Legend guarantees that Amumu is a forlorn and despairing soul from old Shurima, wandering the world looking for a companion. Bound by an antiquated revile to stay alone everlastingly, his touch contact is demise, his warmth ruin. The individuals who guarantee to have seen him depict a living corpse, little in height and enclosed by crawling wraps. Amumu has roused legends, melodies, and fables told and retold for ages to such an extent that it is difficult to isolate truth from fiction.




While numerous accounts and stories about Amumu have flowed around Shurima for quite a long time, Amumu’s genuinely past is obscure. While one story is about a narrow-minded ruler who has secured a burial chamber with an enchanted relic by his own slaves, another is about the main Yordle lord of the Shuriman domain, who kicked the bucket from trouble after nobody halted to such an extent as to view at him when he camouflaged himself as a hobo.

The different stories told with regards to him have numerous likenesses, recommending one genuine form of occasions that was retold ordinarily, causing varieties of the story. Notwithstanding, no one genuinely knows where Amumu came from for sure made him be reviled.


While a wide range of tales about him has been told and there are numerous conflicts among the Shuriman individuals of his starting points, no one differs regarding his revile. Regardless of whether he was reviled or gotten back from the dead, it is settled upon that Amumu is an unceasingly tragic mummy, reviled to kill all that he contacts. It is said that in the coldest winters where the fire isn’t permitted to consume low, you can hear Amumu sobbing, crying since he’ll always be unable to draw near to somebody without obliterating them.


Amumu keeps on wandering Shurima, reviled to kill all that he contacts. While pitiful, he actually keeps on searching for the one thing that he is reviled to never have: a companion.



Amumu is little in height. His appearance is generally clouded by his green swathes, with just his yellow circle-like eyes being apparent under.



Because of his revile, he can’t as expected interface with others. This has driven him to encounter gigantic pity and sensations of depression and gloom any place he goes.



  • CURSED TOUCH- Amumu’s essential assaults Curse his foes, making them take reward genuine harm from approaching sorcery harm.
  • BANDAGE TOSS- He throws a tacky wrap at an objective, dazzling and harming the objective while he pulls himself to them.
  • DESPAIR- Defeat by agony, close by foes lose a level of their most extreme Health each second and have their Curses revived.
  • TANTRUM- Forever decreases the actual harm Amumu would take. Amumu can release his fury, managing harm to encompassing foes. Each time Amumu is hit, the cooldown on Tantrum is diminished by 0.5 seconds.
  • CURSE OF THE SAD MUMMY- Amumu catches encompassing adversary units in gauzes, applying his Curse, harming and staggering them.



  • It is deliberately left questionable whether Amumu is an undead human kid or a Yordle one. In any case, Laurie ‘Scathlocke’ Goulding has “affirmed” he isn’t a Yordle and that the collaborations were mixed up.
  • In-game proof to help Amumu being a Yordle incorporates lines coordinated at him.
  • Iceborn Keeper “A YORDLE? GAH!”
  • Illaoi OriginalSquare.png “How could I NEED A SPIRIT’S HELP? I’m GUIDED BY NAGAKABOUROS.” (Illaoi’s line while insulting a Yordle)
  • Poppy OriginalSquare.png “I DON’T GET YORDLES. Excessively FLUFFY.”
  • Amumu is no less than 6000 years of age, having fantasies and legends about him going back to the beginning of the Shuriman Empire.



He needs a lot of mana to clean his jungle. He can’t do it swiftly without his Despair ability. He is countered if you can steal and contest his blue bluff.

Amumu needs a team fight after pursuing level six when he gains his Curse of the Sad Mummy—counter Amumu by outpacing him in his jungle, dueling with him in the early game, and stealing his jungle.

The moment Amumu grasps his Bandage Toss in, there is no way for him to back out. If you can make a few distances, he has no other way to close the gap. All abilities of Amumu have minimal range but can swap back the damage generously.

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