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Battle Bat Vayne Review

Alright, gamers, get ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of Battle Bat Vayne skin! This epic skin hit the League of Legends scene on 31 March 2022 as part of the Anima Squad collection. Priced at 1350 RP, it’s a real treat for Vayne enthusiasts looking to add some fresh style to their champion. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the lore, concept, design, sound effects, animations, and unique features of Battle Bat Vayne. So, buckle up, summoners, and let’s soar into this thrilling skin adventure!
battle bat vayne splash art
Vayne, the ace intel expert of the Anima Squad, is on a mission to turn the tides in humanity’s favor. Amid the invasion by the high-tech Primordians threatening humankind’s existence, she takes center stage as a key player, infiltrating enemy strongholds and striking with deadly precision. But not everything is smooth sailing, as her daring nature sometimes puts her at odds with the Squad’s leader, Commander Fortune. Vayne’s unwavering determination to secure humanity’s survival makes her a force to be reckoned with in the ever-intensifying conflict.
Concept and Inspiration
Picture a world on the brink of collapse, besieged by the relentless Primordians. The desperate fight for survival has brought forth the Anima Squad, a group of elite fighters wielding salvaged Primordian tech to combat the impending doom. Embodying the spirit of untamed beasts, the Anima skin line includes Vayne, Miss Fortune, Jinx, Sylas, and Riven. Each champion harnesses the power of the wild to push back against the darkness that threatens to consume their world. With captivating visuals and a fresh concept, Battle Bat Vayne is just one dazzling piece of this remarkable Anima puzzle that has already won the hearts of the League community.
Design, Sound Effects, and Animations
battle bat vayne turn
Prepare to be enchanted by Battle Bat Vayne’s alluring anime princess aesthetic! Her vibrant new design features a captivating blend of colors, with her signature black costume now accompanied by a majestic purple cape. Her once ordinary hair has taken on a bold pink hue, and she sports stylish glasses that add a touch of flair to her appearance. The real eye-catchers, however, are her decorative bat ears, resembling the iconic ears of the mystical creature she now embodies.
The skin’s particles are a sight to behold! When unleashing her TUMBLE ability, Vayne transforms into a speedy purple hologram, adding an extra dash of excitement to her moves. CONDEMN now packs a punch with a stream of pink-colored energy surging toward enemies, accompanied by dazzling flashes of yellow patterns. And that’s not all—Riot has gone all out with new recall animations that feature an epic showdown between Vayne and a menacing flying octopus, delivering an intense sci-fi vibe.

Unique Features

  • A stunning anime princess design with vibrant colors and bat-themed accessories.
  • Engaging particles that turn TUMBLE into a speedy and flashy hologram dash.
  • CONDEMN’s impactful pink energy release, makes it a treat for the eyes during battles.
  • Captivating recall animations featuring a thrilling clash with a hostile flying octopus.
Obtainability in 2023
Now, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on this awe-inspiring Battle Bat Vayne skin. Well, fear not, fellow summoners! As of 2023, this epic skin is available for purchase at LoL store and can be yours for 1350 Riot Points. Also, you can head on over to the Smurfmania store and add this gem to your collection to unlock a whole new level of style for your beloved Vayne!
Gamers Feedback
The LoL gaming community gives conflicting reviews on this skin, but in general Battle Bat Vayne is perceived positively.
The skin isn’t bad, Vayne’s model is old, if this was on Sentinel or even Project Vayne, this would look a lot cooler.
Looking for more Bat effects. When it uses the ultimate, it’s like a BatTerfly.
Something about her autos could be a bit better… but definitely would prefer the E to look different to improve readability.
Cool another Vayne skin. so glad when they make these.
Got mine and I’m actually loving it. In-game play is so smooth.
My Feedback
Alright, it’s time for some real talk from a fellow gamer who’s got Battle Bat Vayne in their inventory. Let me start by saying, I am in love with this skin! It’s a solid one, no doubt about that. The addition of bat ears on her W is so darn cool, and that bushy ponytail is the epitome of style. Plus, the emerald chroma takes me back to my Starcraft 2 days, and that’s a nostalgic bonus.
However, I’ll be honest—there are a couple of hiccups. Do you know what I miss? That satisfying punchy sound effect from Vayne’s auto-attacks. It used to feel so good, but now it’s kind of lacking that oomph. And hey, when she activates her ultimate, she’s supposed to be a bat, not a butterfly! I mean, c’mon, Riot, let’s keep the theme strong here.
But hey, don’t let those minor issues sway you away from Battle Bat Vayne. It’s still an smooth and stylish skin that elevates your Vayne gameplay to a whole new level. As a player who adores Vayne and loves anime-inspired skins, this one hits all the right notes for me.
Conclusion and Rating
In a nutshell, Battle Bat Vayne is an enchanting addition to the Anima Squad collection. With its anime princess design, captivating particles, and impressive recall animations, this skin is a must-have for Vayne fans looking to infuse their gameplay with a dash of wildness. While there might be a couple of tiny quibbles with the sound effects and R transformation, they hardly detract from the overall experience.
So, my fellow League of Legends gamers, if you’re a fan of Vayne and have a penchant for anime-inspired skins, I recommend giving Battle Bat Vayne a whirl. It’s a smooth, solid, and stylish addition to your champion’s wardrobe. While some players may find it a bit generic or yearn for the days of Spirit Blossom, this skin still earns a respectable 7 out of 10 from me.


When was the Battle Bat Vayne skin released, and how much does it cost?
The Battle Bat Vayne skin was released on March 31, 2022, as part of the Anima Squad collection in League of Legends. It is priced at 1350 RP.
What is the lore behind the Battle Bat Vayne skin?
In the Anima Squad universe, Vayne is an ace intel expert on a mission to protect humanity from the high-tech Primordians. She infiltrates enemy strongholds and clashes with the Squad’s leader, Commander Fortune, while determined to ensure humanity’s survival.
What are the unique features of the Battle Bat Vayne skin?
The skin features an anime princess design with vibrant colors and bat-themed accessories. Vayne’s abilities have unique visual effects, such as TUMBLE turning her into a speedy purple hologram and CONDEMN releasing impactful pink energy. The recall animation showcases an epic showdown with a flying octopus.
How can players obtain the Battle Bat Vayne skin in 2023?
As of 2023, players can purchase the Battle Bat Vayne skin from the LoL store for 1350 RP. It is also available at for those interested in adding it to their collection.
What are some player feedback and ratings for the Battle Bat Vayne skin?
Players generally love the skin’s design and animations, appreciating the bat-themed additions. Some feedback mentioned minor issues, such as the lack of impact in Vayne’s auto-attack sound and a thematic inconsistency during her ultimate transformation. Despite these, the skin remains highly recommended for Vayne fans and anime-inspired skin enthusiasts, receiving a solid rating of 7 out of 10.