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A new alternative look to Fiddlesticks, Union Jack Fiddlesticks is a very wacky skin, partly because of his big U.K flag he’s wearing, I guess he’s supporting his country. Many older fans of League of Legends will probably remember this skin if you played Fiddlesticks back in the day. The skin was ironically released on Valentine’s Day, but a U.K themed skin just doesn’t fit that holiday. Weird release date aside this skin is the second skin that Fiddlesticks received, with the first being Spectral Fiddlesticks.

Union Jack Fiddlesticks in detail

What makes Union Jack Fiddlesticks so special you may ask? well, this skin is a tribute to the U.K which is very odd for a video game since political references are usually considered inappropriate or unethical. The reference to the U.K makes League of Legends seem like an alternate reality to this world. Union Jack Fiddlesticks doesn’t really change much from the original Fiddlesticks aside from the obvious real-life reference of the United Kingdom. 

Is Union Jack Fiddlesticks worth it?

You don’t get anything too spectacular with this legacy skin, it is just a little nice reference to the U.K which is cool I suppose, but it just feels too realistic for a skin. Obtaining this skin can also be problematic since you will have to wait for the legacy vault to re-open, and the skin itself just feels cheap and lacks creativity. It’s almost as if Riot just put a flag over Fiddlesticks and sold it as a skin. 


This skin is really weird and just doesn’t make any logical sense. Sure a reference to the United Kingdom is cool, but is it really necessary? All you get out of this skin is a brand new texture and nothing else of significant value. This is forgivable though since the majority of the older skins didn’t come with particles or new animations. Overall this skin just feels more like a tribute to the United Kingdom than an actual original skin. In general, though it’s an alright skin at best, I certainly think that Fiddlesticks has better choices of skins out there.

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