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Shadowfire Kindred

Shadowfire Kindred is a fantastic skin for feeling virtually re-colorable. The new model gives Wolf a more demonic look, while Lamb gets a more florid, golden look. The concept is sound in principle, since it emphasizes their duality: royal grace balancing a fiery anger. Despite this, Lamb’s bow seems to be a little too dull. The intricate, curving shape suggests a weapon class that is supposed to gleam like gold rather than bronze. Her mask also no longer seems to symbolize Wolf, which is a component that has been removed from the original image; the same can be said about Wolf. Even though the skin is much more straightforward, this is a characteristic that shouldn’t have been left out since it takes away one of its dualities.

Lamb’s beauty is reflected in the particles, which have gleaming sparkles and golden, curving forms. Nothing really noteworthy, but the overall aesthetic is attractive and in keeping with her concept. Unfortunately, Wolf’s brusqueness isn’t apparent in any form. Despite the fact that the traditional particles generally disregard Wolf, the skin does little to change this, particularly because the skin seems to be more forthright about each character’s characteristics. The sounds have a greater glittering tone to them, which gives them a more delicate and sophisticated vibe. Except for his pleasingly crunching nibbles, that pursues Lamb but ignores Wolf.

As a result, this splash graphic simply shows Lamb, a sketched perspective of Wolf, and some river, in theory, to keep them from standing in a vacuum. The broad notion of their appearance is conveyed, but the work seems just passable due to the absence of a well-defined scene and a meaningful relationship between characters, that is only hinted at. Add in the fact that their magical abilities are underplayed, and there’s little cause to get thrilled about this splash painting.

Shadowfire succeeds as a more elegant and opulent portrayal of Kindred in the end. The shadows and flames aren’t actually part of the flesh, and everything seems to be quite superficial. The absence of swapped masks gives the skin a more direct sensation, but also loses some of its duality. The end effect is aesthetically appealing and intriguing in terms of what it delivers. Regardless, its dual and complimentary nature lends itself to far more than is now available, particularly at this price. If you are impressed, go ahead, and get your hands on the Shadowfire Kindred skin now.

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