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Shadow Prince Malzahar

Searching for a new Malzahar skin to flaunt your prowess and terrify your opponents? We graded each Malz skin from worst to best, so you can discover the best skin on your Void Prophet! Malzahar is among League of Legends’ greatest mid-lane mages. His malefic visions, which cause substantial damage over time and ricochet from one victim to another as it kills them, have made him renowned. Malz also has the amazing ability to restrain a single opponent champion while causing huge damage to all of them and anybody around. Shadow Prince Malzahar is among the best Malzahar skins available for you to get as of now. Continue to read and we will share additional information you need to know about the skin. 

The outfit of Shadow Prince Malzahar is a wonderful change of pace from the Prophet’s traditional look. Due to beautiful, ornamental embroidery, the colors are stronger as well as the outfit is more ornate. Despite the golden power seen in the splash picture, his skin retains its traditional color for his magic. Overall, it’s clear that it’s the same Prophet dressed differently, but for Malzahar’s admirers, it’s a nice change from his usual outfit.

This isn’t a horrible outfit change if you just have a few RP left to spend, but that’s all it is. It’s essentially a chroma that’s been inflated and fancied. Considering that most of the far cooler skins detailed below cost only a bit more RP than this, we don’t believe it’s worth the money.

A few decaying buildings in the backdrop slowly crumble as they dissolve into a blue mist which engulfs all rest of the area. The arrangement of pieces and the management of their usage are careful in the architecture. This adds to the image of a lavishly planned city nestled amid the mountains that has since been abandoned. Malzahar emerges to the right, close to a structure that refuses to give in to the fog. 

When the golden magical swirls don’t transform into a mucous liquid, they make a lovely frame and complement his colors. The prophet’s face is well-defined in the back, but a little indistinct in the front. The shading is nice in the lighter areas but dull in the deeper ones, and the lines are exact. Overall, it’s an intriguing splash image that works despite the fact that it seems to be Malzahar hovering above a random city. 

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