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Yet another political-based skin. Uncle Ryze is a tribute to Uncle Sam the iconic American political character used in pop culture, cartoons, and all sorts of media. It amazes me that such a concept can be executable in a game like League of Legends. Weirdness aside this skin is actually pretty cool, and unlike Union Jack Fiddlesticks which is just a skin that has a U.K flag on it. With Uncle Ryze, they actually picked an influential figure of The United States, which I think is a better choice. 

Uncle Ryze in detail

This skin turns Ryze into Uncle Sam for only 520 RP. That in my opinion is insane value. While many could argue that this skin doesn’t offer much, the design alone is enough to make this skin worth it. While I admire this skin a lot, I will also say that I am not a fan of these political-based skins, because they take away the fantasy element that League of Legends has.

Is Uncle Ryze worth it?

I mean if you want to play Uncle Sam sure this skin is definetly worth it. It is a cool skin don’t get me wrong, but it also just doesn’t fit the aesthetic of League of Legends, and it’s important for a video game to be consistent with its theme, and while League of Legends does a pretty good job with that for the most part, there are a few skins that just feel too realistic and don’t really fit in League of Legends in my opinion. Still though for 520 RP you get an epically design Uncle Sam, so it’s definetly not a bad deal.


Just like Union Jack Fiddlesticks, I feel like the addition of political-based skins really isn’t necessary in League of Legends. These skin choices just feel kinda arbitrary and random, but I suppose it can’t be helped. Uncle Sam is a cool but really unnecessary skin, and as much as I like this skin, I also can’t deny that its existence in the League of Legends world doesn’t really make logical sense. I’m assuming Riot was just selling this skin for a quick cash-grab, or some other reason, but at the end of the day this skin is pretty good I suppose, so I would recommend it if you like Uncle Sam and are looking for a cheap skin for Ryze.

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