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Sea Hunter Aatrox is a skin released in 2015 and shares its line with such skins:
-Bilgewater Katarina
-Bilgerat Rumble
-Pirate Ryze
-Bilgewater Swain
-Kingpin Twitch
-Bilgewater Swain
-Rogue Admiral Garen
-Cuttroat Graves
-Captain Fortune
-Dark Water Vladimir
-Dark Water Diana
-Captain gangpalnk
-Corsair Quinn

The series is also not small, but Sea Hunter Aatrox takes its rightful place in the team of mercenaries Bilgewater. A fierce bounty hunter, master of the depths of the sea. His appearance of fish reminds that he hunts in the sea. On his head you can see the likeness of the fins, and on his arm is an armored fist. Riot changed the skin a bit during the last update. The sword has become more massive and elegant. The wings of the Aatrox have become larger, and he is probably as fast in the air as he is in the water.

The motion animation has not undergone changes, but it is still beautiful. So, Sea Hunter Aatrox plunges his sword into the ground, and then sucks black matter out of it. It seems the sword gives him extra strength!

Aertex was frightening enough before, but now this demonic monster can terrorize both the seas and the skies. His skin is grey and shark-like, and he wears a helmet that looks like it belongs on a Hammerhead Shark. But here’s the kicker. His sword, also, has been upgraded! It retains its traditional appearance, but sharp spikes resembling shark teeth have been added to the blade’s side. Maybe it’s a claw from a crab. The curled tip might imply as much, but this blade is stunning, and we haven’t even touched on his other attributes. A rough, crab-like shell covers Sea Hunter Aertex’s right arm. He’s dressed in leather and has a ribbon around his chest that looks like it belongs to a pirate.

How to get Sea Hunter Aatrox in 2021?
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