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Akali Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of League of Legends, and our spotlight champion is none other than Akali. Released on May 11, 2010, Akali falls under the Assassin class and is often found wreaking havoc in the top and middle lanes. In this article, we’ll explore Akali’s lore, her champion abilities, the best items to wield on her, her ideal lanes and roles, as well as some tips on picks and counter picks. So, gear up and let’s get started!


Abandoning the Kinkou Order and her title of the Fist of Shadow, Akali now strikes alone, ready to be the deadly weapon her people need. Though she holds onto all she learned from her master Shen, she has pledged to defend Ionia from its enemies, one kill at a time. Akali may strike in silence, but her message will be heard loud and clear: fear the assassin with no master.

Champion Abilities

Let’s dissect Akali’s arsenal:

Passive – Assassin’s Mark: Dealing spell damage to a champion creates a ring of energy around them. Exiting that ring empowers Akali’s next attack with bonus range and damage.

Q – Five Point Strike: Akali throws out five kunai, dealing damage based on her bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power and slowing her foes.

W – Twilight Shroud: Akali drops a cover of smoke and briefly gains Move Speed. While inside the shroud, Akali becomes invisible and unable to be selected by enemy spells and attacks. Attacking or using abilities will briefly reveal her.

E – Shuriken Flip: Flip backward and fire a shuriken forward, dealing magic damage. The first enemy or smoke cloud hit is marked. Re-cast to dash to the marked target, dealing additional damage.

R – Perfect Execution: Akali leaps in a direction, damaging enemies she strikes. Re-cast: Akali dashes in a direction, executing all enemies she strikes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion

Now, let’s talk shop. In my opinion, Akali stands as one of the most balanced assassins out there. She’s got a bit of everything – some nifty tricks for the pros and the option for button mashers to have their moment. What’s particularly cool is that when you play Akali, you often find that last bit of damage needed to secure a kill, which really encourages you to explore and master her unique tricks.

Best Items for Champion

Now, let’s gear up our girl Akali with some serious firepower:

  •  Shadowflame: This new addition in season 12 is an absolute beast on Akali. It gives her everything she needs – flat magic penetration, raw AP, and HP. Plus, it provides bonus magic penetration based on the enemy’s health, which is just icing on the cake. Consider it as your first item.
  •  Zhonya’s Hourglass: You’re an assassin, and you’ll find yourself in the heat of battle often. Zhonya’s can be a lifesaver, allowing you to make a pick and get out alive.
  •  Rabadon’s Deathcap: This is a late-game powerhouse. As you stack AP, this item’s passive gives you an insane 35% increase in ability power.
  •  Void Staff: When enemies start stacking magic resist, you’ll want this in your arsenal. It shreds through their defenses by ignoring a significant chunk of their magic resist.

Best Lanes and Roles for Champion

In my experience, Akali truly shines in the mid lane. Occasionally, you might spot her in the top lane, but I’d recommend sticking to the mid for the best results.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Time to delve into some stats. Akali tends to dominate mid-lane matchups against champions like Viktor and LeBlanc. However, she struggles against the likes of Galio and Rumble, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your battles.

Price of this Champion in 2023

As of 2023, Akali can be yours for 3150 Blue Essence or 790 Riot Points.

My Feedback

So, here’s my take on Akali. She’s a versatile assassin, not too hard for beginners to pick up but loaded with potential for mastery. Her unique toolkit allows you to adapt to different situations, making her a rewarding pick on the Rift. And that feeling when you secure that last sliver of health with a well-timed combo? Priceless.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Did you know that Akali was just 9 years old during the events of The Bow and the Kunai? Or that she left the Kinkou Order between her 17th and 19th year? There are plenty of interesting tidbits about our Fist of Shadow.

Best Guide for Akali 2023

If you’re looking to level up your Akali game, check out this comprehensive guide for the champion in 2023: Complete Akali Guide. This guide covers everything from item builds to playstyle tips, giving you the edge you need to dominate on the Rift.

Top Akali Skins

Now, let’s talk style. Akali has a variety of skins to choose from, but one that truly stands out is the Crime City Nightmare Akali. This skin not only ties her to the mysterious Mysterious Gentleman and the Crime City Criminal network but also adds finesse, civility, ruthlessness, and corruption to her character. The skin’s sinister-themed effects elevate her abilities, making it the cream of the crop among Akali skins.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re into the music scene, check out K/DA and True Damage Akali skins, each offering a taste of the music world. If high-tech vibes are your thing, PROJECT: Akali showcases some high-tech prowess. And if you’re budget-conscious, Blood Moon Akali provides new visuals and sounds at a reasonable price.

In summary, Crime City Nightmare Akali combines sophistication and ruthlessness, earning its place at the top of the Akali skin hierarchy. The skin team really nailed it with this one!

So, there you have it, a deep dive into the world of Akali, from her lore and abilities to the best items, lanes, and skins. Whether you’re a seasoned Akali main or just starting to explore her potential, remember that the Fist of Shadow always has something up her sleeve.

Now, go forth and conquer the Rift with the unrelenting assassin, Akali!


Who is Akali, and what are her abilities?

Akali is a versatile assassin in League of Legends, known for her deadly toolkit. Her abilities include Assassin’s Mark (passive), Five Point Strike (Q), Twilight Shroud (W), Shuriken Flip (E), and Perfect Execution (R).

What are the best items for Akali in 2023?

In 2023, the top items for Akali include Shadowflame, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Void Staff. These items provide the necessary stats and passives to maximize her damage potential.

Where is the best lane for Akali, and who are her ideal matchups?

Akali excels in the mid lane, where she can dominate champions like Viktor and LeBlanc. While occasionally played in the top lane, mid is her preferred role for optimal performance.

How much does Akali cost in 2023?

As of 2023, you can unlock Akali in League of Legends for 3150 blue essence or purchase her for 790 riot points.

Which is the top Akali skin for LoL fans?

Crime City Nightmare Akali stands out as the ultimate choice for Akali enthusiasts. Its lore ties her to the enigmatic Mysterious Gentleman and the Crime City Criminal network, adding finesse, ruthlessness, and corruption to her persona. The skin’s sinister-themed effects elevate her abilities, making it the top pick among Akali skins. Other notable skins include K/DA, True Damage, PROJECT: Akali, and Blood Moon Akali, each offering unique themes and visuals.