros, where inhabitants worship “the Drowned God.”
  • Toggle Bone Skewer to stop glowing with [Ctrl] + [5], and it reverts when you respawn.
  • Pyke’s dance emote references the traditional Māori Haka warrior dance.
  • Keep track of your enemies’ cooldowns and use your ultimate, Death From Below, accordingly.
  • Wait for enemies to use their mobility spells before engaging with your Bone Skewer.
  • Pyke excels at roaming, so don’t hesitate to leave your ADC alone to support your jungler or mid laner.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Pyke. So, get out there and start slicing through your foes with this ruthless assassin-support champion. Remember, the high seas are treacherous, but with Pyke, you’re the one who’s the predator. Good luck, and may your hooks always find their mark!


Who is Pyke in League of Legends?

Pyke is a champion in League of Legends, released in 2018. He’s a unique assassin with a haunting appearance and a lore rooted in the dangerous city of Bilgewater.

What are Pyke’s abilities and strengths?

Pyke’s abilities include passive health regeneration, a skill to stab or pull enemies, camouflage with movement speed, a dash with a stunning effect, and an ultimate for executing low-health enemies. He excels in roaming, providing extra gold, and setting up early kills.

What are Pyke’s weaknesses and challenges?

Pyke is a fragile champion susceptible to mages and assassins. He relies on early success and teamwork, and crowd control can disrupt his abilities. Missing out on experience due to excessive roaming can hurt his late game.

What are the recommended items for Pyke in 2023?

Key items for Pyke include Mercury’s Treads for tenacity, Prowler’s Claw for assassinations, Edge of Night for protection, Umbral Glaive for utility, Wit’s End for damage, and Randuin’s Omen for armor against AD threats.

Where can I find a comprehensive guide and the best skins for Pyke in League of Legends?

Pyke has a variety of skins to choose from, including PROJECT: Pyke, Sand Wraith Pyke, Blood Moon Pyke, Sentinel Pyke, PsyOps Pyke, and Ashen Knight Pyke, each with its unique style and themes.