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Unchained Alistar Skin

Unchained Alistar is a skin released back in 2011 and it shares its line with skins such as:
-Golden Alistar
-Sweeper Alistar
-Marauder Alistar
-Longhorn Alistar
-Matador Alistar
-Conqueror Alistar
-SKT T1 Alistar
-Moo Cow Alistar
-Hextech Alistar

The legendary minotaur known in ancient Greek mythology was embodied in this skin. A huge beast with the head of a bull seems ready to sweep enemies with its horns. On splash art, he looks even more terrible – steam comes out of his nostrils, and his face takes on an angry expression. During the last update, Riot made a number of changes to the skin model and texture. Now on Unchained Alistar Skin’s head you can see huge white horns that are so branched that resemble the horns of an elk. Well, the changes did not end there. So on her hands instead of chains appeared leather bracers decorated with fangs.

Unfortunately, the developers did not make improvements in the animation and sounds for Unchained Alistar, but the standard ones are also very good. For example, while using the Unbreakable Will ability, plates made of steel and wood begin to spin around Alistar. Chains also hang on them and perhaps this is a hint. The hint that earlier these chains held Unchained Alistar and his fierce rage, but now He broke them and broke free.

How to Get Unchained Alistar Skin in 2022?

If this blue is not yet in your collection, you can easily receive it. To do this, it will be enough to subscribe to the official Riot channel on Youtube. After you do this, the skin will automatically unlock in the game. But you need to hurry, maybe Riot will change the policy regarding this skin and it will cease to be free.

Unchained Alistar was introduced in September 2011 as a limited-edition skin. Unchained Alistar portrays Alistar as a Minotaur with massive horns, based on the mythical Minotaur from Greek mythology. The skin’s splash image depicts an enraged Alistar charging at his foes with steam flowing out of his snout. The skin in the game has a new texture and a few small model adjustments. His horns have grown in size to become some new complex white horns, which are the most visible alterations. The chains that used to be around his wrists and feet have been replaced with sharp bracers that look much nicer than the originals

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