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Little Knight Amumu is a skin released July 17, 2011 that shares its line with skins such as:
-Hextech Amumu
-Infernal Amumu
-Surprise Party Amumu
-Sad Robot Amumu
-Almost Prom King Amumu
-Re-Gifted Amumu
-Pharaoh Amumu
-Vancouver Amumu
Little Knight Amumu is a sad knight who is in constant struggle until peace comes to his lands. His brave and noble heart is saddened by the cruelty of this world, but he continues to fight. Splash art looks pretty curious. Amumu sits in a small fairy glade and has a very sad look. In front of him is a stone relic from which a piece of a sword blade sticks out. The second chip is next to Amumu.
This is a clear reference to the legend of King Arthur’s sword. Escalibur (as it is called) gives incredible power to those who deserve it. Amumu probably wanted to get a sword like Escalibur, but he didn’t succeed and he sits saddened by his failure. The visual style of the skin is pleasing to the eye. Little Knight Amumu is dressed in shiny armor, and a beautiful violet comb flutters on his head.
It is worth saying that the developers made changes only in the skin model. Animations of abilities, particles and sounds remain the same. Although, it is worth noting that when using the Curse of the Sad Mummy ability, a beautiful effect appears that is very suitable for the skin image. The golden candle that comes from Amumu at this moment looks as noble as the skin itself.

How to get Little Knight Amumu in 2020?
Little Knight Amumu is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. Skin is very inexpensive and available for 750 RP. For a fan of the Middle Ages, the skin is a must-have, because no collection of medieval skins can do without a knight.
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