Sandstorm Ekko – skin released on May 27, 2015. It shares line with skins such as:

-Academy Ekko


-True Damage Ekko

-Pulsefire Ekko

-Trick or Treat Ekko

-SKT T1 Ekko

Sandstorm Ekko – from childhood survived in harsh conditions, which tempered him in an incredible way. Left an orphan, he withstood all the trials and received a relic that was needed to save his friends. Then he went to their aid, like a real hero. An ingenious mind helped Ekko create a weapon and he uses it to protect the hapless inhabitants of Shurima. The visual style of the skin refers us to one famous cartoon, and is neurally beautiful. The appearance of the champion, and his special costume reminds us of Aladdin, and this can be seen literally in every detail. Sandstorm Ekko wears white wide leg pants and a blue vest. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This is a very cool reference, which is also directly related to the theme of the skin. Ekko also wears a mask, probably for protection from the sand, as well as a golden sword. All of his other gear is also made of gold, which goes well with clothing and general style. Splash art looks unusual and very interesting. Ekko prepares for battle with a sandworm and watches it approach. This opponent has incredible dimensions, which makes the art fantastic.

Riot has added beautiful new particles, sounds and animations for Sandstorm Ekko, and they can be commended for that. Its crystals are now colored gold and look more fairytale. During the recall, he gets into a relaxed position and tosses his incredible time management device into the air …

How to get Sandstorm Ekko in 2022?

This is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 975 RP and if you are a fan of the desert theme or Arabian Themed skins then you should definitely buy it.

With a hint of steampunk, I’m dressed like a desert bandit. Sandstorm Ekko is a wonderful homage to the Prince of Persia, particularly in his Sands of Time avatar. His hairdo and veiled face, together with his loose and comfy attire, give him a ninja look. Finally, as long as the Sands of Time remain in use, Sandstorm Ekko achieves a unique design with several very appealing elements. When they lose concentration, their powers become a re-coloured version of themselves that disappoints. Regardless, the skin offers a unique vibe that fans of the Prince of Persia and time travel will like.

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