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Star Guardian Ezreal skin released in 2017 is one of the skins of the Star Guardian series in which there are already such champions as:

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Star Guardian Ezreal is an unstoppable traveler and explorer of the mysteries of the universe. A passion for finding new discoveries and an unimaginable love for the stars, all of this prompted him to become the new Star Guardian. Yes, he constantly disappears, dissolving into the vast expanses of space and returns to the team when it is required to defend the universe. At the moment, however, his main interest is another attractive guardian with pink hair … From an ordinary teenager with magical abilities, Ezreal turns into a heroic guardian. His outfit is clearly inspired by movies about travelers in deep space. Chapmion wears a blue and white suit embroidered with gold and a stylish one-shoulder cape.

The developers have also updated the particles, which are now stars of an unusual shape, exploding in beautiful bursts. Star Guardian Ezreal also got a cute white bird. His new friend fiercely defends against Ezreal’s opponents, and even his allies. During the recall, the champion merges with his companion, grows white wings and flies away. Sounds have also been redesigned to reflect the space theme. A more crystalline sound has been made for the Essence Flux, and the discharges for the Trueshot Barrage.

How to get Star Guardian Ezreal in 2022?

At the moment, this skin is available in the in-game store for 1350 Riot Points and it stands out from the rest of the Star Guardian series skins and is worth it! If you want an account with this great skin already activated on it and many other skins, you can buy it in our store.

What is the best way to get this skin?– The Star Guardian Ezreal skin is an Epic skin, which means you may buy it directly from the in-game shop at any time. Is it worthwhile to purchase?– If you’re not sure whether or not this skin is worth purchasing. We’d like to note you that you can try out this skin at any moment on the Public Beta Environment server. You can buy and test any skin in the game once you have access to the PBE server. If you’re interested in learning more, read about the PBE server and how to acquire access here.

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