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Super Galaxy Elise is an amazing skin in League of Legends, released on October 16, 2017, and is now available in the official Riot Games store for 1350 Riot Points.
What’s New: Elise in its new guise is a super-soldier with integrated mechanisms, which makes it even more dangerous and mobile in battle. In total, several skins of the Super Galaxy series were released: Super Galaxy Gnar and Super Galaxy Annie in addition to this skin on Elise, because you can immediately get all the skins of this series in our store much cheaper, and you can also buy an account in League of Legends, on which will already be these and many other skins! Visually, the skin looks really incredible. Both Elise forms (spider shape and human shape) received new cybernetic effects for abilities, as well as new models, animations and sound effects, which means that Riot Games did a great job on this skin and it is definitely worth your attention. Elise now has purple hair, combining perfectly with the general surroundings and modern cybernetic improvements of the character himself, both in the form of a spider and in the shape of a person. When Elise transforms into a spider, the tips of the spider legs begin to burn in a mysterious green color. But in general, the color scheme consists of purple, green and black, which makes the Super Galaxy Elise a very attractive skin in terms of visual sophistication. If you press the B key on your keyboard, the Elise spider detaches from its legs and turns into a thorny chair, which is very reminiscent of Madame Webb from the Marvel universe! There is also an Easter egg that would appeal to fans of the Spider-Man comic book series. Super Galaxy Skin for Elise is a completely new look at this champion, so if you are looking for something new and interesting, we definitely recommend that you look at this skin, as well as other skins in this series.
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