Snow Day Bard released on December 10, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Elderwood Bard
-Bard Bard
A cheerful snowy skin that will give a joyful mood to anyone. This Bard skin has incredible powers, the nature of which cannot be recognized. He can summon his Meeps, who are now the little penguins from Winterland. The portals that he can open lead to no one knows where … In general, the Snow Day Bard due to its magical powers has exceptional superiority in snow battles. The skin was released during the Snowdown Showdown 2015 – an event combining winter holidays and festivals, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Splash art shows us Bard surrounded by Snow Day Gnar and Snow Day Syndra, as well as meeps. These skins were also released for this event and share a common winter theme with the skin. They all play snowballs together and art as a whole looks just hilarious. For example, Gnar runs after one of the penguins, and Bard at that moment drinks cocoa from the mug. In his hand he holds a penguin who also drinks cocoa from a small mug. Incredibly cute! Snow Day Bard is dressed in a warm blue coat and wears an orange hat on his head. His face is covered with a white knitted scarf. Bard is armed with an ice bell that rings like Christmas bells.

It is also worth noting new incredible particles and animations for this skin, because the developers obviously tried very hard. Ice particles for auto-attack and other abilities, like magic snowballs. When using Caretaker’s Shrine ability, a giant cup of cocoa appears, which restores health. Sounds have also undergone changes and now we are accompanied everywhere by the ringing of bells, freezing and various icy sounds. Also during the recall, the skin begins to make a snowman along with penguins. They attach the Original Bard mask to the snowman and look very funny.

How to get Snow Day Bard in 2022?

Snow Bard is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time for 1350 RP. This skin is a great choice for those who love Christmas and winter. Also, you can easily collect all the skins for Snowdown Showdown 2015, because there are only three of them.

This a decent skin overall, however it might seem uneven at times. It has some fantastic additions as well as those that, although nice, fall flat. The issue is that, while the skin fully adjusts Bard to a Snow Day, the price appears to be set due to the champion’s intricacy rather than the additional steps taken by the skin. At 1350 RP, a skin must offer more than what is possible in order to justify the cost given the vastness of the environment. As a result, Snow Day Bard is a lovely skin, but it’s also rather pricey, so it’s best to wait for a sale.

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