Sweeper Alistar is a skin released back in 2014 and it shares its line with skins such as:
-Golden Alistar
-Infernal Alistar
-Marauder Alistar
-Longhorn Alistar
-Matador Alistar
-Conqueror Alistar
-SKT T1 Alistar
-Unchained Alistar
-Moo Cow Alistar
-Marauder Alistar
-Hextech Alistar

Another sports skin that are released in honor of the football world cups. This skin was released in honor of the 2014 World Cup and shares the theme with skins such as Superfan Gragas and Striker Lucian. In this thread, Sweeper Alistar is football defenders, which is not surprising. Its power and complexion are just right for this role. He is dressed in a practical football uniform and wears number four. Alistar’s legs can be seen on the boots, his bracers changed to sports to suit the theme.

Riot did not make new changes to the skin during the last update. Sweeper Alistar has no new particles, animations or sounds – just a texture. Although during the animation of the return, he makes a couple of funny movements that are worth paying attention to. Particles are made standardly, and are similar to many backward particles created for this series. However, do not forget that the skin is relatively cheap.

How to get Sweeper Alistar in 2022?

Sweeper Alistar is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The skin, as has already been said, was created for the 2014 World Cup and is available for 750 RP. For a football fan, this skin is a must-have. After all, what a collection of football skins will do without protection!

He shares the concept with other champions such as SuperfanGragas and Striker Lucian, and was released as part of the 2014 World Cup collection. Alistar is clothed like a soccer defender in the skin. His model and texture have been changed such that he is wearing in a soccer jersey instead of his typical choice of clothing. There are also minor model alterations, such as his arm shackles being replaced with sweatbands and him finally getting himself a pair of good soccer boots. Because it’s a cheap skin and Alistar is a melee champion, the skin doesn’t have any additional particles, animations, or sounds.

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