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Star Guardian Jinx
Category: Legendary Skin
Price: 1820 RP
Animations: The animations are upgraded to a substantial level and cute dance moves have been added for Star Guardian Jinx

Sounds: Brand new Voice Overs and Dialogues have been added to make it more interesting.
Introduction: Star is one of the best upgrades you can get for Guardian Jinx with drastic abilities improvement in terms of attacking and strength with improved animations and added interactions with other players based on what character you are facing. The skin has a lot to offer including abilities improvements, enhanced audio effects, and whatnot. The skin does not only have character upgrades but the firepower from the gun has got noticeable upgrades in terms of animations and sound effects.

Animations and Sounds: The animations and sounds upgrade on Star Guardian Jinx are not easily ignorable and you get a considerable update with perfectly designed smooth and interactive animations that get you a deeply immersive experience combined with the upgraded sounds for each movement the character makes. More defense and attacking upgrades are added in addition to make the upgrade worthy of your consideration and play style. The gunfire has upgraded animations and new SFX that give you a really pleasurable experience using it against your enemies.

Pros: The graphics, sounds, and animations on the character are considerably improved with this skin to make your favorite character more interactive for you. Dance moves make it much more fun to play with and you feel deeply attached to the character. Considerable improvements are made in terms of abilities like strength, firepower of the gun, defense techniques and you find it a whole new experience that is quite impressive. The dynamic animations are synced perfectly with audio effects and Voice Overs to give you a flawless gaming experience on Star Guardian Jinx.
Cons: The character is focused on appearance more than utility and that is the con of this skin as well. It might not be one of the strongest character or the one you would want to take to combat. Yet, if you love Star Guardian and like to play League of Legends with it, you will definitely love Star Guardian Jinx skin for your character.

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