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Winterblessed Zilean Review

Welcome, fellow Summoners, to our enchanting journey into the frosty realms of League of Legends! Today, we delve deep into the wintery embrace of Winterblessed Zilean, the epic skin that materialized on December 8, 2022. Prepare yourselves to witness the chilling magic of Polaris, the Aurora, and explore the captivating Tales of Borealis that inspired this skin. Step into the shoes of the time-controlling Sage Zilean, who seeks power from the Aurora’s judge to soothe the spirits of his followers. Embrace the grandeur of this skin, for it comes with new models, textures, animations, skill particles, and even a recall animation! The League of Legends universe has never been colder or more captivating!


In the heart of the frigid winter, Sage Zilean beseeched the Hunter before the Aurora’s ethereal presence. His humility was striking as he implored for greater power to bring solace to his devoted followers. Unaware of the shimmering, crimson flicker in Polaris’ hair, he spoke earnestly. But within the Aurora, a tempestuous winter storm stirred, hinting at the path this tale would take.

Concept and Inspiration

The Tales of Borealis series in League of Legends introduces us to alternate future/universe skins set in the chilling embrace of winter. Champions, like Sage Zilean, vie for the favor of Polaris, hoping to receive the Aurora’s gifts or face its chilling punishments. As the cold air sharpens and snow blankets the land, watch the sky for the arrival of Polaris, the Aurora. Courageous souls, who have lived virtuous lives without expectation, may bask in the warmth of the Aurora’s blessings. But heed this warning: none can take their fortunes for granted, for Polaris returns each year, and none escape its judgment.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Witness the resplendent beauty of Winterblessed Zilean’s splash art. Envision Sage Zilean in deep meditation, wielding a magical sandglass that defies gravity, containing the very essence of the universe’s time. During the recall animation, as Zilean readies to return to base, he gracefully winds up his precious clock hidden behind his back. A fleeting bird graces the scene, and with a mere flick of his hand, he defies the flow of time itself.

The skin also bestows a stunning chromatic assortment: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Wreathguard. Adorned in luxurious purple robes, Zilean’s time-controlling watch exudes elegance, befitting the Leaders caste from the Tales of Borealis universe. All abilities have undergone a frosty makeover, with winter snowflake effects enhancing the magic of time manipulation. These changes harmoniously align with the captivating Winterblue skin line.

Unique Features

Winterblessed Zilean stands out in the vast array of skins available in League of Legends. Here’s a breakdown of its unique features:

  • Category: Epic Skin
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Release Date: December 8, 2022
  • Concept: Tales of Borealis – Embrace the wintery realms of Polaris, the Aurora, and seek its blessings or face its chilling judgments.
  • Model: Enjoy a fresh model with improved textures and animations, breathing new life into Sage Zilean.
  • Particles: Revel in the mesmerizing new skill particles and animations, intertwining frost and time in seamless harmony.
  • Sounds: Immerse yourself in the wintry soundscape with brand-new SFX and VO processing.
  • Recall Animation: Experience a unique recall animation where Zilean manipulates time with grace and elegance.

Obtainability in 2023

Now that you’re enchanted by the allure of Winterblessed Zilean, you might be wondering how to obtain this icy masterpiece. Fear not, for it’s readily available for purchase at the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points. The joy of donning this skin and exploring the Tales of Borealis universe is just a few clicks away. Additionally, for those seeking a quicker route to this chilling skin, you can find it pre-equipped on certain accounts available at Embrace the winter’s embrace and unleash the power of the Aurora in your League of Legends adventures!

Gamers Feedback

The League of Legends gaming community appreciated the concept of this skin, but were not very happy with its implementation. I will leave below some feedback from real LoL players about Winterblessed Zilean:

Show some love to Zilean by updating his model, Riot. C’mon, man, it’s about time. Great skin.”
“The thing about Zilean skins that I find so funny is he’s recall animations are always so detailed compared to his base animations”
“As a zilean main, loving the new skin effects, he has always had silly skins as well was nice for a change. He definitely needs a visual update, his hands for example are fused together and more lines. I had really thought they might finally update him when his runeterra self came out, what a shame.”
“I like the concept of a kind grandfather with a white beard of a powerful magician like Dumbledore or Gandalf. A beautiful skin, but it’s very sad that it’s not a legendary skin.”

My Feedback

As an ardent collector of League of Legends skins, I must admit that Winterblessed Zilean possesses a delightful festive charm, perfectly captured in its mesmerizing splash art. The aura of the Tales of Borealis universe emanates from every pixel, drawing you into the frosty narrative of Polaris’ realm. However, it’s not all a walk through the winter wonderland.

While the skin’s animations are creatively crafted and add a refreshing touch to Zilean’s time-controlling abilities, the contrast with his dated base animations is palpable. It’s like sipping hot cocoa in a snowstorm – enjoyable, yet it highlights the need for a modern update to bring Zilean’s base kit up to par with his epic winter form.

Moreover, I find myself yearning for more voice lines, enriching the thematic experience and giving further depth to the character’s connection with the Tales of Borealis. A few cleverly scripted lines can elevate the immersion and make the skin truly shine like the Northern Lights.

On the other hand, the chroma options are a visual treat. The array of colors, from Citrine to Ruby, provides a sense of personalization and allows players to embrace their individuality in the icy realms of Polaris.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Winterblessed Zilean offers an enchanting and festive charm, harmoniously blending with the captivating Tales of Borealis theme. The skin’s release on December 8, 2022, marked a milestone in the League of Legends universe, presenting a unique opportunity to bask in the Aurora’s blessings or face its cold judgment.

However, the skin’s potential is restrained by Zilean’s outdated design, serving as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for a visual and gameplay update. A modernization would undoubtedly elevate the skin’s appeal and deliver a more immersive and enjoyable experience for players in the League of Legends universe.

Considering all aspects, I rate Winterblessed Zilean with a score of 6 out of 10 snowflakes. The skin’s concept and theme are commendable, and its splash art is a sight to behold. Yet, the limitations of Zilean’s base model and animations hold it back from reaching its full potential. Winterblessed Zilean stands as a testament to the untapped magic that awaits within the League of Legends universe, longing to be fully unleashed with a touch of modernization.

So, dear Summoners, whether you embrace the frosty allure of Winterblessed Zilean or wait for the day when the Aurora breathes new life into this cherished champion, remember that the tales of Polaris’ realm will continue to weave their wintry magic, enchanting all who dare to venture into its cold embrace. Happy gaming, and may the frostbite of victory be ever in your favor!


What is Winterblessed Zilean, and when was it released?

Winterblessed Zilean is an epic skin in League of Legends, part of the Tales of Borealis series. It was released on December 8, 2022.

What does the skin offer in terms of design and animations?

The skin features a new model with improved textures and animations, evoking the captivating Tales of Borealis theme. It includes unique recall animation where Zilean manipulates time with grace.

What are the unique features of Winterblessed Zilean?

Winterblessed Zilean comes with brand-new skill particles and animations, enhancing the magic of time manipulation. It also offers visually appealing chroma options, such as Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Wreathguard.

Where can I get Winterblessed Zilean in 2023?

Winterblessed Zilean can be purchased at the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points. Alternatively, it may be found on certain accounts available at

What is the feedback on the skin?

The skin boasts a delightful festive charm with its impressive splash art, but some players feel that Zilean’s outdated champion model detract from its overall appeal during gameplay. Additional voice lines and a visual/gameplay update are suggested for a more immersive experience. The skin receives a rating of 6 out of 10, showcasing the potential for improvement.