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Star Guardian Soraka is the epic skin in the League of Legends, which is the greatest MOBA in the history of online games. The skin was released on September 6, 2017, becoming part of the Star Guardian series of skins loved by League of Legends fans. Skin received a number of major changes, which will be discussed in our today’s article.
What’s New?
Soraka got a new look, a new model, a new texture, a new boot screen (splash screen), new sound and visual effects, new animations, in a word, the skin was thoroughly redesigned and very seriously differs from the standard look of Soraka, which is good news for collectors interesting skins in League of Legends. Star Guardian Soraka is dressed in beautiful white robes, and her turquoise-colored hair looks simply incredibly beautiful and huge. In her hands she holds a beautiful white staff, which helps her in battle, and the staff itself is decorated with a huge moonstone in the shape of a rhombus.
Skin Bio:
Soraka was born somewhere in the interstellar space in galaxies far from our world, she protects herself and her team from damage and prefers not to be in the center of the battle so as not to receive extra damage. She heals her teammates and supports their fighting ability and fighting spirit with her tremendous magical power. With the help of her huge staff, she illuminates the road in the darkness for herself and her team with the dazzling light of stars and amazes opponents with her magical power!
How to Get Star Guardian Soraka in 2020?
To date, everything is very simple, this skin belongs to the epic skins category, which means that it can be purchased in the League of Legends store. The price of this particular skin now is 1350 Riot Points (RP), which means that adding it to the collection at that price is definitely worth it. There is also a second way to get this skin – buy an account that already has Star Guardian Soraka, as well as many other excellent skins, many of which have long been inaccessible in the game. For you, we have prepared instant delivery, a lifetime warranty and great prices! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment, have a great day and thank you for your attention!
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