Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol once graced the tremendous vacancy of the divine domain with miracles of his own formulating yet was deceived by the Aspects of Targon into uncovering the insider facts of sun that he, at the end of the day, made. His great power was directed into unfading god-heroes to safeguard the obviously immaterial universe of Runeterra-now, wanting a re-visitation of his authority of the universe, Aurelion Sol will LoR Spell Slow Indicator.png drag the very stars from the sky, assuming he should, to recapture his opportunity.



While most can’t see or even appreciate his actual structure, Aurelion Sol appears as a grandiose mythical beast when not in the heavenly domain. Here, he is bigger than even Mount Targon, Runeterra’s tallest mountain. His skin is dim blue, looking like the shade of profound space, and shimmers with the radiance of stars. He gleams here in the light and dim shades of blue, and his head is white with sharp spikes looking like teeth around his mouth. What could be viewed as his hair is a profound purple and dim blue, and joined to his head is a brilliant crown.



The all-powerful heavenly being known as Aurelion Sol is an antiquated animal that has been wandering the world before the ascent of the human races of Runeterra. Aurelion Sol was brought into the world in the main breath of creation, where he and those like him wandered the huge void of a heavenly domain controlled by divine mythical serpents.

Divine mythical beasts like Aurelion Sol have unbelievably lengthy life expectancies and are exceptionally considered godlike. These grand creatures are viewed as the originators of the Dragon species, existing since the start of creation-flaunting strong capacities past their earthbound family.

He can shape various parts of the universe, including making new stars, and this divine mythical serpent has manufactured stars forever ago. Be that as it may, subsequent to being deceived by the Aspects of Tagon, this strong being presently reluctantly serves these humans.

His power was given to godlike god-fighters, safeguarding the domain of Runeterra. Presently, with a weighty craving to get back his authority of the universe, Aurelion Sol intends to drag the very stars he made from the sky, take off high-and recover his opportunity.



Aurelion Sol is a haughty and prideful divine being that sees himself above humans. He resents the Aspects for detaining him still up in the air to obliterate Runeterra. He is eager and crabby and is very pretentious of Aspects (aside from Zoe) and anyone that he considers to be substandard compared to him. Made severe by his detainment, maybe the things that Aurelion Sol thinks often about are the stars he has made.



  1. CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE- Stars circle Aurelion Sol, managing wizardry harm when they hit a foe.
  2. STARSURGE- He makes a growing plate, which detonates to stagger and harm foes when it gets away from him.
  3. CELESTIAL EXPANSION- He pushes his stars further away, expanding their harm and speed.
  4. COMET OF LEGEND- He takes off flying for a significant distance.
  5. VOICE OF LIGHT- He extends an impact of unadulterated Starfire, harming and easing back all adversaries trapped in it and thumping close-by foes back to a more secure distance.



  1. As proposed by his author, Aurelion Sol didn’t make every one of the stars, simply a greater part of them. This is additionally affirmed by 1 of Zoe’s statements in-game “Said he made every one of the stars, and the people trusted him?!”
  2. At the point when Aurelion Sol kicks the bucket, he disperses into a mythical beast like heavenly body. This might show that Celestial Dragons, like himself and Inviolus Vox, are shaped as star groupings, as are ordinary celestials.
  3. As the issue mimics the state of more noteworthy energies, like how a logarithmic winding is found in a nautilus shell and a system, earthbound mythical serpents are formed after their heavenly partners, despite the fact that they have no bloodline association.
  4. As indicated by a Q&A with Riot about Aurelion Sol, it is referenced that during his story’s improvement they had a thought that a portion of the ‘heavenly creatures’ that Aurelion specifies were really his sisters, who control different parts of the room like Gravity or Dark Matter. Whether or not this is still standing is unknown.
  5. It is realized that Aurelion Sol isn’t the main heavenly mythical beast, in view of his statements and later Legends of Runeterra.
  6. This is additionally suggested by when Swain hits Aurelion Sol with Ravenous Flock, asking him “What’s going on with this… kin?”.
  7. Account Writer Jared Rosen rates him as the most proficient known being in the universe, attached with Swain and in front of Zoe.

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