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Winterblessed Swain Review

The Winterblessed Swain skin is an epic addition to the League of Legends skin collection, released on December 8, 2022. As an epic skin, it comes with a price tag of 1350 RP, offering players a chance to transform Swain into a majestic winter-themed champion. The skin is part of the Tales of Borealis series, where champions seek the blessings of Polaris, hoping to receive the Aurora’s gifts. With new models, textures, animations, skill particles, and sounds, the Winterblessed Swain skin brings a refreshing twist to the champion’s appearance. Let’s dive into the lore, concept, design, sound effects, and unique features of this snow-covered spectacle!


In the frigid lands of Borealis, The Hunter Swain boldly stepped forward among his fellow leaders, seeking the blessings of the Aurora. His desire was simple: to provide his people with an abundance of meat and pelts. With an unwavering spirit, Swain presented his case and bestowed a humble bow upon Polaris, the embodiment of the Northern Lights. As he patiently waited, the serene face of Polaris watched over him, and finally, the gift was granted. The Winterblessed Swain skin portrays this very moment when the hunter’s determination and bravery earned him the Aurora’s favor.

Concept and Inspiration

The Tales of Borealis series in League of Legends delves into an alternate future where champions embark on a quest to win Polaris’ favor. Set in a winter wonderland, these champions strive to earn the blessings of the majestic Aurora or face its punishing wrath. The stories of the Aurora speak of both cold darkness and breathtaking beauty. The Winterblessed Swain skin brings this enchanting narrative to life, captivating players with its wintry allure. As the air turns crisp and the snow starts to fall, Polaris appears, rewarding the virtuous souls who have shown kindness without expectations. Yet, even in this land of dreams, no one can escape the possibility of retribution, as Polaris returns year after year.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

In the Winterblessed Swain skin, the visual revamp is stunning. Swain stands tall amidst a polar storm, with a magical glow illuminating the sky behind him. Instead of his usual raven companion, a fierce battle eagle perches by his side, and his once blood-red severed hand now glows with an enchanting purple hue. The revamped recall animation features Swain using his staff to expose mysterious footprints, hinting at a connection with the elusive Warwick.

The skin’s particles have been transformed, with winter snowflakes and blizzard effects adding a touch of frosty magic to Swain’s abilities. The eagle replaces the raven in the ability effects, creating a cohesive winter-themed experience. All these changes are designed in the signature style of the Winterblessed skin lineup, giving Swain a regal, luxurious look with a purple robe adorned with gradient feathers and golden shoulder pads, truly befitting a champion of the icy lands.

Unique Features

The Winterblessed Swain skin boasts a range of unique features that set it apart from other skins in the champion’s collection:

  • Captivating Winter Theme: With its icy hues and majestic aura, the skin embodies the essence of winter, making Swain a formidable presence on the battlefield.
  • Northern Lights Aura: The enchanting aura of the Northern Lights adds a touch of ethereal magic to Swain’s every move, making him a sight to behold.
  • Skill Particle Overhaul: Winter snowflakes and blizzard effects replace the standard particles, infusing the skin with the frosty charm of the Borealis.
  • Regal Appearance: Swain dons a luxurious purple robe adorned with gradient feathers and golden shoulder pads, showcasing his royal stature.

Obtainability in 2023

The Winterblessed Swain skin can be purchased for 1350 Riot Points from the League of Legends store. If you’re looking to get your hands on this epic skin, you can also explore Smurfmania, where you might find an account with the skin available for purchase.

Gamers Feedback

Swain mains delighted with this skin, the rest of the players from the League of Legends community skin seemed just nice and no more. Many note the loss of the gloomy image compared to the original skin. I will leave below a few reviews of Winterblessed Swain from real LoL players:

Wow they really went the extra mile with this skinline. They look and sound amazing.”
“This skin is a masterpiece!”
“I bought this skin for its full price, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint me”
“His wings should’ve been Auroras like the concept art. Even after the improvement these wings are silly af, look straight outta Winx Club.”
“I love this skin. But the death animation seems incomplete. Shouldn’t he lose his arm when he dies? “

My Feedback

Having spent considerable time exploring the Winterblessed Swain skin in the heat of battle, I must say it has both its pros and cons. On the positive side, the winter-themed design is captivating, and the addition of the Northern Lights aura is simply mesmerizing. The color palette, featuring icy blues and enchanting purples, is visually appealing and suits Swain’s new persona perfectly.

However, I couldn’t help but feel a tad disappointed with the execution of the Ultimate’s wings. While the concept art showcased an awe-inspiring aurora effect, the in-game implementation falls slightly short of that majestic display. Additionally, the visibility of the Q ability during intense gameplay moments could be improved, as it can sometimes be challenging to track.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the Winterblessed Swain skin brings a refreshing twist to the champion’s appearance with its captivating winter-themed design and the alluring Northern Lights aura. The addition of new models, textures, animations, and skill particles further enhances the experience, immersing players into the frosty world of Borealis.

Considering its strengths and weaknesses, I would give the Winterblessed Swain skin a score of 7 out of 10. It’s undeniably a worthwhile purchase for those who appreciate the winter theme and want to witness the enchanting power of the Aurora. However, some players might prefer other skins in Swain’s roster that offer a more polished overall experience. Nevertheless, the Winterblessed Swain skin remains a solid addition to the champion’s skin collection, allowing players to showcase Swain’s winter glory on the battlefield.

So, if you’re a Swain enthusiast or simply enchanted by the beauty of the Aurora, Winterblessed Swain could be the skin you’ve been looking for to bring a touch of icy magic to your League of Legends games. Happy gaming!


What is the release date and category of the Winterblessed Swain skin?

  • Release date: December 8, 2022
  • Category: Epic Skin

What are the unique features of the Winterblessed Swain skin?

  • Captivating winter-themed design with the Northern Lights aura.
  • New models, textures, animations, and skill particles.
  • Regal appearance with a luxurious purple robe and golden shoulder pads.

What is the lore behind the Winterblessed Swain skin?

The Hunter Swain seeks the blessings of the Aurora to provide for his people in the frigid lands of Borealis.

How can I obtain the Winterblessed Swain skin in 2023?

  • Purchase it for 1350 Riot Points from the League of Legends store.
  • Explore Smurfmania for accounts that already have the skin available.

What are the pros and cons of the Winterblessed Swain skin?

  • Pros: Captivating winter theme, mesmerizing Northern Lights aura, visually appealing color palette.
  • Cons: Execution of the Ultimate’s wings could be improved, Q ability’s visibility during gameplay could be better.