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Soulstealer Vayne is an incredibly rare skin in League of Legends, which was released in June 2016 and instantly attracted the attention of players around the world with its beauty and rarity, rightfully taking its place among the rarest skins in the history of the greatest MOBA.

In the skin style, links to Undead Van Helsing can be traced, because his design used an afterlife green glow and a characteristic crossbow. Also, Soulstealer Vladimir with a similar design is included in the Soulstealer line, but we will tell you about this in another article.

How rare is Soulstealer Vayne?

Stunningly rare, in truth, players joke that it’s easier to see a unicorn on the street than to get this skin on Vayne!

Vayne herself is made in the form of a ghost in luminous clothes, she now has green eyes and skin on her hands, the clothes are also changed, Riot Games did a great job on the design of the skin and this can be seen at first sight. Vayne has a large number of animations, sounds, particles, for example, Vayne can soar in the air with its crossbow.
At the start of the battle, Soulstealer Vayne uses a tumble to place itself at a different angle with a fast movement to attack the enemies. In addition to this, it uses a silver bolt to attack three fires on the enemy for maximum damage to the health of the enemy. Soulstealer Vayne can fire a large bolt on the enemy to hit the back. In the end, it hunts for the enemy with the ability of the night hunter to search enemies in its surrounding with the speed of 30 during the fight with the enemies.

As the name suggests the soul stealer Vayne is only after one thing and one thing only and that is your soul. She is a careful blend of the grey color, sensitive eyes, and a long spear that she dashes right into the heart of her enemies making them bleed and in the event of doing so taking their soul and feeling from the scene never to return.

How to get Soulstealer Vayne in 2022?

Oops, the fact is that this skin has never been and will not be available in the official Riot store, the company came up with a really difficult test for your nerves and wallet if you decide to get it. This skin for Vayne is probably the most inaccessible that you can imagine, you can only compare the process of getting it in gravity with Hextech Annie … An average player has to open 100-155 hextech chests, imagine how expensive it is!

To get this skin for yourself, you will have to spend a fortune Riot Points to buy chests and keys, it will cost you hundreds (and the most unlucky and thousands) of dollars and even this does not give you absolutely no guarantee that you will receive it, just think how much it will be insulting if this happens!

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