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AstroNautilus Review

Are you ready to embark on a cosmic adventure in the League of Legends universe? Well, get your spacesuits ready, because we’re about to dive into the world of AstroNautilus! Released on September 03, 2012, this Epic skin is all about taking Nautilus, the deep-sea behemoth, to the final frontier. Priced at 1350 RP, it’s time to blast off and explore the unique features, design, and everything that makes this skin truly out of this world.


In space, the anchor weighs practically nothing. That’s the official lore for AstroNautilus, and it sets the tone for this space-themed adventure. Imagine the colossal anchor of Nautilus floating effortlessly in the cosmos, ready to plunge into the cosmic battlefield.

Concept and Inspiration

AstroNautilus is not your average skin; it’s Nautilus as an astronaut, and the concept is as practical as it is captivating. The attention to detail in this skin is remarkable. From the sleek spacesuit to the intricately designed anchor, every element shines through with a smooth outline and fantastic textures. It’s a logical design with a touch of fiction that makes you feel like you’re ready for a spacewalk.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Riot went all out when designing this skin. Nautilus and his anchor get a complete makeover. The new model for Nautilus and his anchor is a sight to behold. It’s like he just stepped out of a spaceship and onto the Rift. The skin also introduces new particles for his abilities, adding a cosmic flair to his moves.

But what really sets AstroNautilus apart are the animations. With low gravity walking and running animations, Nautilus moves with the grace of an astronaut in space. The solar visor for his Titan’s Wrath ability adds that extra touch of space-age technology.

While there are no new sounds, the visuals more than make up for it. This skin carefully balances fiction with a subtle cuteness that’s hard to resist. The white spacesuit with yellow inserts and the high-tech anchor make Nautilus look like a true space explorer. And don’t forget the splash art – it’s simply out of this world, featuring the moon, a space station, and even Astronaut Teemo alongside AstroNautilus in the foreground.

Unique Features

AstroNautilus doesn’t just stop at a cool design. It brings a whole new dimension to playing Nautilus. When you equip this skin, you’ll notice the low gravity animations that make you feel like you’re floating through space. It’s a small touch, but it adds a unique charm to the skin. Plus, the solar visor on Titan’s Wrath is a visual treat that’s hard to miss.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, let’s talk about how you can add this cosmic delight to your League of Legends collection in 2023. AstroNautilus is available in the Riot store for 1350 Riot Points. It’s a price worth paying if you’re a fan of Nautilus and want to take your gaming experience to the stars. So, whether you’re a seasoned League player or a new recruit, obtaining this skin is as simple as a few clicks in the in-game store.

Gamers Feedback

AstroNautilus, the cosmic-themed skin for Nautilus in League of Legends, has divided the LoL community. While players appreciate its unique design and visual appeal, there are concerns about its pricing, the lack of a recall animation, and limited ability effects, making it a somewhat polarizing choice among fans.

“The W looks epic to me but they should put a recall for it.”

“Ridiculous that a 1350 skin doesn’t even have a recall animation.”

“This is the best skin. Nautilus looks super cute with it which I find funny ^_^”

“TheLegendaryBalloon [TheLegendaryBombThrower] truh brooh… The theme really fits in. Plus the w is so awesome it is incredible.”

My Feedback

Alright, let’s get personal here. I’ve had the pleasure of donning the AstroNautilus skin in the League of Legends world, and I must say, it’s quite the experience. Firstly, I have to give props to the visual aspects of the skin. The unique cosmic theme and the attractive design of Nautilus in this spacesuit are undeniably appealing. His appearance alone, coupled with the low-gravity animations, make this skin stand out in the crowd. Even something as simple as his laugh adds to the skin’s charm.

However, it’s not all sunshine and stardust with AstroNautilus. One recurring criticism that I can’t help but agree with is the absence of certain features that I’d expect from a skin in this price range. The lack of a recall animation is a missed opportunity to enhance the skin’s overall value. Additionally, while the skin delivers on the visual front, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of noticeable effects on certain abilities, particularly the E ability. I anticipated more visual flair for a 1350 RP skin.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, AstroNautilus is a skin that draws you in with its unique cosmic theme and attractive design. It doesn’t immediately stun with flashy visuals and bright effects, but it slowly but surely grows on you with its sensible yet fascinating style. If you’re a Nautilus enthusiast and don’t mind the absence of certain bells and whistles, AstroNautilus can be a stellar addition to your collection.

So, here’s my rating: I’d give AstroNautilus a solid 7 out of 10. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re a fan of the champion Nautilus and want to explore the galaxy with him. Just be prepared for a skin that relies more on subtlety than grandiose effects.


What is AstroNautilus in League of Legends?

AstroNautilus is an Epic skin in League of Legends released on September 3, 2012. It transforms Nautilus into an astronaut and features a unique cosmic theme.

What makes AstroNautilus stand out?

AstroNautilus is known for its captivating design, including a sleek spacesuit and a low-gravity animation that makes Nautilus move like an astronaut. It also introduces new particles for abilities, enhancing the cosmic flair.

What are some criticisms of AstroNautilus?

Some players have expressed disappointment due to the lack of a recall animation for the skin, considering it a missed opportunity. Additionally, there are limited noticeable effects on certain abilities, like the E ability.

How can I obtain AstroNautilus in 2023?

AstroNautilus is available in the Riot store for 1350 RP. You can purchase it within the game by using Riot Points, making it accessible to both seasoned and new players.

What’s the overall rating for AstroNautilus?

AstroNautilus receives a rating of 7 out of 10. While it offers a unique cosmic theme and appealing design, it may not fully satisfy those expecting more features and effects for its price.