League of Legends is a legendary multiplayer title that allows players to be able to use random skins which give them certain boosts and thus a competitive edge over those who don’t own any. Surprise Party Fiddlesticks is one of these many skins that offer players tons of improvements and unlocked features which help them to rank better in the arena.

Introduction to the Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

There is a new model included with the skin, a new texture, and along with that a splash image. It looks enchanting on any player and the most unique element is that it has new animations and sound effects in gameplay where the particular theme of the skin applies making it a bit more charming and persuasive.
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks is just like inviting a clown to the party, the only difference is that it is more focused on its mission, highly competitive, and won’t let the fun drain in the arena. If you are looking for a similar experience then Surprise Party Fiddlesticks is an appropriate choice for you.

Party of Surprises Fiddlesticks is a skin that stands out not just for its amusing premise, but also for its raw technical prowess. The skin’s technological resources even allowed for new ability icons for Dark Wind and Crowstorm, indicating that the skin’s execution isn’t lacking. As a result, it is the notion that must lead the skin to greatness, and this goal is achieved owing to the innovation employed. Fiddlesticks’ new model is well-done, yet there are several noticeable variations from the splash art’s depiction, one of which being the lack of streamers surrounding limbs. Despite its spooky and simplistic appearance, the model is attractive.

Where to buy this skin?

The Surprise Party Fiddlesticks happen to be a regular skin which means that you can buy it directly from the game store without any trouble. Simply go to the league of legends in-app purchases, look for this specific skin, pay the price and it is yours. But if you want to ensure that you have got just the best possible deal on this then wait up and be patient. As New year is approaching there must be certain sales announced within the game and many skins would either be available at discount or patched with some other deal as a free grab and go kind of thing.

How to be sure about making the purchase?

Confused about making the purchase or getting cold feet about how the skin is going to perform once you have actually bought and upgraded it? Well, don’t worry there is something you can do about it. Access the public beta environment server for testing multiple skins and seeing them in action. There is a time use limit so check out the skin by playing with it for the applicable time.
But at the end of the day, Surprise Party Fiddlesticks is a must-have for those players who are looking to do some serious damage within the game, gaining XP consistently and slaying your enemies right and left. This skin is also great for looting and completing challenges where character level is of paramount importance.

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