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Withered Rose Talon is a brand-new skin released in February of 2021 during the 11.3 patch. Along with this skin came Withered Rose Syndra skin. This skin costs the League of Legends standard of (1350) RP. It is a really cool-looking skin on Talon, I personally think this skin really gives Talon some intriguing personality, and it enhances his model significantly.

Withered Rose Talon in detail

It is such a uniquely designed skin in the Talon skin family. For one this skin looks quite different from the original Talon so that automatically makes this skin much more different from its original counterpart, which is a good thing. Beyond that, however, Withered Rose Talon gets a ton of new features that really make him stand out from the original. A lot of players think that Withered Rose Talon looks very similar to Aphellios, the insanely god-like champion in the League of Legends meta.

Is Withered Rose Talon worth it?

I really like this skin’s design, it is so unique and different from the rest of the Talon skins, and it’s a very artistically well-designed skin, that I absolutely have to recommend this skin.

Sure, many could argue that you can find a better skin with the same quality-features for a lower price than 1350 RP, but what you get with this skin is significant, and I think its something you wouldn’t want to pass up on, considering it has quite a legendary design.

It feels like a whole new Talon because it’s a newer Talon skin with so many particles. Despite my initial skepticism, I must confess that the rose pattern on his W and ult looks stunning. It has a Talon magic/occult feel about it. And it actually works better than I had hoped. Although the splash graphics is a little too “Jack the Ripper” for my tastes, it isn’t horrible. Why isn’t this considered the finest Talon skin? Because when I play, I don’t feel the same amount of “badass assassin” vibes. The character model’s color palette, as well as the motions, feel too far removed from the Talon I grew to adore.


In conclusion, Withered Rose Talon is not the perfect skin in the universe, but it does the job and looks perfect. In many ways, the design shares many characteristics with Aphellios, and although this isn’t really relevant to the quality of the skin, it’s a nice little comparison. Overall I think it is a great skin choice for Talon mains, and it looks beuatiful with bright blue and purple colors, which is honestly astounding to look at. This skin perfects the art of “quality” and brings the player a great amount of enjoyment.

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