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Siren Cassiopeia – skin released on December 14, 2010. He shares his line with skins such as:

– Desperada Cassiopeia
– Jade Fang Cassiopeia
– Mythic Cassiopeia
– Eternum Cassiopeia

A real siren and lady of the seas. Siren Cassiopeia is a sea creature, half snake, half human. Her favorite pastime is luring sailors into the depths of the sea. She uses her beauty and strength, and we can say that she is on the record. Hundreds of people have been turned into stone and now lie on the seabed. On splash art, Siren Cassiopeia is depicted sitting at a depth in the sea. Around it you can see the ruins of an ancient building, and this is a clear reference to Atlantis. Perhaps this is the remnants of the underwater kingdom of its inhabitants. In any case, Cassiopeia itself is a sea monster that just loves to kill. Siren Cassiopeia has a blue skin color, and its armor is made as if from shells. It is also worth noting its green scales and a kind of fin on the head. All these details create a unique style for this skin, which will be remembered for a long time. The image of Cassiopeia is gloomy, it looks like some kind of creature from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft. Also, Siren Cassiopeia’s palette also includes a purple color, but it is very dull and goes well with other “cold” colors.

Riot did an excellent job of changing the core model for Cassiopeia. However, the particles and animations were preserved from the standard skin and they really fit the skin perfectly. Standard green particles blend perfectly with Siren Cassiopeia’s marine theme. For example, when Siren Cassiopeia uses the ability of the Petrifying Gaze from her eyes and mouth, a green light begins to emit. It looks like a siren is trying to lure the sailors into its trap and it seems that this effect seems to be created for this skin.

Have you heard the tales of sailors being taken out into the sea following a dreamy voice that becomes the end of them? Well, if you have then known that Siren Cassiopeia is possibly behind this, she is a marine serpent living underwater and singing to her enemies in a sweet and melodic voice but only when they come near she grabs them by her teeth and not so dreamy claws and blast them into pieces. A direct look into her eyes would turn her enemies to stone so it is best to avoid direct contact.

How to get Siren Cassiopeia in 2022?
Siren Cassiopeia is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. You can add this cool skin to your collection for just 520 RP. So, if you are a fan of legends and mythology, this skin is for you.

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