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Bad Santa Veigar – This is a Normal skin added on December 14, 2012, to our favorite game League Of Legends Or abbreviated LOL, created by Riot Games.

What’s new ? Bad Santa Veigar – Includes a new model, new texture and new splash art. Sometimes it includes: new animations, visual effects and sounds where it suits the skin theme, or where their absence would be detrimental. The changes affected not only a change in image, but also a change in weapons! Animated skills animations such as: Return to base (B), Vicious strike (Q), Dark matter (W), Event horizon (E) And most importantly, the Big Bang (R).

Bio and introduction: Most Santa Clauses want to give children joy and magic, but not Weigar. He not only wants to break Snowfall, but dreams of plunging the whole world into chaos and permanently deleting holidays from the calendar.

At the moment, the skin is not available for purchase and was placed in the heritage store, its cost is 975 Riot Points. Vault usually opens for a limited number of launches, and this skin can be purchased at the official Riot store. In my experience, it can be quite a long time between each opening of the heritage repository, hold on tight!

Bad Santa Veigar’s limited notion is extremely literal: it’s Veigar reincarnated as Santa Claus. As a result, the skin gives the Yordles the appropriate attire and enhances his cosmic abilities with some expected Christmas components. The figure is accurate, and the biscuit, ornament, Christmas trees, and gift particles that have been added to his powers seem great, but the basic traditional notion is still intact. Furthermore, the recall is a beautiful touch that tremendously aids in the delivery of the theme together with the new sounds. In the end, the skin is more effective than it appears, but the reality remains that there is still a cosmic wizard lurking behind all the Santa garb.

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