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Snow Day Graves Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you ready to dive into the frosty world of Snow Day Graves? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to take a chilling journey through this League of Legends skin that’s perfect for the winter season. Released on December 14, 2016, Snow Day Graves has been freezing opponents and melting hearts for years.


Picture this: Graves, armed with his mighty snowblowing gun and a fearless spirit, charges into every snowball fight with the same fearless determination that once helped him escape from the slammer. Yep, you heard it right—blowing things up is just as much fun as dodging snowballs, especially when you’re Graves.

Concept and Inspiration

It’s that time of year when the snow blankets Summoner’s Rift, and Graves is here to join the winter festivities. His attire screams “cozy” with a beard that’s ready for Howling Abyss, and winter gear that’ll make you wish you were snowed in. So, what inspired this chilly concept? Well, it’s all about capturing the magic of the season. Just like you’d rush for a Lich Bane, Graves rushes into the winter theme!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Let’s talk about how Snow Day Graves looks and feels in-game. First off, the model has had a complete makeover. He’s rocking that winter gear with a cozy beard, and trust us, he’s Howling Abyss-ready. When it comes to particles, you’ll be blowing your enemies away with some seriously cool snow effects. And as for animations, Snow Day Graves gets a full holiday makeover. Everything from his walk to his recall will have you feeling the winter vibes.

Unique Features

Now, let’s delve deeper into what makes Snow Day Graves stand out:

  • Chromas: This skin comes with a golden touch, adding a bit of bling to Graves’ winter attire.
  • Splash Art: While the background might be a tad blurry, it still manages to capture the essence of winter. Santa soaring through snow-covered forests, a workshop filled with poros, and presents galore—what more could you ask for?
  • Clothing Details: The transition of colors on Graves’ clothes is simply fantastic. From wool to fur, everything is shaded with precision.
  • Snow Effects: The magical snow that shoots out of Graves’ blower looks both believable and otherworldly, giving you that perfect winter feel.

But here’s the kicker—the absence of a candy cane between Graves’ lips in the skin is a missed opportunity. It would’ve been a sweet nod to the past, even if it’s been replaced by a less damaging habit.

Now, let’s chat about how you can get your hands on this frosty Graves skin in 2023.

Obtainability in 2023

You’re in luck! Snow Day Graves can be purchased in the LoL store for 1350 Riot Points. But there’s a catch—you can only snag it when the legacy vault gets re-opened. And if you’re feeling a bit impatient, you can also grab an account with this skin on Smurfmania.

So, there you have it, folks. Snow Day Graves is your ticket to a winter wonderland on Summoner’s Rift. But is it worth the RP price tag? Well, hang tight because we’re about to dive into that in the next section—Gamers Feedback.

Gamers Feedback

LoL community generally appreciated the charming winter-themed aesthetics of Snow Day Graves, particularly the sparkly attacks and the cute penguin addition. However, they found the ultimate ability’s visual effects lacking and expressed reservations about the 1350 RP price tag, hoping for more thematic changes and the return of Graves’ signature cigar.

“Those autoattacks so sparkly. He shoots snow and throws a cute PENGUIN. The splash art is just delightful and his beard is fluffy. His ult is a giant mighty icecube that… okay there probably should be a particle trail that represents the hitbox and stays longer. But at least the second stage looks good. This is a nice skin.”

“And here I’m still waiting for my Snow Day Rumble skin where he rides a snowmobile spewing out icy fumes, shooting icicles, and calling down freeze rockets that create glaciers in a line.”

My Feedback

Snow Day Graves is undeniably charming, bringing a wintry twist to the classic champion. Those sparkly attacks and the adorable penguin addition are spot on, and the splash art beautifully captures the winter theme.

However, here’s the scoop—the ultimate ability falls a bit short in delivering the impact I expected. And that 1350 RP price tag? It feels a tad steep, especially when some animations are pretty close to the default skin. Plus, there’s the elephant in the room—the absence of Graves’ iconic cigar. It’s a letdown for fans who’ve grown used to that signature touch.

In the end, Snow Day Graves has its charms, but it could’ve given us a bit more bang for our RP. It’s not a bad pick if you’re looking to embrace the winter vibes, but it falls just short of greatness. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this skin a solid 6.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Snow Day Graves brings a delightful winter theme to the League of Legends champion roster. With its sparkly attacks and the addition of an endearing penguin, it certainly offers a visually pleasing experience. The splash art successfully captures the essence of the skin’s concept.

However, it’s not without its shortcomings. The ultimate ability lacks the impactful visual effects one might expect, and that 1350 RP price point feels a tad steep, considering some animations closely resemble the default skin. The absence of Graves’ iconic cigar is also a notable omission.

While Snow Day Graves is undeniably charming, it falls short of fully capitalizing on its potential. As such, I would rate this skin a 6 out of 10. So, if you’re a die-hard Graves fan or just in the mood for some winter fun, go ahead and give it a shot. But if you’re expecting a complete transformation, you might want to think twice. Happy gaming, and stay frosty on the Rift!


What is Snow Day Graves in League of Legends?

Snow Day Graves is a winter-themed skin for the champion Graves, featuring a cozy beard, winter gear, and snowy effects.

What makes Snow Day Graves unique?

  • It offers a complete visual makeover, including model, textures, VFX, animations, and SFX.
  • The skin features a charming splash art with Santa, poros, and winter-themed elements.
  • Snow Day Graves showcases excellent clothing details and magical snow effects.

How can I obtain Snow Day Graves in 2023?

You can purchase this skin for 1350 Riot Points when the legacy vault is open in the League of Legends store. Alternatively, you can buy an account with Snow Day Graves on Smurfmania.

What’s the verdict on Snow Day Graves?

While the skin is visually appealing with sparkly attacks and an adorable penguin, its ultimate ability might not meet all expectations. Some animations closely resemble the default skin, and the absence of Graves’ iconic cigar is disappointing.

Snow Day Graves is rated a 6 out of 10, offering winter charm but with room for improvement.

Is Snow Day Graves a good addition to my League of Legends collection?

If you’re a Graves enthusiast or looking for a winter-themed skin, Snow Day Graves is worth trying. However, if you expect a complete transformation, you might want to consider other options before making the purchase.